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Please note the manuscripts 2015 and afer reflect EDSIGcon Proceedings which were published by ISCAP (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals)

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Conf YearArticleTitleAuthors
2017ViewA Tribute to Bart Longenecker: An IS Education Maverick and Visionary Landry, Pardue, Daigle
2020ViewPreparing Information System and Computing Professionals in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Lester, Dalat Ward
2018ViewA Preliminary Study: The Use of VoiceThread in Online Business Courses Dalat Ward, Ward, Lester, Tao
2018ViewTeaching Professionalism and Ethics in Information Technology by Deliberative Dialogue Lester, Dalat Ward
2017ViewTeaching Introductory Programming Concepts Using Alice3 Daly, Wrigley
2019VieweXtensible Computing Curriculum Reporting Language (XCCRL) Babb, Sharp, Waguespack, Abdullat, Dana
2019ViewStudents’ Perceptions of Challenges and Solutions to Face-to-Face and Online Group Work Bakir, Humpherys, Dana
2018ViewCertifying Business Students in Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Excel Core Exam: Lessons Learned Bakir, Dana, Abdullat
2016ViewUsing IONIC for Mobile Application Development Babb, Dana, Jafar
2015ViewGetting MEAN: A Hands-On Workshop for Full-stack JavaScript Web Application Development Babb, Dana, Jafar
2020ViewUsing Virtual Machine Labs for the Data Comm Class Daniel, Agrawal
2021ViewInfusing Artificial Intelligence in IS Curriculum through Service-Learning: A Summary of Pilot Programs Javadi, Gebauer, Antink-Meyer, Darner
2018ViewToward CAE-CDE 4Y Designation through Curriculum Modernization of a Traditional Computer Science Undergraduate Program Wei, Yang, Davari, Sha, Jacob
2017ViewInformation and Communication Technology in the Classroom: BYOD and the University’s Role Davis, Kohun
2021ViewSkills Infusion in Information Technology Education Hua, Davison, Gondi
2021ViewConversational Agent Supported Incrementally Scaffolded Approach for Teaching Introductory Programming Course(s) Dawar
2020ViewTowards Improving Student Expectations in Introductory Programming Course with Incrementally Scaffolded Approach Dawar
2019ViewAn Assignment a Day Scaffolded Learning Approach for Teaching Introductory Computer Programming Dawar, Murphy
2017ViewUsing Hadoop and Hive to Introduce Big Data Solutions in a Classroom Environment De Silva, Klammer Kruse, Azarbod
2021ViewIntegrating AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification into a Systems Administration Course Podeschi, DeBo
2018ViewIntegrating Big Data Analytics into an Undergraduate Information Systems Program using Hadoop Podeschi, DeBo
2019ViewTechnology for Every Major Decker
2018ViewBe a Job Placement Superhero: Insider Strategies to Help Your Students Land Top Jobs in Analytics, Blockchain and More Decker
2017ViewIndustry Engagement in Education for the Adaptive Curriculum Decker, Kennedy, Foley, Bly
2017ViewOpen and Teach AKA Pre-built Industry Education Portal Content with Integrated Cloud Labs, Testing & Badges Kennedy, Decker
2017ViewThe Easy Way to Create a Blockchain using Fabric Composer Foley, Decker
2016ViewIntroducing z Systems into CS/IS&IT Curricula Laverty, Decker
2016ViewUsing the Master the Mainframe (MTM) Contest to Provide Hands-on Experiences for any level of CS/IS or IT Core Operating System Course Breimer, Decker, Laverty
2016ViewA mindful approach to teaching Cotler, DiTursi, Goldstein, Yates, Del Belso
2020ViewInvestigating Student Behavior in an Interdisciplinary Computing Capstone Course Watson, Besmer, Banks, Ray, Derksen
2017ViewGamification Agile Software for Classroom Projects Kolli, Deverapalli, Azarbod, Klammer Kruse
2016ViewAnalysis of Student Web Queries Jadav, Burke, Dhiman, Kollmer, Tappert
2020ViewDevelopment of a Flexible Point-based Promotion and Tenure Document in the Age of Societal Uncertainty Schwieger, Dickson, Johnston, McMillan, Stovall
2018ViewCreating a Culture for Internships and Experiential Learning Dillon, Dillon, Carl
2018ViewCreating a Culture for Internships and Experiential Learning Dillon, Dillon, Carl
2020ViewREST API for Beginners? Yes, Beginners! Trotta, Diprizio
2020ViewTransform an Excel file to a real web and mobile app in your classroom. No coding needed. Free with Mendix! Saarinen, Diprizio
2018ViewAn Examination of Project Context in Improving Computer Programming Pedagogy Iyer, Hassler, Dissanayake, Bedeley
2016ViewA mindful approach to teaching Cotler, DiTursi, Goldstein, Yates, Del Belso
2015ViewTeaching Business Analytics Using the caret Package in R Donalds
