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Please note the manuscripts 2015 and afer reflect EDSIGcon Proceedings which were published by ISCAP (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals)

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Conf YearArticleTitleAuthors
2016ViewAn automated, real-time learning environment for teaching SQL and Database Management Jackson, Hansen, Allen
2018ViewToward CAE-CDE 4Y Designation through Curriculum Modernization of a Traditional Computer Science Undergraduate Program Wei, Yang, Davari, Sha, Jacob
2017ViewLow-cost Cluster Computing Using Raspberry Pi with Mathematica Jacobus, Podeschi
2016ViewAnalysis of Student Web Queries Jadav, Burke, Dhiman, Kollmer, Tappert
2017ViewA Visual Analytics Approach to Gain insights into the Structure of Computing Curricula Jafar, Waguespack, Babb
2016ViewEmergence of Data Analytics in the Information Systems Curriculum Jafar, Babb, Abdullat
2016ViewUsing IONIC for Mobile Application Development Babb, Dana, Jafar
2015ViewGetting MEAN: A Hands-On Workshop for Full-stack JavaScript Web Application Development Babb, Dana, Jafar
2015ViewTeaching Systems Thinking for Effective Problem Solving Bunting, Jain, Elias
2021ViewIS Model Curriculum: Adoption by AACSB Schools and Recommendations for Future Updates Janicki, Cummings
2016ViewIncreasing Student / Corporate Engagement Janicki, Cummings
2021ViewInfusing Artificial Intelligence in IS Curriculum through Service-Learning: A Summary of Pilot Programs Javadi, Gebauer, Antink-Meyer, Darner
2018ViewMixed-Approach Social Comparison for Improving Online Discussion Efficacy: Insights from Field Experiments Javadi, Gebauer, Novotny
2016ViewComparing Student Interaction in Asynchronous Online Discussions and in Face-to-Face Settings: A Network Perspective Javadi, Gebauer, Novotny
2018ViewSQL: An Introduction to SQL Lesson and Hands-On Lab Jesse
2015ViewSmart Phone and App Usage Among College Students: Using Smartphones Effectively for Social and Educational Needs Jesse
2015ViewIntegrating ERP Project System into Jin, Wang
2016ViewCourse Design and Technology For Synchronous Interaction in an Online Course Kreie, Johnson, Lebsock
2020ViewDevelopment of a Flexible Point-based Promotion and Tenure Document in the Age of Societal Uncertainty Schwieger, Dickson, Johnston, McMillan, Stovall
2021ViewEngagement Fellowship Program: Adapting the IT Project Management Environment through the Pandemic Znutas, Jones, Fullick-Jagiela
2020ViewThe Importance of Faculty/Staff Support During Times of Crisis Jones, Saulnier, Fullick-Jagiela, Leonard
2019ViewUndergraduate Business Analytics and the overlap with Information Systems Programs Ceccucci, Jones, Toskin, Leonard
2018ViewApproaches to Incorporating IT Entrepreneurship into the Information Systems Curriculum Jones, Liu
2018ViewBuilding Teams with Legos Jones, McCarthy
2018ViewInformation System Curriculum versus Employer Needs: A Gap Analysis Leonard, Jones, Lang
2017ViewInternational Service Learning in IS Programs: The Next Phase – An Implementation Experience Jones, Ceccucci
2020ViewAn Analysis of Course Impacts from a Design Factory Methodology Lawler, Joseph, Yegnaseshan
2019ViewCollaborative Course Design of Entrepreneurship Projects in a College of Computer Science and Information Systems Lawler, Joseph
2018ViewEngaging College Students on Collaborative Projects with People with Cognitive Disabilities through e-Portfolios Lawler, Joseph
2017ViewDiversity in Information Systems: Increasing Opportunities in STEM for Capable Students with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities Lawler, Joseph, Greene
2017ViewIncreasing Advocacy for Information Systems Students with Disabilities through Disability Film Festivals at a Major Metropolitan University Lawler, Joseph
2016ViewBig Data Analytics Methodology in the Financial Industry Lawler, Joseph
2015ViewA Big Data Analytics Methodology Program in the Health Sector Lawler, Joseph, Howell-Barber
2016ViewClosing The Gender Gap in the Technology Major Jung, Clark, Patterson, Pence

Search by Authors - Joint ISECON Proceedings

Please note the manuscripts below reflect the 1999 to 2014 ISECON Proceedings which were published by EDSIG, the Education Special Interest Group of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Chicago, Illinois) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE).

