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Please note the manuscripts 2015 and afer reflect EDSIGcon Proceedings which were published by ISCAP (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals)

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
Ball State University2021ViewCyber Threats on IoT and AI assisted Digital Learning Environments Bajracharya, Gondi
Ball State University2021ViewExperience of Teaching Defensive Cybersecurity in Hybrid Mode Gondi, Hua
Ball State University2021ViewSkills Infusion in Information Technology Education Hua, Davison, Gondi
Ball State University2020ViewAssessing AWS and Traditional Cluster-Based Learning Outcomes in an Information Technology Classroom Gondi, Hua, Bajracharya
Ball State University2020ViewIoT Education using Learning Kits of IoT Devices Bajracharya, Gondi, Hua
Ball State University2019ViewEngaging students in cybersecurity through co-curricular student organization participation Gondi, Hua, Bajracharya
Ball State University2019ViewEngaging students in learning Public Key Cryptography Gondi
Baylor University2016ViewCoin Counter: Gamification for Classroom Management Carlson, Harris, Harris
Baylor University2015ViewSalient Beliefs in Majoring in Management Information Systems: An Elicitation Study Chipidza, Green, Riemenschneider
Becks Intelligence Group2020ViewEngaging Government-Industry-University Partnerships to Further Gender Equity in STEM Workforce Education through Technology and Information System Learning Tools Knestis, Cheng, Feng
Bellevue College2017ViewBuilding Excel Expertise: A Guide in Best Practices Tastle, Mead, Rebman, Marks, Phillips
Bellevue University2021ViewLaunching an Integrated Technologies Curriculum and Lab Ferguson
Bellevue University2017ViewWriting Workshops as a Part of an Information Systems Course Experience to Improve Writing Quality: An Analysis of Student Writing Performance Ferguson
Bentley University2021ViewBeyond Competency: The Imperative to Foster Professionalism in Computing Graduates Waguespack, Babb, Yates
Bentley University2020ViewFrom Engagement to Empowerment: Project-Based Learning in Python Coding Courses Frydenberg, Mentzer
Bentley University2020ViewPython Programming in an IS Curriculum: Perceived Relevance and Outcomes Xu, Frydenberg
Bentley University2020ViewReflections from Recent Graduates on a Computer Information Systems Culminating Experience Yates, Waguespack, Babb
Bentley University2019ViewAdopting Competency Mindful of Professionalism in Baccalaureate Computing Curricula Waguespack, Topi, Frezza, Babb, Marshall, Takada, van der Veer, Pears
Bentley University2019ViewEDSIG Town Hall Babb, Breimer, Waguespack
Bentley University2019VieweXtensible Computing Curriculum Reporting Language (XCCRL) Babb, Sharp, Waguespack, Abdullat, Dana
Bentley University2019ViewLizards in the Street! Introducing Cybersecurity Awareness in a Digital Literacy Context Frydenberg, Lorenz
Bentley University2019ViewTeaching Applications and Implications of Blockchain via Project-Based Learning: A Case Study Mentzer, Frydenberg, Yates
Bentley University2019ViewThe Evolving Cybersecurity Curriculum Serapiglia, Clark, Yates, Brown
Bentley University2018ViewBuilding the Physical Web: A Campus Tour Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons OConnell, Frydenberg
Bentley University2018ViewDotting i’s and Crossing T’s: Integrating Breadth and Depth in an Undergraduate Cybersecurity Course Yates, Frydenberg, Waguespack, McDermott, OConnell, Chen, Babb
Bentley University2018ViewEasy as Py: A First Course in Python with a Taste of Data Analytics Frydenberg, Xu
Bentley University2018ViewEDSIG Annual Meeting Waguespack
Bentley University2018ViewEDSIG Town Hall Waguespack
Bentley University2018ViewTeaching blockchain: Technology, applications and implications Yates, Mentzer
Bentley University2018ViewToward Visualizing Computing Curricula: The Challenge of Competency Waguespack, Babb
Bentley University2017ViewA Visual Analytics Approach to Gain insights into the Structure of Computing Curricula Jafar, Waguespack, Babb
Bentley University2017ViewEDSIG Town Hall Meeting Waguespack
Bentley University2017ViewEnhancing and Transforming Global Learning Communities with Augmented Reality Frydenberg, Andone
Bentley University2017ViewSprint, then Fly: Teaching Agile Methodologies with Paper Airplanes Frydenberg, Yates, Kukesh
Bentley University2017ViewSprint, then Fly: A Workshop Teaching Agile Methodologies with Paper Airplanes Frydenberg, Yates, Kukesh
Bentley University2017ViewTriangulating Coding Bootcamps in IS Education: Bootleg Education or Disruptive Innovation? Waguespack, Babb, Yates
