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Please note the manuscripts 2015 and afer reflect EDSIGcon Proceedings which were published by ISCAP (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals)

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Conf YearArticleTitleAuthors
2015ViewVocabularies for Describing Digital Media Calloway, Dwyer
2021ViewAnalysis of STeM Student Perceptions of a Re-Engineered General Education Program Wolthuis, Curtis, Carlson, Strain, Campbell
2020ViewRe-Engineering General Education and the Impact on Undergraduate Technology Students Wolthuis, Campbell
2019ViewTitle IX mandate to report non-consensual sexual contact: An application of text data analytics to understand the views of university freshmen Modaresnezhad, Canel
2015ViewStudent Perceptions of Introductory Database Concepts and Database Privacy Issues Cannoy, Lomo-David
2018ViewCreating a Culture for Internships and Experiential Learning Dillon, Dillon, Carl
2018ViewReflections on Applying the Growth Mindset Approach to Computer Programming Courses Carl, Babb, Abdullat
2021ViewAnalysis of STeM Student Perceptions of a Re-Engineered General Education Program Wolthuis, Curtis, Carlson, Strain, Campbell
2016ViewCoin Counter: Gamification for Classroom Management Carlson, Harris, Harris
2017ViewUniversity Micro-Credentials and the Need for Agile IS Skill Development Programs Rubleske, Cata
2019ViewUndergraduate Business Analytics and the overlap with Information Systems Programs Ceccucci, Jones, Toskin, Leonard
2018ViewAlpha Insurance: A Predictive Analytics Case to Analyze Automobile Insurance Fraud using SAS Enterprise Miner McCarthy, Ceccucci, McCarthy, Halawi
2017ViewHarnessing Business Analytics: Analyzing Data Analytics Programs in U.S. Business Schools Parks, Ceccucci, McCarthy
2017ViewInternational Service Learning in IS Programs: The Next Phase – An Implementation Experience Jones, Ceccucci
2016ViewReview of Masters in Business Analytics Curriculum Ceccucci, Kruck, Peslak, Sendall, Hunsinger, Hill
2015ViewA Longitudinal Study of CIS Students, Course Performance and MBTI Personality Types Sendall, Peslak, Ceccucci, Kruck
2019ViewStudent Perceptions of Challenges and Role of Mentorship in Cybersecurity Careers: Addressing the Gender Gap Pinchot, Cellante, Mishra, Paullet
2017ViewRevisiting an Introductory Computer Information Systems Course: An Update to Course Topics and Incorporation of Project-Based Learning Cellante, Pinchot
2016ViewHow to Encourage Middle School Girls Interested in STEM+C Education: An Assessment of Current Status Mishra, Cellante, Igoche
2015ViewRedesigning the Traditional Introductory Computer Course: A Pretest/Posttest Analysis Mishra, Cellante, Igoche, Kavanaugh
2016ViewInstructional Design Skills, Methods, and Knowledge in the era of MOOCs: A Research Proposal Chahal
2019ViewIntegrative Learning and Interdisciplinary Information Systems Curriculum Development in Accounting Analytics Woodside, Augustine, Chambers, Mendoza
2018ViewStoring and Querying Bitcoin Blockchain Using SQL Databases Yue, Chandrasekar, Gullapalli
2017ViewShifting Perspectives: Stimulating Critical Thinking Through the Use of Virtual Reality in an IS Curriculum Chapman, Bhatnagar
2017ViewThe Enhanced Virtual Laboratory: Extending Cyber Security Awareness through a Web-based Laboratory Black, Chapman, Clark
2021ViewThe COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Course Grades: A Remote Learning Analysis Chawdhry, Paullet, Baugh, Nakama
2015ViewAssessing Faculty Perceptions and Techniques to Combat Academic Dishonesty in Online Courses Paullet, Chawdhry, Douglas, Pinchot
