2010 ISECON Joint Proceedings

The Joint Proceedings of ISECON (Information Systems Education Conference) were published each fall and represent those papers, panels, workshops and teaching cases presented at the ISECON conference.

2010 ISECON Papers Chair - Tom Janicki

Papers Presented


A ‘Rainmaker’ Process for Developing Internet-based Retail Businesses , (Paper)(1309)
A Financial Technology Entrepreneurship Program for Computer Science Students, (Paper)(1315)
A Learner-Centered Approach to Teaching Information Systems, (Workshop)(1467)
A Novel and Efficient Introduction to Clustering using a Classroom Laptop-based Computer Cluster , (Paper)(1354)
A Project-based Learning Internship for IT Undergraduates with Social Support from a Social Networking Site, (Paper)(1389)
A Relational Algebra Query Language For Programming Relational Databases , (Paper)(1352)
A Validation Study of Student Differentiation Between Computing Disciplines, (Paper)(1353)
AACSB Learning Goals: One-Minute Guest Speakers Help To "Close the Loop", (Paper)(1311)
AACSB Outcomes Assessment: An Example Using the CCER Exam , (Paper)(1385)
Additional Support for the Information Systems Analyst Exam as a Valid Program Assessment Tool, (Paper)(1373)
Address Matching: An Expert System and Decision Support Application for GIS , (Paper)(1399)
An Active, Reflective Learning Cycle for E-Commerce Classes: Learning about E-commerce by Doing and Teaching, (Paper)(1308)
An Analysis of the Ethics of Data Warehousing in the Context of Social Networking Applications and Adolescents, (Paper)(1392)
An Enterprise System and a Business Simulation Provide Many Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Teaching , (Paper)(1317)
An Exploratory Study on the Acceptance of the Work System Method as part of the Systems Analysis and Design Course, (Paper)(1400)
An Improved Database System for Program Assessment, (Paper)(1363)
An Information Systems Project Management Course Using a Service-Learning Model, (Paper)(1388)
Are Password Management Applications Viable? An Analysis of User Training and Reactions , (Paper)(1305)
Artifacts as Interface: Reasserting the Fundamentals Of Software Systems Analysis and Design, (Paper)(1390)
Assessing Blackboard: Improving Online Instructional Delivery, (Paper)(1374)
Assessment Model and Practices for Computing and Information Systems Programs, (Paper)(1336)


Benefits and Challenges of Using Community-Based Research To Develop an Educational Web Portal , (Paper)(1303)
Beyond Introductory Programming: Success Factors for Advanced Programming, (Paper)(1350)
BI GIS Competition Brings DSS to AITP NCC , (Paper)(1366)


Class Service Quality: Moving Beyond SERVQUAL , (Paper)(1394)
Cloud Computing in the Curricula of Schools of Computer Science and Information Systems, (Paper)(1313)
Come and Get your (Teaching) Second Life, (Workshop)(1468)
Computer Ethics: A Slow Fade from Black and White to Shades of Gray, (Paper)(1331)
Creating and Using a Computer Networking and Systems Administration Laboratory Built Under Relaxed Financial Constraints, (Paper)(1328)
Culturally Sensitive IS Teaching: Lessons Learned to Manage Motivation Issues, (Paper)(1356)


Daniel’s Flowers Inventory Management Quandary: Inventory Shrinkage and Depleting Profits, (Paper)(1483)
Defining the Content of the Undergraduate Systems Analysis and Design Course as Measured by a Survey of Instructors, (Paper)(1351)
Design, The “Straw” Missing From the “Bricks” of IS Curricula , (Paper)(1334)
Determining the most suitable E-Learning delivering mode for TUT students, (Paper)(1346)
Developing Information Systems Education in a Network – Lessons Learned from a R&D Project, (Paper)(1372)
Directions in Web 2.0 Research, (Paper)(1370)
Discussion, Participation and Feedback in Online Courses, (Paper)(1382)
Distance learning: An empirical study, (Paper)(1302)


E-book Publishing with Open Source Software, (Workshop)(1469)
EDSIG Fellows Meeting, (Panel)(1462)
Entrepreneurship in the Computer Science and Information Systems Curriculum, (Workshop)(1466)
Establishing and applying criteria for evaluating the ease of use of dynamic platforms for teaching web application development, (Paper)(1368)
Expansion and Validation of the PAPA Framework, (Paper)(1321)
Exploring Impact of Self-selected Student Teams and Academic Potential on Satisfaction, (Paper)(1304)
Exploring the Connection between Age and Strategies for Learning new Technology Related Tasks , (Paper)(1341)


Facial Recognition Case, (Paper)(1485)
Four Systems to Initiate in the Foundations of Information Systems Course to Support the IS 2010 Model Curricula and to Retain Students, (Paper)(1359)


Graduate Student Symposium - Part 1, (Panel)(1457)
Graduate Student Symposium - Part 2, (Panel)(1458)
Group Assessment of Learning: Test the Class, Not the Students, (Paper)(1339)


How to Use the Potential of Learning Outcomes in IS Courses – Listening to the Voices of Students, (Paper)(1327)