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Conf YearArticleTitleAuthors
2007ViewUsing the National Collegiate Conference as a focal Snyder, Slauson, Jackson, Chaffin
2014ViewInteractive Information Visualization with HTML5 and Web-GL Jafar, Dana, Babb
2013ViewData Analytics with R (workshop will go to 10:45) Jafar, Babb, Dana
2013ViewHTML 5: A Hands-On Workshop for Leveraging the Latest in Web Technology Dana, Babb, Jafar
2012ViewData Mining Methods Workshop Using R Jafar, Babb, Dana
2011ViewData Mining Methods Workshop Using SQL Server Analysis Services (ends 3:45) Jafar, Babb
2011ViewReasserting the Fundamentals of Jafar, Babb
2010ViewArtifacts as Interface: Jafar, Babb
2009ViewA Tools-Based Approach Jafar, Anderson
2008ViewData Mining Methods Course Jafar, Anderson, Abdullat
2007ViewSoftware Academic Initiatives: Jafar, Anderson, Abdullat
2006ViewTeaching Scalability Issues in Large Scale Database Application Development Anderson, Jafar, Abdullat
2009ViewAn Educational Software Supported Constructivist Methodology for Data Modeling and Database Design Skills Improvement Jaime
2014ViewBusiness Analytics in Practice and in Education: A Competency-based Perspective Mamonov, Misra, Jain
2014ViewEDSIG Special Committee on Curricular Matters: Establishing the Basis for a CIS Undergraduate Program: On Seeking the Body of Knowledge Waguespack, Babb, Feinstein, Longenecker, Janicki
2014ViewEstablishing the Basis for a CIS (Computer Information Systems) Undergraduate Degree Program: On Seeking the Body of Knowledge Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack, Janicki, Feinstein
2014ViewIncorporating a Human-Computer Interaction Course into Software Development Curriculums Janicki, Cummings, Healy
2013ViewBuilding Effective Corporate Advisory Boards Janicki, Smith, Hunsinger
2013ViewInformation Technology Job Skill Needs and Janicki, Cummings, Kline
2013ViewWho Needs Certifications? A Survey of Certifications in the IT Industry Reinicke, Janicki
2012ViewImplementing an Integrated Curriculum with an Iterative Process to Support a Capstone Course in Information Systems Reinicke, Janicki, Gebauer
2012ViewVolunteering for EDSIG Conferences and Journals Peslak, Ceccucci, Hunsinger, Kruck, Janicki, Nezlek
2011ViewMultiple Submissions and their Impact on the ‘Path of Learning’ Gebauer, Janicki, Clark
2011ViewTeaching Introductory Visual Basic Using MS Team Foundation Server Kline, Martin, Matthews, Janicki, Guinn
2011ViewVolunteering for EDSIG Peslak, Janicki, Ceccucci, Hunsinger
2010ViewEDSIG Fellows Meeting Janicki
2010ViewImpact of pre-grading / resubmission Janicki, Gebauer, Clark
2010ViewReal World Projects, Real World Problems: Reinicke, Janicki
2010ViewVolunteering / Improving EDSIG Janicki, Colton, Hunsinger, Lester, Smith, Peslak
2009ViewIncreasing active learning Reinicke, Janicki
2007ViewInformation Systems/Technology Employer Needs Survey: analysis by curriculum topic Janicki, Lenox, Logan, Woratschek
2006ViewIncorporating Real World Projects and Emerging Technologies Janicki, Fischetti, Burns
2008ViewArt Meets MIS: Using the “Master Class” Model to Teach Systems Analysis and Design Jensen
2007ViewService Learning is Not Just for Students: Ref-lections on a Faculty Service Learning Project in Tanzania Jensen
2012ViewA Pedagogical Approach Toward Teaching An Jesse
2011ViewFactors influencing students' decisions to major in a computer-related discipline Lenox, Jesse, Woratschek
2009ViewEasily add Multi-Cultural Content and Perspectives to your business IT courses! Jetton
2008ViewEthics in the Information Disciplines: Do they belong? Where? How do we get them there? Nezlek, Ferguson, Johnson, Kizior
2007ViewHuman factors in GIS use: A review and suggestions for research Bone, Johnson
2007ViewVLabnet: A Virtual Laboratory Environment for Teaching Networking and Data Communications Powell, Johnson, Turchek, Wu, Franzi, Parker, Davis
2006View“WAC”ked: A Case Study Incorporating a Writing Process Into an IS Class Takeda, Crabtree, Johnson
2006ViewMaximizing the Online Student Experience Johnson, Dykman
2006ViewVirtual Laboratory Intrusion Detection Experience for Information Systems Professionals Harvey, Johnson, Turchek
2014ViewLet's Play: Using Gameplay Mechanics in Case Study Discussions Lang, Jones
2014ViewThe Effectiveness of Data Science as a means to achieve Proficiency in Scientific Literacy Ceccucci, Tamarkin, Jones
2006ViewTailoring an MIS degree: incorporating current skills in an accelerated format. jordan, henderson, schaefer
2014ViewEngaging College Students in Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities through a Disability Film Media Project Lawler, Iturralde, Joseph, Goldstein
2013ViewA Case Study of Engaging Community Service Students through Visual Storytelling of High School Students with Disabilities Lawler, Joseph
2013ViewEntrepreneurial Health Informatics for Computer Science and Information Systems Students Lawler, Joseph, Narula
2012ViewFinancial Innovation in High-Frequency Trading (H-FT) as a Discipline in a Technology Entrepreneurship Program, Lawler, Joseph
2011ViewCloud Computing as a Core Discipline in a Technology Entrepreneurship Program Lawler, Joseph
2011ViewDeterminants of an Effective Cloud Computing Strategy Lawler, Howell-Barber, Yalamanchi, Joseph
2009ViewEducating Information Systems Students on Business Process Management (BPM) through Digital Gaming Metaphors of Virtual Reality Lawler, Joseph
2008ViewSmart Home Technologies Sherman, Joseph
2007ViewA Bridge to the Future: Recruitment & Retention of Female Information Systems Majors in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Joseph
2007ViewTeaching Students How to Evaluate Sources in Online Research Willison, Joseph
2006ViewWomen in Computing and Information Systems Neel, Joseph
2013ViewTeaching Web Development Skills to Build Desktop/Tablet Apps & Modern Websites; presented by Microsoft Joy