2018ViewDotting i’s and Crossing T’s: Integrating Breadth and Depth in an Undergraduate Cybersecurity Course Yates, Frydenberg, Waguespack, McDermott, OConnell, Chen, Babb
2020ViewEngaging Government-Industry-University Partnerships to Further Gender Equity in STEM Workforce Education through Technology and Information System Learning Tools Knestis, Cheng, Feng
2015ViewEngage and transform today’s students into critical thinkers with Cengage Learning’s MindTap for Principles of MIS. Sabatino, Chepelsky
2020ViewWhat is a Gamer: An exploration of culture, identity, and belonging? Breese, Chiampi , Bayer, Giles
2020ViewWhat is a Gamer? An exploration of culture, identity and belonging Breese, Zwerling, Chiampi
2018ViewPartial Credit on Multiple-choice Exams: Does It Help or Hurt Students? Moss, Matta, Frost, Chimeli
2015ViewSalient Beliefs in Majoring in Management Information Systems: An Elicitation Study Chipidza, Green, Riemenschneider
2015ViewSimulation in Business Education: A Literature Review Chircu, Saraswat, Anderson
2015ViewSupply Chain Technology Evaluation: RFID vs. DataMatrix Chircu
2021ViewA Full-stack Platform for Teaching Web Application Security Li, Chou, McAllister
2017ViewACS: Bringing Business Intelligence and Analytics to a Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming Company Christian, Akujobi, Saha, Korzaan
2021ViewA TA-Like Chatbot Application: ATOB Chuaphan, Yoon, Chung
2018ViewThe Emergence of Business Analytics in Information Systems from 2011-2018 Chudoba, Mills, Fadel
2021ViewA TA-Like Chatbot Application: ATOB Chuaphan, Yoon, Chung
2017ViewData Analytics Workshop Series for Non-Computing Major First-Generation-College-Bound Students Chung
2020ViewLike Playing Whack-a-Mole in the Dark: Teaching Online during a Pandemic West, Beam, Sosnkowski, Ciampa
2019ViewSpeed Mentoring of Information Systems Students: A Multi-Stage Mentorship Model for Improved Recruitment, Retention, Internship and Career Placement of IS/IT Students Citurs
2015ViewOn the Development of Assessments of Student Learning in an Introductiory Information Management Course, Petkov, Citurs, Grandhi, Kunene
2018ViewUsing Jupyter Notebooks and GitHub to Create Explorable Explanations in Python and SAS Classes: Early Experience Clapper
2015ViewExperience with Multi-Disciplinary Student STEAM Teams Clapper, LaFratta
2021ViewA Cybersecurity Exercise In Linux: Student Learning Analysis Clark, Hayne
2021ViewBuilding/Enhancing a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Security Serapiglia, Clark
2021ViewFeatured Speaker - Lynne Clark, Chief, NSA/DHS National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) Program Office Clark
2021ViewInformation Security Outcomes and Summative Assessment for ABET-Accredited IS and IT Programs Landry, Clark, Lucas
2021ViewPreparation for a Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (PCAP) Lancelot, Stoker, Smith, Nichols, Clark, Vetter, Wetherill
2021ViewProposing the Integrated Virtual Learning Environment for Cybersecurity Education (IVLE4C) Greer, Clark, Stoker
2020ViewBuilding a Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program: Early-Stage Success and Some Lessons Learned Stoker, Clark, Vanajakumari, Wetherill
2019ViewLooking Ahead to CAE-CD Program Changes Clark, Stoker, Vetter
2019ViewThe Evolving Cybersecurity Curriculum Serapiglia, Clark, Yates, Brown
2018ViewA Study of Gender Bias in Grading in the MCIS Program at CSU from 2013 through 2017 Clark, Goyal
2018ViewReflections on Appling for CAE-CDE Designation Clark, Stoker
2017ViewCyber Defense Education & A Linux Toolkit Wescott, Clark
