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Please note the manuscripts 2015 and afer reflect EDSIGcon Proceedings which were published by ISCAP (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals)

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
Gannon University2019ViewAdopting Competency Mindful of Professionalism in Baccalaureate Computing Curricula Waguespack, Topi, Frezza, Babb, Marshall, Takada, van der Veer, Pears
GE Digital Technology2017ViewViNEL: A Virtual Networking Lab for Cyber Defense Education Reinicke, Baker, Toothman
Geisinger Health System2018ViewLinking Programmer Analyst Skills to Industry Needs: A Current Review Peslak, Kovalchick, Kovacs, Conforti, Wang, Bhatnagar
Georgia College & State University2021ViewUse of Artificial Intelligence to Grade Student Discussion Boards: An Exploratory Case Study Rutner, Scott
Georgia College & State University2019ViewUsing an Ocean Shipping Game to Teach Transportation Fundamentals to Supply Chain Management Students Scott, Rutner
Georgia Institute of Technology2019ViewUsing Canvas Quiz Item Analysis to Assess Question Quality in an Introductory Information Systems Course Smith
Georgia Institute of Technology2018ViewUsing VBA to provide fast, personalized feedback to assignments submitted electronically. Smith
Georgia Northwestern Technical College2020ViewLike Playing Whack-a-Mole in the Dark: Teaching Online during a Pandemic West, Beam, Sosnkowski, Ciampa
Georgia Northwestern Technical College2020ViewTeaching Cloud: AWS, Azure, or Google? West
Georgia Northwestern Technical College2020ViewVirtual Instruction Tools: Where to Start? West
Georgia Southern University2020ViewPandemic Shift: Impact of COVID-19 on IS/Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Exam Classes: Remote Testing and Lessons Learned Rebman, White, Booker, Wimmer, Powell
Georgia Southern University2018ViewA Nationwide Exploratory Study on Faculty Opinions on Student Preparation, Performance, and Evaluations Rebman, Wimmer, Booker
Georgia Southern University2018ViewA Sampling of IT Service Learning Activities: Possible Impact on Students and Community Partners Powell, Wimmer
Georgia Southern University2018ViewHour of Code: A Study of Gender Differences in Computing Du, Wimmer
Georgia Southern University2017View“Hour of Code”: A Case Study Du, Wimmer, Rada
Georgia Southern University2017ViewAdoption of video lectures for learning – content quality and gender difference Park, Kim, Han
Georgia Southern University2017ViewThe Need for an Emotional Intelligence Course Designed for an Information Technology Curriculum: Framework for Educators and Academic Institutions Powell, Hendon, Wimmer
Georgia Southern University2016ViewParental Perceptions and Recommendations of Computing Majors: A Technology Acceptance Model Approach Powell, Wimmer
Georgia Southern University2015ViewA Technical Infrastructure to Integrate Dynamics AX ERP and CRM into University Curriculum Wimmer, Hall
Georgia Southern University2015ViewEvaluating the Effectiveness of Student Group Work for Mobile Application Development Learning, Productivity, Enjoyment and Confidence in Quality Powell, Wimmer
GitLab 2021ViewCourseware as Code with GitLab Hupy
GitLab 2021ViewDevOps: The Sky’s the Limit in Higher Education. Hupy
Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society2016ViewApplied Learning through On-campus Interdisciplinary Internships Klammer Kruse, Azarbod, Salivia, Krumwiede, Kuechle, Blashack
Grand Valley State University2021ViewBeyond Ethics Golub, Connolly, Leidig, Lawler
Grand Valley State University2021ViewCurriculum Update - Jeff Babb Babb, Leidig, Anderson, Sooriamurthi
Grand Valley State University2021ViewMWC3: An example of an Intercollegiate Regional Computing Conference Reynolds, Fleenor
Grand Valley State University2020ViewIS2020: Progress on Updating the Information Systems Model Curriculum Babb, Leidig, Thouin, Sooriamurthi, Anderson
Grand Valley State University2019ViewIS2020: Updating the IS Model Curriculum Leidig, Anderson, Babb, Sooriamurthi
Grand Valley State University2018ViewEffective Internships: A Study Combining Curriculum Development, Student Performance, and Program Assessment Reynolds, Ferguson, Leidig, Hornik
Grand Valley State University2018ViewHour of Code: A Study of Gender Differences in Computing Du, Wimmer
Grand Valley State University2017View“Hour of Code”: A Case Study Du, Wimmer, Rada
Grand Valley State University2017ViewBe Careful What You Wish For: The Continued Limiting of Computing Majors Reynolds, Ferguson, Linville
Grand Valley State University2016ViewProgramming in the IS Curriculum: Are Requirements Changing for the Right Reason? Reynolds, Adams, Ferguson, Leidig
Grand Valley State University2016ViewThe Personality of a Computing Major: Reynolds, Adams, Ferguson, Leidig
Grand Valley State University2015ViewA Tale of Two Curricula: The Case for Reynolds, Ferguson, Leidig
Grand Valley State University2015ViewExpanding Participation in Computing: Leidig, Ferguson, Reynolds
Green Mango Associates, LLC2019ViewIntroduction to Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) Kussmaul

Search by Institutions- Joint ISECON Proceedings

Please note the manuscripts below reflect the 1999 to 2014 ISECON Proceedings which were published by EDSIG, the Education Special Interest Group of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Chicago, Illinois) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE).