Bentley University2016ViewAn Update on the CIS Curriculum Project Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack, Feinstein, Tastle
Bentley University2016ViewDing Dong, You've Got Mail! Frydenberg
Bentley University2016ViewGrounding IS Design Education in the First Principles of a Designerly Way of Knowing Waguespack, Babb
Bentley University2016ViewHow to Spruce Up Your Computer Lab Without Breaking Your Budget Frydenberg
Bentley University2016ViewRaising the Bar: Challenging Students in a Capstone Project Course With an Android and Mobile Web Parallel Development Team Project Wong, Pepe, Englander
Bentley University2015ViewA Systematic Approach to Evolving the Curriculum in a Graduate IT Program Lucas
Bentley University2015ViewAcclimating Students to Technology Frydenberg, VanderClock
Bentley University2015ViewBuilding the Internet of Things Frydenberg
Bentley University2015ViewComputing’s History of Boom and Bust: Lessons for IS Curriculum Design Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack
Bentley University2015ViewGame Development as a Pathway Frydenberg
Bentley University2015ViewIS Design Pedagogy: A Special Ontology and Prospects for Curricula Waguespack
Bentley University2015ViewReport of the EDSIG CIS Curriculum Task Group: Status; Immediate Issues - Mapping Body of Knowledge to Exit Objectives; Call for Participation Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack, Tastle, Landry
Bentley University2015ViewShould we even bother? Examining the Relevance of Teaching Legacy Technologies. Nezlek, Frydenberg, Louch, Serapiglia
Bentley University2015ViewSimulation in Business Education: A Literature Review Chircu, Saraswat, Anderson
Bentley University2015ViewSupply Chain Technology Evaluation: RFID vs. DataMatrix Chircu
Bethune-Cookman University2020ViewMobile Technology in Higher Education:: an Extended Technology Acceptance Perspective Pires, Halawi
Bethune-Cookman University2015ViewInformation Security Breaches: Parks, Adams
Bloomsburg University2020ViewPandemic Shift: Impact of COVID-19 on IS/Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Exam Classes: Remote Testing and Lessons Learned Rebman, White, Booker, Wimmer, Powell
Bloomsburg University2019ViewImplementation of Cloud Based Evidence Acquisitions in Digital Forensic Education Barrett
Bloomsburg University2018ViewA Sampling of IT Service Learning Activities: Possible Impact on Students and Community Partners Powell, Wimmer
Bloomsburg University2017ViewThe Need for an Emotional Intelligence Course Designed for an Information Technology Curriculum: Framework for Educators and Academic Institutions Powell, Hendon, Wimmer
Bloomsburg University2016ViewParental Perceptions and Recommendations of Computing Majors: A Technology Acceptance Model Approach Powell, Wimmer
Bloomsburg University2015ViewA Technical Infrastructure to Integrate Dynamics AX ERP and CRM into University Curriculum Wimmer, Hall
Bloomsburg University2015ViewEvaluating the Effectiveness of Student Group Work for Mobile Application Development Learning, Productivity, Enjoyment and Confidence in Quality Powell, Wimmer
Boise State University2021ViewAn Agile Framework for Teaching with Scrum in the IT Project Management Classroom ** Best JISE Paper (2020) Rush, Connolly
Boise State University2021ViewDo Leaders Articulate Differently? Identifying and Validating Project Team Leaders Through Text Analysis of Peer Evaluations of Team-Member Contributions Babik, Babik
Boise State University2019ViewEmotional Intelligence and Alpha Skills for IT Project Management Connolly, Rush
Boise State University2018ViewCooperative Learning Activities for Introduction to MIS Connolly, Rush
Bradley University2021ViewBackdoors & Breaches: Using a Tabletop Exercise Game to Teach Cybersecurity Incident Response Young, Farshadkhah
Bradley University2019ViewReal-Time Visual Analytics: An Experiential Learning Activity for Undergraduates Stephens, Young
Bridgewater State University2015ViewTeaching Business Analytics Using the caret Package in R Donalds
Brigham Young University2021ViewCurriculum Update - Jeff Babb Babb, Leidig, Anderson, Sooriamurthi
Brigham Young University2020ViewIS2020: Progress on Updating the Information Systems Model Curriculum Babb, Leidig, Thouin, Sooriamurthi, Anderson
Brigham Young University2019ViewIS2020: Updating the IS Model Curriculum Leidig, Anderson, Babb, Sooriamurthi
Brigham Young University2016ViewAn automated, real-time learning environment for teaching SQL and Database Management Jackson, Hansen, Allen