2020ViewInterdisciplinary Evaluation of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: A Systematic Literature Review Parks, Dong
2015ViewAssessing Faculty Perceptions and Techniques to Combat Academic Dishonesty in Online Courses Paullet, Chawdhry, Douglas, Pinchot
2019ViewImproving IS Student Decisions: A Framework for Debiasing IS Projects Drake, Golub
2021ViewIT Skills Gap: A Survey Of Employers’ Requirements In 4 Key Domains Draus, Mishra, Slonka, Bromall
2019ViewField Dependence As A Factor In Faculty And Student’s Views Of Different Online Instructional Tools Draus
2017ViewMedia versus Message: Choosing The ER Diagram To Teach ER Modeling Wu, Igoche, Draus
2017ViewThe Challenges of Teaching Business Analytics: Finding Real Big Data for Business Students Yap, Drye
2018ViewHour of Code: A Study of Gender Differences in Computing Du, Wimmer
2017View“Hour of Code”: A Case Study Du, Wimmer, Rada
2020ViewChangeover From Professor to Professor Emerita: Challenges and Opportunities Duncan
2016ViewFacebook Enhanced College Courses and the Impact of Personality on Sense of Classroom Community Barczyk, Duncan
2015ViewFacebook's Impact on Higher Education Classes: An Empirical Study Duncan , Barczyk
2021ViewDebriefing an SQL Exploratory Activity to Detect Data Anomalies, Summary Statistics, and Potential Fraud Within a 100,000-Invoice Dataset Siggard, Dupin-Bryant, Mills, Olsen
2015ViewVocabularies for Describing Digital Media Calloway, Dwyer

Search by Authors - Joint ISECON Proceedings

Please note the manuscripts below reflect the 1999 to 2014 ISECON Proceedings which were published by EDSIG, the Education Special Interest Group of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Chicago, Illinois) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE).

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Conf YearArticleTitleAuthors
2012ViewA Database Management Assessment Instrument Landry, Pardue, Daigle, Longenecker
2012ViewDeveloping Concepts and Practices of Research in Computing Daigle, Longenecker
2011ViewA Health Informatics Curriculum Longenecker, Campbell, Landry, Pardue, Daigle
2011ViewHealth Informatics as an ABET-CAC Accreditable IS Program Landry, Daigle, Pardue, Longenecker, Campbell
2009ViewIS 2002 and ABET Accreditation: Meeting the ABET Program Outcome Criteria Landry, Daigle, Longenecker, Pardue
2013ViewAcademic Community Engaged Teaching Case: Driving Innovation through Project-Based Learning in Game Programming Lester, Dalat Ward
2012ViewBridging Game-Programming into the K-12 Curriculum Lester, Dalat Ward
2009ViewA Framework for Harnessing the Best of Both Worlds in Software Project Management: Agile and Traditional Noureddine, Damodaran, Younes
2014ViewInteractive Information Visualization with HTML5 and Web-GL Jafar, Dana, Babb
2013ViewData Analytics with R (workshop will go to 10:45) Jafar, Babb, Dana
2013ViewHTML 5: A Hands-On Workshop for Leveraging the Latest in Web Technology Dana, Babb, Jafar
2012ViewData Mining Methods Workshop Using R Jafar, Babb, Dana
2012ViewHTML 5: An Overview and Demonstration of the Latest in Web Technology. Dana
2014ViewExamining student learning in spreadsheet assignments: Allen, Ball, Chapman, Davies
2014ViewAge and Gender Differences of Peslak, Kovacs, Davis, Scarpino, Kovalchick, Ceccucci
2014ViewEvaluating Business Intelligence / Davis, Woratschek
2014ViewStudent Engagement: the core model and inter-cohort analysis Davis, Kmetz
2013ViewAccess to on-line learning: a SAD case Kmetz, Davis
2012ViewDeveloping an Undergraduate Degree Program in Cyber Forensics and Information Security Paullet, Davis
2011ViewDistance in IS Education and Managing Change: A Task-Focused Framework Davis
2009ViewDetermining the Effectiveness of Various Delivery Methods in an Information Technology/Information Systems Curriculum Davis, Kovacs, Scarpino, Turchek
2008ViewEmphasizing Communication Skills in the Curriculum for the Computer Information Systems Grad Baugh, Turchek, Davis
2007ViewAnalyzing the Progression of IS/IT Keywords as Assessed by a Regional Trade Association Kovacs, Davis, Caputo
2007ViewVLabnet: A Virtual Laboratory Environment for Teaching Networking and Data Communications Powell, Johnson, Turchek, Wu, Franzi, Parker, Davis
2013ViewAttributes Motivating the Embrace of Mobile Banking: A Comparative Experience of Indian and United States Lomo-David, Deb
2013ViewA Digital Ecosystems Approach to Biological Ecosystem Simulation Model Fit Optimization Debuse, Miah, Debuse, Lawson
2013ViewA Digital Ecosystems Approach to Biological Ecosystem Simulation Model Fit Optimization Debuse, Miah, Debuse, Lawson