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
George Washington University2012ViewFacing the Future in Technology: Little, Granger, Hidding, Kasper, Russell, Varden
Georgia Gwinnett College2014ViewWhy Phishing Works: Project Ding, Pollacia, Yang
Georgia Gwinnett College2012ViewActive Learning Modules to Improve Retention in Introductory Computing Courses Pollacia, Heinz, Kakish, Dekhane
Georgia Gwinnett College2011ViewAnalysis of the Effectiveness of Traditional Versus Hybrid Student Performance for An Introductory Computing Course Kakish, Pollacia, Heinz
Georgia Gwinnett College2008ViewThe Living Web: Successful Pedagogy and Challenges Kraft, Kakish
Georgia Gwinnett College2007ViewBridging the Digital Divide in Undergraduate Business Information Systems Education Kraft, Kakish, Steenkamp
Georgia Gwinnett College2007ViewImproving the Global Chain through Tighting Information Technology Security Kakish
Georgia Gwinnett College2006ViewA Case Study: Developing an Architectural Description for the Technology-Communications Engineering Viewpoint Steenkamp, Sabri Alomari, Mousa Basal , Kakish
Georgia Gwinnett College2006ViewThe Value of a Project-Based Approach to Teaching Electronic Commerce in MBA Programs Kakish, McCord
Georgia Institute of Technology2013ViewBuilding Effective Corporate Advisory Boards Janicki, Smith, Hunsinger
Georgia Institute of Technology2013ViewFlipping the Classroom: It's not simply assigning videos to watch Smith
Georgia Institute of Technology2011ViewCarolina Road House:An Undergraduate Case for Basic Excel Smith
Georgia Institute of Technology2011ViewDeveloping and Publishing IS Teaching Cases Smith, Ballenger
Georgia Institute of Technology2010ViewE-book Publishing with Open Source Software Smith
Georgia Institute of Technology2010ViewVolunteering / Improving EDSIG Janicki, Colton, Hunsinger, Lester, Smith, Peslak
Georgia Institute of Technology2006ViewPredicting the Intention of Undergraduate IS Students to Earn IT Certification Hunsinger, Smith
Georgia Institute of Technology2006ViewUnderstanding Hiring Managers' Use of IT Certification in the Hiring Process Hunsinger, Smith
Georgia Military College2013ViewApplication of Lean Management Techniques in Support of Improved Online Learning: A Baseline Study of Deterministic Factors Related to Instructional Design and Course Development Efficacy Markham, Conn
Georgia Southern University2014ViewEvaluating the Effectiveness of Self-Created Student Screencasts as a Tool to Increase Student Learning Outcomes in a Hands-On Computer Programming Course Powell, Wimmer
Georgia Southern University2012ViewComparing Top-down with Bottom-up Approaches: Kung, Kung, Gardiner
Georgia Southern University2007ViewAITP Sponsored Enhancements to the Information Systems Model Curriculum Longenecker, Leidig, McKell, Reichgelt, Russell, Waguespack, Landry, Wagner, White
Georgia Southern University2006View“WAC”ked: A Case Study Incorporating a Writing Process Into an IS Class Takeda, Crabtree, Johnson
Georgia Southern University2006ViewEstablishing an Assessment Process for a Computing Program Aasheim, Gowan, Reichgelt
Georgia Southern University2006ViewScientific Inquiry-Theory Construction: A Primer McDonald, Schneberger
Georgia Southern University2006ViewTeaching at the Speed of Light: Tips on Teaching an Intensive Semester Takeda
Global Educational Excellent2006ViewA Case Study: Developing an Architectural Description for the Technology-Communications Engineering Viewpoint Steenkamp, Sabri Alomari, Mousa Basal , Kakish
Government Engineering College, Modasa, Gujarat2008ViewDynamic Scheduling of Manufacturing System with Stochastic Timed Petrinet: A Genetic Algorithm Approach Vadher, Patel
Governors State University2014ViewImplementing a Successful Assurance of Learning Process for a Graduate Management Information Systems Program Green
Governors State University2008ViewIntegrating Enterprise Systems Concepts in the B-School--A Regional University Perspective Hunt, Regan, Becka, Everett, Green, Hunt
Grand Valley State University2014ViewIncluding a Programming Course in General Education: Are We Doing Enough? Ferguson, Leidig, Reynolds
Grand Valley State University2014ViewUniversity Responses to the IS 2010 Model Curriculum: A Pre and Post Comparison Leidig, Leidig, Ferguson
Grand Valley State University2014ViewUsing Work Systems Theory to Explain Enterprise Search Dissatisfaction Grant, Schymik
Grand Valley State University2012ViewLessons Learned From A Decade Of Using Community-Based Non-Profit Organizations In Information Systems Capstone Projects Leidig, Lange
Grand Valley State University2011ViewModel Curriculum "Wiki" Birds of a Feather Panel Session Lind, Hall, Chen, Leal , Babb, Pauli, Reynolds, Schwieger, Surendran, Subramanian
Grand Valley State University2010ViewIncorporation of Skills and Graduate Characteristics into a Framework for Program Assessment and Accreditation Longenecker, Babb, Landry, Pardue, Leidig, White
Grand Valley State University2010ViewMore Technology, Less Learning ? Kulesza, DeHondt, Nezlek
Grand Valley State University2010ViewStumbling Blocks in the Race to Embrace IS 2010 Nezlek, Reynolds, Russell, Tastle
Grand Valley State University2008ViewEthics in the Information Disciplines: Do they belong? Where? How do we get them there? Nezlek, Ferguson, Johnson, Kizior
Grand Valley State University2007ViewAITP Sponsored Enhancements to the Information Systems Model Curriculum Longenecker, Leidig, McKell, Reichgelt, Russell, Waguespack, Landry, Wagner, White
Grant Thornton2010ViewSystem Analysis of Kline, Reinicke, Peck, Porterfield, Rosen, Simmonds
Ground Swell Media2013View“So what can I do with an MIS degree?” - Inspiring students to explore MIS by drawing on the voices of local innovators Lawrence, Clouse, Firth, Evans, Stephens