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Please note the manuscripts 2015 and afer reflect EDSIGcon Proceedings which were published by ISCAP (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals)

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Conf YearArticleTitleAuthors
2018ViewThe Emergence of Business Analytics in Information Systems from 2011-2018 Chudoba, Mills, Fadel
2021ViewBackdoors & Breaches: Using a Tabletop Exercise Game to Teach Cybersecurity Incident Response Young, Farshadkhah
2017ViewComputational thinking and application – a cross-curricular approach to teach computer science in high school chemistry classrooms Fathi, Hildreth
2018ViewTeaching Formal Methods in the Context of Model Driven Engineering Favre
2016ViewAn Update on the CIS Curriculum Project Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack, Feinstein, Tastle
2017ViewMotivating Students through Educational Software Development Felice, Mauco, Leonardi
2015ViewGuilds, Die Rolls, and Leaderboards: Gamification of Two Undergraduate Multimedia and Social Media Courses Bajko, Hodson, Seaborn, Livingstone, Fels
2020ViewEngaging Government-Industry-University Partnerships to Further Gender Equity in STEM Workforce Education through Technology and Information System Learning Tools Knestis, Cheng, Feng
2021ViewLaunching an Integrated Technologies Curriculum and Lab Ferguson
2018ViewEffective Internships: A Study Combining Curriculum Development, Student Performance, and Program Assessment Reynolds, Ferguson, Leidig, Hornik
2017ViewBe Careful What You Wish For: The Continued Limiting of Computing Majors Reynolds, Ferguson, Linville
2017ViewWriting Workshops as a Part of an Information Systems Course Experience to Improve Writing Quality: An Analysis of Student Writing Performance Ferguson
2016ViewProgramming in the IS Curriculum: Are Requirements Changing for the Right Reason? Reynolds, Adams, Ferguson, Leidig
2016ViewThe Personality of a Computing Major: Reynolds, Adams, Ferguson, Leidig
2015ViewA Tale of Two Curricula: The Case for Reynolds, Ferguson, Leidig
2015ViewExpanding Participation in Computing: Leidig, Ferguson, Reynolds
2018ViewA Case Study on Using the Mendix Low Code Platform to support a Project Management Course Mew, Field
2018ViewBuild real web and mobile apps in your classroom. No coding needed. Free with Mendix! Field
2018ViewThe Course Registration App: A Low Code Development Scenario to Support Core IS Courses Mew, Field
2021ViewMWC3: An example of an Intercollegiate Regional Computing Conference Reynolds, Fleenor
2017ViewIndustry Engagement in Education for the Adaptive Curriculum Decker, Kennedy, Foley, Bly
2017ViewThe Easy Way to Create a Blockchain using Fabric Composer Foley, Decker
2016ViewIdentifying Microsoft Excel Skills Important for Business School Graduates Formby, Medlin, Ellington
2020ViewAn Inventory of Privacy Curricula Offerings in Higher Education Steinhagen, Lucas, Francis, Lawrence, Streff
2015ViewThe Loose Bolt On: Implementation Issues at CPC Aldrich, Francus, Goteti, Lee, Tonski, Havelka
2021ViewPublishing in JISE / Meet the New Editor Freeman, Zhang
2020ViewPublishing Opportunities in JISE as well as ISEDJ and JISAR Freeman, Hunsinger
2018ViewJournal of Information Systems Education (JISE) Information Session Freeman
2017ViewJISE Information Session Freeman
2016ViewPublishing your research in JISE - a forum with the editor(s) Freeman, Harris, Yue
2015ViewPublishing your research in JISE - a forum with the editor(s) Freeman, Harris, Yue
2015ViewThe Project Tracking Project Bentley, Fremder, Hoff, Sprague, Havelka
2017ViewA Predictive Study of Learners’ Perceived Performance in Higher Education Online Learning Environments Alanazi, Niileksela, Lee, Frey, Nong
2019ViewAdopting Competency Mindful of Professionalism in Baccalaureate Computing Curricula Waguespack, Topi, Frezza, Babb, Marshall, Takada, van der Veer, Pears
2020ViewNovice Cybersecurity Students Encounter TracerFIRE: An Experience Report Frost, Stoker
2018ViewAutomated Assessment with Formative Feedback using Excel Frost, Matta
2018ViewPartial Credit on Multiple-choice Exams: Does It Help or Hurt Students? Moss, Matta, Frost, Chimeli
2020ViewFrom Engagement to Empowerment: Project-Based Learning in Python Coding Courses Frydenberg, Mentzer
2020ViewPython Programming in an IS Curriculum: Perceived Relevance and Outcomes Xu, Frydenberg
2019ViewLizards in the Street! Introducing Cybersecurity Awareness in a Digital Literacy Context Frydenberg, Lorenz
2019ViewTeaching Applications and Implications of Blockchain via Project-Based Learning: A Case Study Mentzer, Frydenberg, Yates