2017ViewThe Enhanced Virtual Laboratory: Extending Cyber Security Awareness through a Web-based Laboratory Black, Chapman, Clark
2016ViewClosing The Gender Gap in the Technology Major Jung, Clark, Patterson, Pence
2015ViewA Topic Analysis of ISECON Conference Proceedings from 1982 through 2014 Clark, Athey, Plotnicki, Barnes
2015ViewNational Cyber League Training and Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions Clark
2016ViewThe Piranha Solution: Monitoring and Ladwig, Schwieger, Clayton
2016ViewTeaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Rossmiller, Lawrence, Clouse, Looney
2015ViewMaximizing Classroom Interaction by Presenting Course Content with Video Podcasts Clouse, Clouse, Lawrence
2015ViewMaximizing Classroom Interaction by Presenting Course Content with Video Podcasts Clouse, Clouse, Lawrence
2021ViewSecrets to the Successful IS Capstone Course Connolly, Ezell, Cole
2018ViewLinking Programmer Analyst Skills to Industry Needs: A Current Review Peslak, Kovalchick, Kovacs, Conforti, Wang, Bhatnagar
2021ViewAn Agile Framework for Teaching with Scrum in the IT Project Management Classroom ** Best JISE Paper (2020) Rush, Connolly
2021ViewBeyond Ethics Golub, Connolly, Leidig, Lawler
2021ViewBuilding a Scalable, Platform-Agnostic Relational Database Module for Introduction to MIS Mutchler, Lough, Connolly
2021ViewEncouraging Women in an Information Systems Program: an Origin Story Connolly, Gallagher, Atkins
2021ViewFried Tofu and Cats in Boxes: Teaching Abstract Concepts in Business Analytics Zhong, Connolly
2021ViewSecrets to the Successful IS Capstone Course Connolly, Ezell, Cole
2020ViewHow to Apply an Agile Framework to InfoSec Management Mutchler, Connolly
2019ViewEmotional Intelligence and Alpha Skills for IT Project Management Connolly, Rush
2018ViewCooperative Learning Activities for Introduction to MIS Connolly, Rush
2017ViewPracticing the Concept of Fit in a Human-Computer Interaction Classroom Through Paper Prototyping Scialdone, Connolly
2017ViewRole of Inclusion and Critical Theory: Rebranding the IS Major for All Students Connolly
2016ViewA Creative Approach to Devising Non-Technical, Meaningful Exercises in Human-Computer Interaction Undergraduate Education Scialdone, Connolly
2016ViewHow to Teach Emotional Intelligence Skills Connolly, Reinicke
2015ViewHow an Active Learning Classroom Transformed IT Executive Management Connolly, Lampe
2016ViewCloud Data Management – Curriculum Resources for Teaching About Hybrid Cloud Conway
2015ViewStrategies and Approaches for Teaching Storage and Data Management – Faculty Perspectives, Insights & Suggestions Conway, Kline, Pickard, Royster, Woods, Zullo
2015ViewUsing a Flipped Course for 2-year College Outreach Breimer, Conway
2016ViewWhy Women Choose to Not Major in Information Systems Hodges, Corley
2020ViewEffects of emergency online learning during COVID-19 pandemic on student performance and connectedness Boardman, Vargas, Burshteyn, Cotler
2016ViewA mindful approach to teaching Cotler, DiTursi, Goldstein, Yates, Del Belso
2015ViewA Real-World-Projects Capstone Course in Computing: A 15-year Experience Tappert, Cotoranu, Monaco
2016ViewTeaching Database Management with Automated Grading Technology Allen, Ball, Cox, Weber
2016ViewRateMyInformationSystemsProfessor: Exploring the factors that influence student ratings Sena, Crable
2015ViewMedical Residents’ Perceptions of an E-Learning Experience Segerman, Crable, Brodzinski
2015ViewFrom Tech Skills to Life Skills: The Google Online Marketing Challenge and Experiential Learning Croes, Visser
2021ViewIPv6 RPKI Implementation Validator: A Security Utility for BGP Administrators Ham, Cronin, Halverson
