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Welcome to CONISAR 2008 Phoenix

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Alan R. Peslak    [a1] [a2]
CONISAR Chair 2008
Pennsylvania State University    [u1] [u2]
Dunmore, Pennsylvania, USA    [c1] [c2]

Welcome Friends and Colleagues, old and new

We are about to embark on a new journey for EDSIG, one which is very much in keeping with the Spirit of ISECON. Welcome to the first annual Conference for Information Systems Applied Research. I am proud to be the first chair of this important conference and I welcome any and all input on how to make this the premier conference in IS Applied Research.

As a result of our continued success with ISECON, the EDSIG board recognized the need for a conference that dealt with not just educational and pedagogical research but the application of information systems in organizations today. Many of our participants and colleagues conduct extensive applied research and we decided to develop a conference where this research can be reviewed, discussed, and disseminated. We believe this conference will provide an excellent opportunity for applied researchers to present and confer with likeminded investigators to collaborate and expand on this important area of information systems. We encourage academic, industrial, service and governmental organizations to actively participate in our conference. With very limited publicity our inaugural year has seen a significant number of excellent papers and lays the groundwork for a noteworthy and growing conference and body of knowledge in applied information systems research.

Speaking for the CONISAR team I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the authors and presenters who have chosen to participate in our inaugural conference. All of us involved with CONISAR have been impressed with the excellent quality of the papers we have received and reviewed. Thank you for providing us an opportunity to showcase your important efforts. Our goal will always be to provide the best venue and experience possible for your applied research.

There are many members of the EDSIG, ISECON, and CONISAR team who deserve special thanks for their efforts. Ken Grant was the first EDSIG board member who suggested this conference. He deserves special thanks for the idea and the advocacy of conference. He is our founding father. I would next like to thank the EDSIG board and FITE who approved and supported our efforts. The entire ISECON team was essential in assisting CONISAR in its first parallel conference. They include General Chairman, Kevin Jetton, Texas State Univ San Marcos, Papers Chair (reviewing), Dr. Thomas N. Janicki, Univ N Carolina Wilmington, Associate Papers Chair (reviewing), Dr. Charles R. Woratschek, Robert Morris University, Associate Program Chair, Dr. Patricia A. Joseph, Slippery Rock University, Associate Program Chair, Dr. Tess O'Neill, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Associate Program Chair (student participation), Dr. Terri L. Lenox, Westminster College, Proceedings Editor (publishing), Dr. Don Colton, Brigham Young Univ Hawaii, Events Planning Chair (operations), Kevin Jetton, Texas State Univ San Marcos, EDSIG President 2008, Dr. Don Colton, Brigham Young Univ Hawaii, FITE/ISECON Liaison 2008 and FITE President 2008 Kevin Jetton, Texas State Univ San Marcos. I would especially like to thank Dr. Charles R. Woratschek, Robert Morris University for his coordination of the CONISAR best and distinguished paper awards, Tess O’Neill for scheduling all session chairs, and Patricia Joseph and Tess for onsite coordination. Without everyone’s efforts this conference would not have occurred.

Please join me in saying Thanks for making CONISAR a great event this year. And Thank You for being here yourself to make everything worthwhile. Have a great conference!

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