2018ViewBuilding the Physical Web: A Campus Tour Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons OConnell, Frydenberg
2018ViewDotting i’s and Crossing T’s: Integrating Breadth and Depth in an Undergraduate Cybersecurity Course Yates, Frydenberg, Waguespack, McDermott, OConnell, Chen, Babb
2018ViewEasy as Py: A First Course in Python with a Taste of Data Analytics Frydenberg, Xu
2017ViewEnhancing and Transforming Global Learning Communities with Augmented Reality Frydenberg, Andone
2017ViewSprint, then Fly: Teaching Agile Methodologies with Paper Airplanes Frydenberg, Yates, Kukesh
2017ViewSprint, then Fly: A Workshop Teaching Agile Methodologies with Paper Airplanes Frydenberg, Yates, Kukesh
2016ViewDing Dong, You've Got Mail! Frydenberg
2016ViewHow to Spruce Up Your Computer Lab Without Breaking Your Budget Frydenberg
2015ViewAcclimating Students to Technology Frydenberg, VanderClock
2015ViewBuilding the Internet of Things Frydenberg
2015ViewGame Development as a Pathway Frydenberg
2015ViewShould we even bother? Examining the Relevance of Teaching Legacy Technologies. Nezlek, Frydenberg, Louch, Serapiglia
2020ViewLow Code App Development Workshop Fryling
2017ViewMobile Forensics Hands-On Workshop Fryling, Rivituso
2015ViewFull Flip, Half Flip and No Flip: Breimer, Fryling, Yoder
2015ViewTeaching Information Systems Courses in China: Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons for US Educators Fryling, Rivituso
2021ViewEngagement Fellowship Program: Adapting the IT Project Management Environment through the Pandemic Znutas, Jones, Fullick-Jagiela
2020ViewThe Importance of Faculty/Staff Support During Times of Crisis Jones, Saulnier, Fullick-Jagiela, Leonard
2021ViewSecuring a Security Job Fustos
2017ViewConnecting the Dots and Nodes: A Survey of Skills Requested by Employers for Network Administrators Morris, Fustos, Haga

Search by Authors - Joint ISECON Proceedings

Please note the manuscripts below reflect the 1999 to 2014 ISECON Proceedings which were published by EDSIG, the Education Special Interest Group of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Chicago, Illinois) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE).

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Conf YearArticleTitleAuthors
2013ViewInterdisciplinary IT: An Expanded Approach Fahy, McAleer, Precourt, Szakas
2013ViewEvaluating Effectiveness of Pair Programming as a Teaching Tool in Programming Courses Faja
2012ViewCollaborative learning in online courses: Exploring students' perceptions Faja
2007ViewHow Effective is Student-Centric Edutainment in Large Introductory IS Survey Courses? Bakke, Faley, Steinberg
2006ViewRepackaging the Introductory IS Survey Course: Bakke, Faley, Steinberg
2007ViewSpecial Topics Courses in Information Systems: Current Uses Ryker, Fanguy, Legendre
2012ViewGeographic Information Systems: Farkas
2008ViewA Hands-on (QGIS, Google Earth) Workshop on Farkas
2007ViewImplementing Ethical and Legal Issues in an ABET Accredited IS Programs Molluzzo, Farkas
2007ViewWeb Development in the Graduate IS Curriculum: Farkas, Murthy
2007ViewTechnical Classes Online: A Different Breed of Learning? Maurino, Federman, Greenwald
2014ViewEDSIG Special Committee on Curricular Matters: Establishing the Basis for a CIS Undergraduate Program: On Seeking the Body of Knowledge Waguespack, Babb, Feinstein, Longenecker, Janicki
2014ViewEstablishing the Basis for a CIS (Computer Information Systems) Undergraduate Degree Program: On Seeking the Body of Knowledge Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack, Janicki, Feinstein
2014ViewWhat is the Appropriate Mathematics Foundation for a Program in Computer Information Systems?"? Feinstein, Longenecker, Reif, Shresthat
2013ViewA Study of Information Systems Programs Accredited by ABET Feinstein, Longenecker, Shresthat
2013ViewConfronting the Issues of Programming Babb, Longenecker, Baugh, Feinstein
2013ViewIs Now the time to Bring Business Intelligence into the Curriculum? Tastle, Longenecker, Feinstein, Guarneri, Pierce , Russell
2013ViewIs There a Need Longenecker, Feinstein, Babb
2012ViewComputer Information Systems: A Research Plan to Identify Origins and Destination Clark, Plotnicki, Longenecker, Feinstein
2012ViewDeveloping Enterprise Information Systems: Holifield, Longenecker, Feinstein
2012ViewInformation Systems Curricula: Longenecker, Feinstein, Clark
2009ViewAccreditation Computing Criteria Feinstein
2013ViewEducational Software for First Order Logic Semantics in Introductory Logic Courses Mauco, Ferrante, Felice
2009ViewIntroducing Good Design Principles in an early System Engineering Course Pereira, Martinez, Felice, Meliendrez