2021ViewUsing Python for teaching 802.11 security and intrusion detection Cronin, Ham, Halverson
2021ViewIS Model Curriculum: Adoption by AACSB Schools and Recommendations for Future Updates Janicki, Cummings
2021ViewPaper-A-Thon Cummings, Louch
2019ViewAre Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Programs Beneficial for Graduates? An Evaluation of PSM Programs Rivenbark, Cummings, Kline, Patterson
2019ViewTeaching Introduction to Database in an Analytics Program Kline, Cummings, Lyons
2016ViewIncreasing Student / Corporate Engagement Janicki, Cummings
2015ViewHow secure is education in Information Technology? A method for evaluating security education in IT Grover, Reinicke, Cummings
2015ViewStreamlining the Capstone Process: A Time-Saving Approval System For Graduate Theses/Projects Grooms, Kline, Cummings
2021ViewAnalysis of STeM Student Perceptions of a Re-Engineered General Education Program Wolthuis, Curtis, Carlson, Strain, Campbell

Search by Authors - Joint ISECON Proceedings

Please note the manuscripts below reflect the 1999 to 2014 ISECON Proceedings which were published by EDSIG, the Education Special Interest Group of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Chicago, Illinois) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE).

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Conf YearArticleTitleAuthors
2009ViewEnterprise Integration: An Experiential Learning Model Cameron, Purao
2007ViewEnterprise Systems Education: New Directions & Challenges for the Future Cameron
2011ViewA Health Informatics Curriculum Longenecker, Campbell, Landry, Pardue, Daigle
2011ViewHealth Informatics as an ABET-CAC Accreditable IS Program Landry, Daigle, Pardue, Longenecker, Campbell
2011ViewTreating the Healthcare Workforce Crisis: Campbell, Pardue, Longenecker, Barnett, Landry
2014ViewThe Process of Transforming a Microcomputer Usage Course into a General Education Credit Course Lomo-David, Cannoy
2012ViewAcademic Integrity Policies and Practices: Can Cloud’s Centralization Become an Enabler? Cannoy, Lomo-David
2011ViewAnalysis Of Academic Integrity Policies In A University System Cannoy, Lomo-David
2013ViewGender Rationales and Success Factors in Assessing and Selecting a Major in Information Technology at the Undergraduate Level of a University Program: A Focus Group Approach Mishra, Draus, Caputo, Leone, Kohun, Repack
2007ViewAnalyzing the Progression of IS/IT Keywords as Assessed by a Regional Trade Association Kovacs, Davis, Caputo
2006ViewPractical Solution to Assuring Student Preparedness for Advanced Information Science Courses Carbone
2014ViewA Match in the Making: How Emergent Changes in the Marketing Discipline Present Opportunities for Information Systems Programs Carley, Babb
2008ViewDeveloping the Cyber Defenders of Tomorrow with Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions (CCDC) Carlin, Manson, Zhu
2012ViewAssessing the Microsoft Office Skills Course: Computer-Mediated Delivery and Pre-and Post-Surveys Carpenter, McGinnis, Slauson, Snyder
2011ViewBeyond the Bake Sale: Snyder, Carpenter, Slauson, Skinner, Nash
2010ViewAdditional Support for the Information Systems Analyst Exam as a Valid Program Assessment Tool Carpenter, Snyder, Slauson, Bridge
2010ViewFour Systems to Initiate in the Foundations of Information Systems Course to Support the IS 2010 Model Curricula and to Retain Students Slauson, Carpenter, Snyder
2008ViewAn Action Plan to Increase IS Enrollment Based on Recent Survey Evidence Snyder, Slauson, Carpenter
2008ViewEncouraging Students to Learn on the Fly in CIS Courses Slauson, Snyder, Carpenter