Brigham Young University2016ViewAutomatic scoring of student work in Microsoft Excel and Access: Allen, Ball
Brigham Young University2016ViewColonial Heritage Foundation: A Conceptual Modeling Case Allen
Brigham Young University2016ViewTeaching Database Management with Automated Grading Technology Allen, Ball, Cox, Weber
Brigham Young University2016ViewTeaching Introductory Computer Programming using Excel VBA Allen
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2021ViewAnalysis of STeM Student Perceptions of a Re-Engineered General Education Program Wolthuis, Curtis, Carlson, Strain, Campbell
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2020ViewRe-Engineering General Education and the Impact on Undergraduate Technology Students Wolthuis, Campbell
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2019ViewLiberating Legacy System Data with Rails Wolthuis, Slade
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2018ViewSoftware Concepts Emphasized In Introductory Programming Textbooks McMaster, Rague, Sambasivam, Wolthuis
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2017ViewA Comparison of Key Concepts in Data Analytics and Data Science McMaster, Wolthuis, Rague, Sambasivam
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2016ViewJava vs. Python Coverage of Introductory Programming Concepts: A Textbook Analysis McMaster, Sambasivam, Rague, Wolthuis
Bureau 5072016ViewApplied Learning through On-campus Interdisciplinary Internships Klammer Kruse, Azarbod, Salivia, Krumwiede, Kuechle, Blashack

Search by Institutions- Joint ISECON Proceedings

Please note the manuscripts below reflect the 1999 to 2014 ISECON Proceedings which were published by EDSIG, the Education Special Interest Group of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Chicago, Illinois) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE).

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
Ball State University2012ViewCosts and Benefits of Vendor Sponsored Learning Materials in Information Technology Education Hua
Ball State University2012ViewNetApp: IT Trends and the Implications for Information Systems Education Conway, Hua
Ball State University2010ViewMore Technology, Less Learning ? Kulesza, DeHondt, Nezlek
Bentley University2014ViewEDSIG Special Committee on Curricular Matters: Establishing the Basis for a CIS Undergraduate Program: On Seeking the Body of Knowledge Waguespack, Babb, Feinstein, Longenecker, Janicki
Bentley University2014ViewEmpowering Freshmen with Technology Skills: Wireless Routers VanderClock
Bentley University2014ViewEstablishing the Basis for a CIS (Computer Information Systems) Undergraduate Degree Program: On Seeking the Body of Knowledge Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack, Janicki, Feinstein
Bentley University2014ViewTeaching Systems Thinking in Information Systems Programs Petkov, Waguespack, Schell, Petkova, Babb
Bentley University2013ViewComputer Security Primer: Systems Architecture, Special Ontology and Cloud Virtual Machines Waguespack
Bentley University2013ViewDrinking from the Fire Hose: Tools for Teaching Big Data Concepts in the Introductory IT Classroom Frydenberg
Bentley University2013ViewIn Search of Design-Focus in IS Curricula Babb, Waguespack
Bentley University2013ViewSwipe In, Tap Out: Charlebois, Hentschel, Frydenberg
Bentley University2012ViewA Collaborative Capstone to Develop a Mobile Hospital Clinic Application Through a Student Team Competition Wong, Pepe, Stahl, Englander
Bentley University2012ViewA Design Quality Learning Unit in Relational Data Modeling Based on Thriving Systems Properties Waguespack
Bentley University2012ViewFlipping Excel Frydenberg
Bentley University2012ViewFostering Entrepreneurship in the CIS Sandbox Frydenberg
Bentley University2012ViewWho, What, Where ? In Search of the Home for IS Nezlek, Dekleva, Hidding, Reithel, Waguespack
Bentley University2011ViewA Design Quality Learning Unit in OO Modeling Bridging the Engineer and the Artist Waguespack
Bentley University2011ViewBeyond Twitter and Facebook: Integrating Social Software Tools in the Classroom Frydenberg, Sendall, Serapiglia
Bentley University2011ViewCreating Windows Mobile Apps Frydenberg
Bentley University2011ViewCreating Windows Mobile Apps (continuted) Frydenberg
Bentley University2011ViewThe Silver Lining: Frydenberg
Bentley University2010ViewA Novel and Efficient Introduction to Clustering using a Englander
Bentley University2010ViewDesign, The “Straw” Missing From the “Bricks” of IS Curricula Waguespack
Bentley University2010ViewTaking it to the Top: Frydenberg, Miko