Impact of pre-grading / resubmission of projects on test grades in an introductory computer literacy course , (Paper)(1364)
Implementing a Dynamic Database-Driven Course Using LAMP, (Paper)(1375)
Incorporating Capstone Courses in Programs Based on the IS2010 Model Curriculum, (Paper)(1324)
Incorporation of Skills and Graduate Characteristics into a Framework for Program Assessment and Accreditation, (Panel)(1461)
Integrating Cloud Computing, Green Computing, and Ethics into the MIS Model Curriculum, (Panel)(1455)
Integrating Health Information Systems Into a Database Course: A Case Study , (Paper)(1365)
Integrating Statistical Visualization Research into the Political Science Classroom, (Paper)(1342)
Is there a Student ‘Disconnect?’ First-year Hybrid Class Teachers’ Observations and Recommendations for Improving Student Engagement in Information Systems Classes , (Paper)(1379)
IS/IT Education vs. Business Education: The Plight of Social Collapse in Technical Business Environments, (Paper)(1319)
IS2010 Model Curriculum Core Assessment Examination – Supporting Institutional and Professional Development, (Panel)(1452)


Lecture Capturing utilising Enhanced Podcasts, (Paper)(1387)
Lessons of Technical Disasters and Project Management, (Paper)(1337)


Make it Relevant and They Just May Learn it , (Paper)(1377)
Meet the new editor of JISE, (Paper)(1404)
More Technology, Less Learning ?, (Paper)(1333)


Non Directed Utilization of a Hand Held Device: How Does a First Year University Engineering Student Use an iTouch? , (Paper)(1360)


Online Support Services for Undergraduate Millennial Students, (Paper)(1320)


Peer mentors and their impact for beginning programmers, (Paper)(1343)
Positioning Database Content in a Business Intelligence Context , (Paper)(1402)
Predicting Success in the Introduction to Computers Course: GPA vs. Student’s Self-Efficacy Scores , (Paper)(1362)
Publishing in the Journal of Information Systems Education, (Panel)(1451)


Real World Projects, Real World Problems: Capstones for External Clients , (Paper)(1367)


Selecting a Good Conference Location based on Participants’ Interests, (Paper)(1357)
Service Learning in Distance Education (SLIDE): E-Mentoring Project Connect , (Paper)(1329)
Sovling Relational Database Problems with ORDBMS in an Advanced Database Course, (Paper)(1376)
Student Achievement in Four Urban School Districts: Impact of Information Technology, (Paper)(1307)
Student Attitues and Perceptions Regarding Computing and Its Related Disciplines: A Preliminary Study in the United Kingdom, (Paper)(1397)
Student Perceptions of Instructional Tools in Programming Logic: A Comparison of Traditional versus Alice Teaching Environments, (Paper)(1371)
Students Computer Proficiency, Perceptions And Experiences: An Exploratory Study , (Paper)(1355)
Stumbling Blocks in the Race to Embrace IS 2010, (Panel)(1459)
System Analysis of An Assurance of Learning System , (Paper)(1403)
System Testing on the Cheap, (Paper)(1323)


Tag Clouds as a Pathway to Improved Pedagogical Efficacy in Information Systems Courses: A Baseline Study Involving Web 2.0 Technologies , (Paper)(1347)
Taking Information Systems Distance Learning to the Virtual Level , (Paper)(1393)
Taking it to the Top: A Lesson in Search Engine Optimization , (Paper)(1312)
Teach or No Teach: Is Large System Education Resurging?, (Paper)(1335)
Teaching “Information Literacy” with the Intro-duction to Information Systems Course, (Paper)(1340)
Teaching Information Society: A Look at Curriculum Issues, (Paper)(1398)
Texting and the Efficacy of Mnemonics: An Exploratory Study, (Paper)(1310)
The 2010 CIS Baccalaureate Degree Compared with IS 2010 Guidelines, (Paper)(1396)
The Greening of the Information Systems Curriculum, (Paper)(1330)
The Impact of Mobile Number Portability on TUT students On-line Connectivity, (Paper)(1348)
The Role of Skills in the Development of the Un-dergraduate Curriculum: The Case for Double-Loop Learning in Decision-Making, (Paper)(1391)
Towards a Model for Learning Outcomes - Experiences from a Project-Oriented Course, (Paper)(1386)
Towards an Innovative Web-based Lab Delivery System for a Management Information Systems Course, (Paper)(1369)


Using Business Analysis Software in a Business Intelligence Course, (Paper)(1345)
Using Undergraduate Information Systems Student Epistemic Belief Data in Course Design: A Research-based Approach to Improve Student Academic Success , (Paper)(1325)


Virtualization: Providing Better Computing to Universities, (Paper)(1401)
Visualizing Opportunities: GIS Skills for Retail Marketing , (Paper)(1361)
Volunteering / Improving EDSIG, (Panel)(1456)


Website Self-Service Tools: Software Component Acquisition and “Death by a Thousand Cuts”, (Paper)(1481)
What Predicts Student Success in Introductory Data Management Classes? An Investigation of Demographic, Personality, Computer-Related, and Interaction Variables , (Paper)(1318)