2006ViewCopyright Ethics: Relating to Students at Different Levels of Moral Development Slauson, Snyder, Carpenter – A Social Networking Site and Social Contract Theory Snyder, Slauson, Carpenter
2009ViewPerceptions of Using Creativity Howard, Bulach, Carver, Creekbaum, Parker, Shockley
2014ViewAge and Gender Differences of Peslak, Kovacs, Davis, Scarpino, Kovalchick, Ceccucci
2014ViewDoes Learning Style Play a Role in Computer Information Systems Course Performance? Kruck, Hunsinger, Peslak, Ceccucci, Sendall
2014ViewThe Effectiveness of Data Science as a means to achieve Proficiency in Scientific Literacy Ceccucci, Tamarkin, Jones
2013ViewA Preliminary Comparison of Student and Professional Motivations for Choosing Information Systems Brooks, Korzaan, Ceccucci
2013ViewClone Yourself: Using Screencasts in the Classroom to Work with Students One-on-One Lang, Ceccucci
2013ViewEDSIG Board Town Hall with Members Ceccucci
2013ViewWorking with Real Companies, Making a Real Impact: Student Perspectives on the Google Online Marketing Challenge Lang, Ceccucci
2012ViewVolunteering for EDSIG Conferences and Journals Peslak, Ceccucci, Hunsinger, Kruck, Janicki, Nezlek
2011ViewVolunteering for EDSIG Peslak, Janicki, Ceccucci, Hunsinger
2009ViewIntegrating Soft Skill Competencies Through Project-based Learning Across the Information Systems Curriculum Woodward, Sendall, Ceccucci
2008ViewGot Web 2.0? Sendall, Ceccucci, Peslak
2008ViewIT Students and Computer Ethics: Making the Case for Further Training and Ethical Development Woodward, Ceccucci, Whitney
2008ViewWeb 2.0 Matters: An Analysis of Implementing Web 2.0 in the Classroom Sendall, Peslak, Ceccucci
2007ViewStudent Identification with IT-Related Professions Brooks, Ceccucci
2006ViewIS Faculty Perceptions of ABET Accreditation Ceccucci, White
2006ViewLearning Communities in Information Systems Education: Saulnier, White, Ceccucci, Brooks
2007ViewUsing the National Collegiate Conference as a focal Snyder, Slauson, Jackson, Chaffin
2010ViewExploring the Connection between Age and Strategies for Learning new Technology Related Tasks Meiselwitz, Chakraborty
2014ViewExamining student learning in spreadsheet assignments: Allen, Ball, Chapman, Davies
2012ViewAn Alternative Approach to Computer Literacy - A Work in Process Chapman
2013ViewSwipe In, Tap Out: Charlebois, Hentschel, Frydenberg
2014ViewEthical Student Conduct in Online Courses: An Evaluation of Student Perspectives Douglas, Chawdhry, Paullet
2012ViewRaising Awareness: Education is the Key to Understanding Cyberbullying Paullet, Chawdhry
2011ViewComparatively Assessing The Use Of Blackboard Versus Desire2learn: Faculty Perceptions Of The Online Tools Chawdhry, Paullet, Benjamin
2010ViewAssessing Blackboard: Improving Online Instructional Delivery Chawdhry, Paullet, Benjamin
2010ViewVirtualization: Providing Better Computing to Universities Chawdhry, Mance
2009ViewChallenges in Delivering Distance Education Chawdhry
2011ViewModel Curriculum "Wiki" Birds of a Feather Panel Session Lind, Hall, Chen, Leal , Babb, Pauli, Reynolds, Schwieger, Surendran, Subramanian
2010ViewCulturally Sensitive IS Teaching: Lessons Learned to Manage Motivation Issues Chen
2010ViewA Project-based Learning Internship for IT Undergraduates with Social Support from a Social Networking Site Cheong, Tandon, Cheong
2010ViewA Project-based Learning Internship for IT Undergraduates with Social Support from a Social Networking Site Cheong, Tandon, Cheong
2011ViewGet your IS students engaged, prepared and ready to succeed with CourseMate! Chepelsky, Marsh
2009ViewThe Likert Scale: Russell, Chimi
