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Please note the manuscripts 2015 and afer reflect EDSIGcon Proceedings which were published by ISCAP (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals)

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
East Carolina University2019ViewImproving IS Student Decisions: A Framework for Debiasing IS Projects Drake, Golub
East Carolina University2015ViewStrategies and Approaches for Teaching Storage and Data Management – Faculty Perspectives, Insights & Suggestions Conway, Kline, Pickard, Royster, Woods, Zullo
East Tennessee State University2021ViewCyber Threats on IoT and AI assisted Digital Learning Environments Bajracharya, Gondi
East Tennessee State University2020ViewAssessing AWS and Traditional Cluster-Based Learning Outcomes in an Information Technology Classroom Gondi, Hua, Bajracharya
East Tennessee State University2020ViewIoT Education using Learning Kits of IoT Devices Bajracharya, Gondi, Hua
East Tennessee State University2019ViewEngaging students in cybersecurity through co-curricular student organization participation Gondi, Hua, Bajracharya
Eastern Connecticut State University2021ViewA Learning Aid for Ushering Logistic Regression Early in Introductory Analytics Courses Kunene, Toskin
Eastern Connecticut State University2020ViewA Guide to Interpreting and Communicating Regression Analyses for Data Analytics Students Toskin, Kunene
Eastern Connecticut State University2020ViewOn Using the Work Systems Method in Teaching Systems Analysis and Design Petkov
Eastern Connecticut State University2020ViewPracticing Evidence Based Teaching in Online Systems Analysis and Design and IT Project Management courses Petkov, Petkova
Eastern Connecticut State University2019ViewSpeed Mentoring of Information Systems Students: A Multi-Stage Mentorship Model for Improved Recruitment, Retention, Internship and Career Placement of IS/IT Students Citurs
Eastern Connecticut State University2018ViewAn experiment on the impact of critical thinking instruction on the understanding of IS implementation problems Petkov, Petkova
Eastern Connecticut State University2018ViewPeer Tutors: To Embed or Not to Embed Kunene
Eastern Connecticut State University2017ViewInformation Systems Strategy capstone course dedicated to storage technology Petkov
Eastern Connecticut State University2017ViewMind the LMS Content Producer – Blackboard usability for productivity and user satisfaction considerations Kunene, Petrides
Eastern Connecticut State University2015ViewOn the Development of Assessments of Student Learning in an Introductiory Information Management Course, Petkov, Citurs, Grandhi, Kunene
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University2020ViewMobile Technology in Higher Education:: an Extended Technology Acceptance Perspective Pires, Halawi
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University2018ViewAlpha Insurance: A Predictive Analytics Case to Analyze Automobile Insurance Fraud using SAS Enterprise Miner McCarthy, Ceccucci, McCarthy, Halawi
Engineering Software Solutions2015ViewStreamlining the Capstone Process: A Time-Saving Approval System For Graduate Theses/Projects Grooms, Kline, Cummings

Search by Institutions- Joint ISECON Proceedings

Please note the manuscripts below reflect the 1999 to 2014 ISECON Proceedings which were published by EDSIG, the Education Special Interest Group of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Chicago, Illinois) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE).

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
East Carolina University2012ViewPrepping for Cloud - A New Look at an Old Alliance Van Sickle, Toderick, Li
Eastern Connecticut State University2014ViewTeaching Systems Thinking in Information Systems Programs Petkov, Waguespack, Schell, Petkova, Babb
Eastern Connecticut State University2012ViewEnhancing Student Internships by Incorporating Ideas from an Industry Advisory Board Petkov, Erwin, Citurs
Eastern Connecticut State University2010ViewAn Exploratory Study on the Acceptance of the Work System Method as part of the Systems Analysis and Design Course Petkov, Petkova
Eastern Connecticut State University2009ViewAn Integrative Pre-Capstone Course Approach to Service Learning – Creating a Win, Win, Win Information Systems – Liberal Arts Citurs
Eastern Connecticut State University2007ViewReflections on Developing and Using Blended Courses in an IS Program Petkov
Eastern Connecticut State University2006ViewThe Work System Model as a Tool for Understanding the Problem in the Introduction to the Project Petkov, Petkova
Eastern Michigan University2009ViewCloud Computing and its Security in Higher Education Tout, Sverdlik, Lawver
Ecole Centrale de Paris2013ViewEducational Software for First Order Logic Semantics in Introductory Logic Courses Mauco, Ferrante, Felice
Ecole Centrale de Paris2009ViewClausula: A Didactic Tool to Teach First Order Logic Mauco, Ferrante
Edgewood College2006ViewCapstone Project Experiences: Integrating Computer Science & the Liberal Arts Miles, Kelm
Excelsior College2009ViewThe Integrated Technology Assessment: A Portfolio-Based Capstone Experience Shih, LeClair, Varden