Nashville Riverboat

2010 Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference

October 28 to 31, 2010 - Nashville Tennessee

Panel Presentation

Stumbling Blocks in the Race to Embrace IS2010

George Nezlek, Moderator
Grand Valley State University

John Reynolds
Grand Valley State University

Jack Russell
Northwestern State University

William Tastle
Ithaca College

Autonomous IS programs with relatively homogenous student populations face a relatively simpler task in integrating the IS 2010 guidelines into their curriculum. This panel will consider issues that confront programs that are not so fortunate, issues that are often overlooked. Specifically, we will consider the potential effects of the IS 2010 model curriculum on programs that: 1. offer multiple programs of study in one academic unit, including minors and majors other than IS, and are attempting to provide common core courses across multiple programs. 2. have significant international student participation and accompanying cultural implications. 3. are examining controlling inputs (other than IQ/SAT/GPA) to enhance major satisfaction and foster higher success / completion rates 4. are examining entry level or required courses outside IS 2010 guidelines for recruiting undecided students.

Targeted Attendees:
Faculty involved in curriculum development and improvement.

Recommended Citation: Nezlek, G., Reynolds, J., Russel, J., Tastle, W., (2010). "Stumbling Blocks in the Race to Embrace IS2010 ". The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference, v.27 n. 1459, Nashville, TN.