2006ViewAn Analysis of Computing Major Students Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Distribution Choi
2006ViewAnalyses of Compliance with IS 2002 Curriculum Choi, Ulema, Waldman
2007ViewAnswering the Need for Information Assurance Graduates: A Case Study of Pennsylvania State University’s Security and Risk Analysis Major Marchant, Cole, Chu
2010ViewDetermining the most suitable E-Learning delivering mode for TUT students Odunaike, Chuene
2010ViewAre Password Management Applications Viable? An Analysis of User Training and Reactions Ciampa
2010ViewExploring Impact of Self-selected Student Teams and Academic Potential on Satisfaction Matta, Luce, Ciavarro
2012ViewEnhancing Student Internships by Incorporating Ideas from an Industry Advisory Board Petkov, Erwin, Citurs
2009ViewAn Integrative Pre-Capstone Course Approach to Service Learning – Creating a Win, Win, Win Information Systems – Liberal Arts Citurs
2012ViewComputer Information Systems: A Research Plan to Identify Origins and Destination Clark, Plotnicki, Longenecker, Feinstein
2012ViewInformation Systems Curricula: Longenecker, Feinstein, Clark
2012ViewRequisition of Competition: Spurring Wireless Greats, Clark
2011ViewImplementation of a Distance MS-CIS Program: Clark
2011ViewMultiple Submissions and their Impact on the ‘Path of Learning’ Gebauer, Janicki, Clark
2010ViewImpact of pre-grading / resubmission Janicki, Gebauer, Clark
2009ViewMoving Data, Moving students: Involving students in learning about Internet data traffic Reinicke, Clark
2006ViewA Case Study of the Network Installation Process Benson, Clark, Kirk
2007ViewA Database Design and Development Case: Harris, Cline, Cooley
2013View“So what can I do with an MIS degree?” - Inspiring students to explore MIS by drawing on the voices of local innovators Lawrence, Clouse, Firth, Evans, Stephens
2009ViewEvaluating Design: A Formative Evaluation of Agent Development Environments Used For Teaching Rule-Based Programming Cohen, Ritter, Haynes
2014ViewUSMCo Payroll System Cohill, Dudley, Gregg, Millette, Zinnecker, Havelka
2007ViewAnswering the Need for Information Assurance Graduates: A Case Study of Pennsylvania State University’s Security and Risk Analysis Major Marchant, Cole, Chu
2010ViewVolunteering / Improving EDSIG Janicki, Colton, Hunsinger, Lester, Smith, Peslak
2009ViewProgramming Proficiency in One Semester: Lessons Learned Colton, Curtis
2006ViewA Web-based Automatic Program Grader Colton, Fife, Thompson
2007ViewWomen Students’ Confidence in Information Technology Content Areas Colyar, Woodward
2008ViewProblems with Assessing On-line and Non-Traditional Programs for Accreditation Roggio, Comer
2010ViewCreating and Using a Computer Networking and Systems Administration Laboratory Built Under Relaxed Financial Constraints Conlon, Mullins
2007ViewAn Examination of Initiation, Organization, Participation, Leadership, and Control of Successful Open Source Software Development Projects Conlon
2013ViewApplication of Lean Management Techniques in Support of Improved Online Learning: A Baseline Study of Deterministic Factors Related to Instructional Design and Course Development Efficacy Markham, Conn
2012ViewCloud Computing in Support of Applied Learning: Conn, Reichgelt
2010ViewTag Clouds as a Pathway to Improved Pedagogical Efficacy in Information Systems Courses: A Baseline Study Involving Web 2.0 Technologies Conn, Hall, English, Scheffler
2010ViewUsing Undergraduate Information Systems Student Epistemic Belief Data in Course Design: A Research-based Approach to Improve Student Academic Success Conn, English, Scheffler, Hall