2011ViewThe Learning and Productivity Benefits to Student Programmers from Real-World Development Environments Debuse, Lawley
2006ViewUnwired: Student use of technology in the ubiquitous computing world. DeGagne, Wolk
2010ViewEstablishing and applying criteria for evaluating the ease of use of dynamic platforms for teaching web application development Dehinbo
2009ViewEstablishing the suitability of dynamic web applications development platforms for teaching remote database processing Dehinbo
2009ViewInstitutional e-learning readiness: a case study of a South African University Odunaike, Dehinbo
2008ViewContributions of traditional Web 1.0 tools e.g. email and Web 2.0 tools e.g. Weblog towards Knowledge Management Dehinbo
2008ViewThe Need, Use and Best Practices for the Implementation of Learning Management Systems Organizations and Higher Education Institutions Dehinbo, Odunaike
2006ViewDetermining suitable programming language for the Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology) curriculum Dehinbo
2006ViewEvaluating the suitability of dynamic Web platforms for teaching exception handlings Dehinbo
2010ViewMore Technology, Less Learning ? Kulesza, DeHondt, Nezlek
2012ViewActive Learning Modules to Improve Retention in Introductory Computing Courses Pollacia, Heinz, Kakish, Dekhane
2012ViewWho, What, Where ? In Search of the Home for IS Nezlek, Dekleva, Hidding, Reithel, Waguespack
2012ViewDeveloping 21st Century Communicators Cotler, Yoder, Breimer, Del Belso
2007ViewLeveraging Academic Resources in the ABET Accreditation Process: A Case from California University of Pennsylvania Kovalchick, Boff, DeLorenzo, Sible
2012ViewGoing Digital: Lessons from Three Years of e-Textbook Use Dennis
2013ViewDesigning a Business Intelligence emphasis in the MBA program Lu, Desai
2006ViewOffering a Digital Forensics Course in Anchorage, Alaska Desai, Fitzgerald, Hoanca
2006ViewWhat should the content and focus be for the core Information Systems course? The ongoing debate Desai
2014ViewThe Information Systems Profession: A Maturity Model Rosenthal, Dhariwal, Hilton
2013ViewAssessment a crucial aspect to improving your curriculum Bryon, Dhariwal
2013ViewPanel Presentation - Assessment for AACSB/ABET Schools Track White, Whitehouse, Dhariwal, Hilton, Rosenthal
2011ViewA Tool for Program Review, Assessment and Accreditation: The Information Systems Assessment Test McKell, Kasper, White, Dhariwal, Hilton
2010ViewIS2010 Model Curriculum Core Assessment Examination – Supporting Institutional and Professional Development McKell, White, Dhariwal, Hilton
2013ViewBig Data in the IT/IS/CS Curriculum Dietrich, Newton, Corley
2013ViewEMC: Data Science and Big Data Analytics Dietrich, Yohannan
2006ViewA Comparison of Project Sponsor Behavior’s in Project Initiation: the Information Systems Perspective vs All Other Tesch, Kloppenborg, Dietz
2014ViewWhy Phishing Works: Project Ding, Pollacia, Yang
2008ViewAjax Enabled Query Tool – The Capstone Experience Dollinger, Ford, Helf, Reimer
2007ViewConsuming Web Services from AJAX Applications Dollinger
2006ViewBringing OOAD&P Together: A Synthesis Approach Goulet, Dollinger
2013ViewCleaning Data Helps Clean the Air Donalds, LIU
2012ViewDesigning a Performance Management System to Make a Difference - A Teaching Case Donalds
2014ViewDoes it Matter If I Know You before Joining the Group? Investigating the Moderating Impact of Familiarity Dong, Prescod, Shah
2006ViewLearning Style Trends and Laptop Use Patterns: Implication for Students in an IT Business School Prescod, Dong
2011ViewAn Expanded Study of Net Generation Perceptions on Privacy and Security on Social Networking Sites (SNS) Molluzzo, Lawler, Doshi
2014ViewEthical Student Conduct in Online Courses: An Evaluation of Student Perspectives Douglas, Chawdhry, Paullet
2014ViewInformation Security in a World of Global Connectivity: A Case Study Lawrence, Olson, Douma
2010ViewIntegrating Statistical Visualization Research into the Political Science Classroom Draper, Liu, Riesenfeld
2013ViewGender Rationales and Success Factors in Assessing and Selecting a Major in Information Technology at the Undergraduate Level of a University Program: A Focus Group Approach Mishra, Draus, Caputo, Leone, Kohun, Repack
2014ViewUSMCo Payroll System Cohill, Dudley, Gregg, Millette, Zinnecker, Havelka
2006ViewEMBA Program Assessment: Benchmarking for Success Hall, Dudley
2009ViewRestructuring an MBA Program: What Becomes of the CIS Option? Duncan
2006ViewGender and Technology Careers: The Gap Continues Molluzzo, Dwyer
2006ViewMaximizing the Online Student Experience Johnson, Dykman