Bentley University2009ViewA “Relational Green Card” Supporting Data Modeling in IS 2002 Waguespack
Bentley University2009ViewFrom Computer Literacy to Web 2.0 Literacy: Frydenberg, Press
Bentley University2009ViewTwo Screens and an Ocean: Collaborating Across Continents and Cultures with Web-Based Tools Frydenberg, Andone
Bentley University2007ViewA Two-Page "OO Green Card" for Students and Teachers Waguespack
Bentley University2007ViewAITP Sponsored Enhancements to the Information Systems Model Curriculum Longenecker, Leidig, McKell, Reichgelt, Russell, Waguespack, Landry, Wagner, White
Bentley University2007ViewHammers, Nails, Windows, Doors and Teaching Great Design Waguespack
Bentley University2007ViewSlickr: A Multi-Tiered Web Development Capstone Project Using Databases, Web Services, and AJAX Frydenberg
Bentley University2006ViewA Pedagogical Device For Building Experiential Memory and Motivation For Formal System Modeling Waguespack
Bentley University2006ViewPrinciples and Pedagogy: The Two Ps of Podcasting in the Information Technology Classroom Frydenberg
Bloomsburg University2014ViewEvaluating the Effectiveness of Self-Created Student Screencasts as a Tool to Increase Student Learning Outcomes in a Hands-On Computer Programming Course Powell, Wimmer
Bloomsburg University2009ViewThe Likert Scale: Russell, Chimi
Bridgewater State University2013ViewCleaning Data Helps Clean the Air Donalds, LIU
Bridgewater State University2012ViewDesigning a Performance Management System to Make a Difference - A Teaching Case Donalds
Bridgewater State University2007ViewUsing the Technology Acceptance Model for Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education Wolk
Bridgewater State University2006ViewBack to the Maxwell Library’s Future Student Library and Information Resource Usage Hebert, Wolk
Bridgewater State University2006ViewHow important is Student Computing Ability? The Role of Information Technology Competence in Business School Accreditation Wolk
Bridgewater State University2006ViewUnwired: Student use of technology in the ubiquitous computing world. DeGagne, Wolk
Brigham Young University2014ViewExamining student learning in spreadsheet assignments: Allen, Ball, Chapman, Davies
Brigham Young University2014ViewmyEducator: Automatic Grading of Excel and Access assignments with Cheater Detection Allen, Ball
Brigham Young University2014Viewmyeducator: Demonstration of Automatic Grading of Excel and Access assignments with Cheater Detection Allen, Ball
Brigham Young University2012ViewClosing the Gap: Making Decisions based on data from the ISA Exam White, Rosenthal, Hilton, McKell
Brigham Young University2011ViewA Tool for Program Review, Assessment and Accreditation: The Information Systems Assessment Test McKell, Kasper, White, Dhariwal, Hilton
Brigham Young University2011ViewProblem Solving Frameworks for Mathematics and Software Development McMaster, Sambasivam, Blake
Brigham Young University2010ViewIS2010 Model Curriculum Core Assessment Examination – Supporting Institutional and Professional Development McKell, White, Dhariwal, Hilton
Brigham Young University2007ViewAITP Sponsored Enhancements to the Information Systems Model Curriculum Longenecker, Leidig, McKell, Reichgelt, Russell, Waguespack, Landry, Wagner, White
Brigham Young University2007ViewTwo Gestalts for Mathematics: Logical vs. Computational McMaster, Rague, McMaster, Blake
Brigham Young University2006ViewTeaching Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus: McMaster, Anderson, Blake
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2013ViewTeaching Programming Style with Ugly Code McMaster, Sambasivam, Wolthuis
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2012ViewRelational Algebra and SQL: Better Together McMaster, Sambasivam, Hadfield, Wolthuis
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2012ViewSoftware Engineering Frameworks: Life Cycle Changes McMaster, Sambasivam, Wolthuis
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2011ViewSoftware Engineering Frameworks: Textbooks vs. Student Perceptions McMaster, Hadfield, Wolthuis, Sambasivam
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2010ViewIntegrating Statistical Visualization Research into the Political Science Classroom Draper, Liu, Riesenfeld
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2010ViewVolunteering / Improving EDSIG Janicki, Colton, Hunsinger, Lester, Smith, Peslak
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2009ViewProgramming Proficiency in One Semester: Lessons Learned Colton, Curtis
Brigham Young University-Hawaii2006ViewA Web-based Automatic Program Grader Colton, Fife, Thompson