2009ViewScaling large-size undergraduate classes at a top research university via eLearning strate-gies: A facilitated model of instruction using a Web 2.0 paradigm Conn, Hu, Boyer, Wilkinson
2006ViewTeaching Knowledge Management in the Context of Information Systems Education: A Foundation for Educators and Curriculum Conn
2008ViewComplecto Mutatio: Teaching Software Design Best Practices Using Multi-Platform Development Connolly
2014ViewImplementing Storage & Data Management into IS Programs Conway
2013ViewBuilding Academic Alliances into your Curriculum with Industry Leaders Conway, Floyd, Kline, Yohannan
2013ViewFormula 1 Racing & Information Systems Education – Keeping Pace with IS Innovation at 200 mph! Conway
2013ViewImplementing Storage & Data Management into IS Programs Conway
2012ViewNetApp: IT Trends and the Implications for Information Systems Education Conway, Hua
2012ViewVirtualization and Cloud Computing in the IS/IT/CS Curriculum Shrivastava, Conway, Gragg, Kline
2007ViewA Database Design and Development Case: Harris, Cline, Cooley
2007ViewBrains Brawn and Bratwurst Bennett, Cooper
2006ViewEdPod: Adding Classroom Richness to the On-Line Experience Bennett, Cooper
2006ViewThe Intergenerational Computing Course Service Learning, Gerontechnolgoy Research and Computer Literacy Gustavson, Coppola
2013ViewBig Data in the IT/IS/CS Curriculum Dietrich, Newton, Corley
2009ViewDevelopment and Preliminary Evaluation of a Wagner, Langan, Corman, Landry, Longenecker
2012ViewDeveloping 21st Century Communicators Cotler, Yoder, Breimer, Del Belso
2010ViewTowards an Innovative Web-based Lab Delivery System for a Management Information Systems Course Breimer, Cotler, Yoder
2009ViewCo-"Lab"oration: A New Paradigm for Building a Management Information Systems Course Cotler, Breimer, Yoder
2008ViewAnalysis of an Anti-Phishing Lab Activity Werner, Courte
2006ViewA Qualitative Look at Alice and Pair-Programming Howard, Evans, Courte, Bishop-Clark
2008ViewA FPGA Paint Brush Application Edwards, Courtney, YANG
2009ViewFaculty Perceptions on the Goals and Achievements of Information Systems Executive Advisory Boards Sena, Crable, Sena
2008ViewA Modular Approach to Delivering Braun, Crable, Sena
2006ViewAn Examination of Employers' Perceptions and Expections of IS Entry Level Personal and Interpersonal Skills Tesch, Braun, Crable
2010ViewIs there a Student ‘Disconnect?’ First-year Hybrid Class Teachers’ Observations and Recommendations for Improving Student Engagement in Information Systems Classes Parris, Beaver, Nickels, Crabtree
2006View“WAC”ked: A Case Study Incorporating a Writing Process Into an IS Class Takeda, Crabtree, Johnson
2009ViewPerceptions of Using Creativity Howard, Bulach, Carver, Creekbaum, Parker, Shockley
2007ViewExperience with a Fully Collaborative Classroom Sigle, Critcher, Agarwal
2008ViewEffectiveness of Teaching Ethics: Kreie, Alt, Cronan, Leonard
2008ViewCourse Evaluation in Sweden Cronholm
2006ViewProject Oriented Student Work Cronholm, Melin
2013ViewCreating a Virtualized Environment for Large-Scale Hands-On IA Education Cronin, Pauli, Ham
2014ViewDecomposition and Reconstruction of Complex Spreadsheet Functions Tastle, St. Clair, Cullar-Ledford
2014ViewEnhancing the Classroom Experience: Instructor Use of Tablets Cummings, Hill
2014ViewIncorporating a Human-Computer Interaction Course into Software Development Curriculums Janicki, Cummings, Healy
2013ViewInformation Technology Job Skill Needs and Janicki, Cummings, Kline
2013ViewThe Market for Career Tracks in Undergraduate IS Curricula in the U.S. Hwang, Curl
2009ViewProgramming Proficiency in One Semester: Lessons Learned Colton, Curtis