2006ViewThe Use of Games to Teach Programming Algorithms Felice, Fernandez
2014ViewIncluding a Programming Course in General Education: Are We Doing Enough? Ferguson, Leidig, Reynolds
2014ViewUniversity Responses to the IS 2010 Model Curriculum: A Pre and Post Comparison Leidig, Leidig, Ferguson
2008ViewEthics in the Information Disciplines: Do they belong? Where? How do we get them there? Nezlek, Ferguson, Johnson, Kizior
2006ViewThe Use of Games to Teach Programming Algorithms Felice, Fernandez
2013ViewEducational Software for First Order Logic Semantics in Introductory Logic Courses Mauco, Ferrante, Felice
2009ViewClausula: A Didactic Tool to Teach First Order Logic Mauco, Ferrante
2013ViewA traditional school towards a new dimension – social learning Ferreira, Moreira, Seruca
2012ViewExploring Integration Issues in A Blended Mobile Learning Model context oriented applied to a Requirement Engineering course – Mobility, Context And Cloud Moreira, Ferreira
2006ViewA Web-based Automatic Program Grader Colton, Fife, Thompson
2007ViewEffectiveness of Online Discussion Groups Filipski, Bigrigg
2006ViewRepresenting and Generating Mutant Programs in Support of Measuring Test Suite Effectiveness Finkbine
2013View“So what can I do with an MIS degree?” - Inspiring students to explore MIS by drawing on the voices of local innovators Lawrence, Clouse, Firth, Evans, Stephens
2013ViewA Digital Native is Hacked: A Case Study Lawrence, Fulton, Evans, Firth
2009ViewDeveloping Oral and Written Communication Skills in Undergraduate Computer Science and Information Systems Curriculum Kortsarts, Fischbach, Rufinus, Utell, Yoon
2006ViewIncorporating Real World Projects and Emerging Technologies Janicki, Fischetti, Burns
2010ViewDiscussion, Participation and Feedback in Online Courses Fisher
2006ViewOffering a Digital Forensics Course in Anchorage, Alaska Desai, Fitzgerald, Hoanca
2012ViewInfluence of Students’ Characteristics on E-textbook Experiences: The Moderating Effects of Technology Savvy and Gender Sun, Flores
2013ViewBuilding Academic Alliances into your Curriculum with Industry Leaders Conway, Floyd, Kline, Yohannan
2011ViewTechnology and the Evolution of the Workplace White, Flynn
2008ViewAjax Enabled Query Tool – The Capstone Experience Dollinger, Ford, Helf, Reimer
2009ViewA New Look at Security Education: YouTube as YouTool Werner, Frank
2008ViewA Critical Learning Skill Frank
2007ViewAn IS Project Management Course Project Frank
2007ViewGetting a Hook on Phishing Werner, Frank
2006ViewPreface to IS Research (Advice to the Novice) Frank
2006ViewWhat Dick and Jane Don't Know About Integers Werner, Frank
2007ViewVLabnet: A Virtual Laboratory Environment for Teaching Networking and Data Communications Powell, Johnson, Turchek, Wu, Franzi, Parker, Davis
2012ViewThe Effects of Contemporary Technologies on Medical Education, Practice, and Management Nezlek, Luba, Maino, Friedman
2014ViewReframing Education: Working with the “i” Generations Louch, Frketich, Nezlek, Saulnier
2011ViewRevisiting Tinker vs. Des Moines School District: How Technological Advances Change the Notion of “Disruption” within the Classroom Louch, Frketich
2010ViewAn Analysis of the Ethics of Data Warehousing in the Context of Social Networking Applications and Adolescents Louch, Mainier, Frketich
2013ViewDrinking from the Fire Hose: Tools for Teaching Big Data Concepts in the Introductory IT Classroom Frydenberg
2013ViewSwipe In, Tap Out: Charlebois, Hentschel, Frydenberg
2012ViewFlipping Excel Frydenberg
2012ViewFostering Entrepreneurship in the CIS Sandbox Frydenberg
2011ViewBeyond Twitter and Facebook: Integrating Social Software Tools in the Classroom Frydenberg, Sendall, Serapiglia
2011ViewCreating Windows Mobile Apps Frydenberg
2011ViewCreating Windows Mobile Apps (continuted) Frydenberg
2011ViewThe Silver Lining: Frydenberg
2010ViewTaking it to the Top: Frydenberg, Miko
2009ViewFrom Computer Literacy to Web 2.0 Literacy: Frydenberg, Press
2009ViewTwo Screens and an Ocean: Collaborating Across Continents and Cultures with Web-Based Tools Frydenberg, Andone
2007ViewSlickr: A Multi-Tiered Web Development Capstone Project Using Databases, Web Services, and AJAX Frydenberg
2006ViewPrinciples and Pedagogy: The Two Ps of Podcasting in the Information Technology Classroom Frydenberg
2013ViewClick It and Ticket: Extending the benefits of clickers in small classrooms to increase non-anonymous class participation Fryling
2013ViewA Digital Native is Hacked: A Case Study Lawrence, Fulton, Evans, Firth
2011ViewPreparing for a Career as a Network Engineer Morris, Fustos, Haga