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Please note the manuscripts 2015 and afer reflect EDSIGcon Proceedings which were published by ISCAP (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals)

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
IBM2019ViewTechnology for Every Major Decker
IBM2018ViewBe a Job Placement Superhero: Insider Strategies to Help Your Students Land Top Jobs in Analytics, Blockchain and More Decker
IBM2017ViewIndustry Engagement in Education for the Adaptive Curriculum Decker, Kennedy, Foley, Bly
IBM2017ViewOpen and Teach AKA Pre-built Industry Education Portal Content with Integrated Cloud Labs, Testing & Badges Kennedy, Decker
IBM2017ViewThe Easy Way to Create a Blockchain using Fabric Composer Foley, Decker
IBM2016ViewIntroducing z Systems into CS/IS&IT Curricula Laverty, Decker
IBM2016ViewUsing the Master the Mainframe (MTM) Contest to Provide Hands-on Experiences for any level of CS/IS or IT Core Operating System Course Breimer, Decker, Laverty
IBM2015ViewHow secure is education in Information Technology? A method for evaluating security education in IT Grover, Reinicke, Cummings
Illinois State University2021ViewAntecedents of Computer-based Testing (CBT) Anxiety and Performance Lewis, Mahatanankoon, Plumadore
Illinois State University2021ViewInfusing Artificial Intelligence in IS Curriculum through Service-Learning: A Summary of Pilot Programs Javadi, Gebauer, Antink-Meyer, Darner
Illinois State University2020ViewCognitive Learning Strategies in an Introductory Computer Programming Course Mahatanankoon, Wolf
Illinois State University2019ViewRedefining “Monozukuri” and “Hitozukuri” in the Context of Information Technology Education Thiptarajan, Lertrusdachakul, Mahatanankoon
Illinois State University2019ViewStudents’ Perceptions of Challenges and Solutions to Face-to-Face and Online Group Work Bakir, Humpherys, Dana
Illinois State University2018ViewCertifying Business Students in Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Excel Core Exam: Lessons Learned Bakir, Dana, Abdullat
Illinois State University2018ViewMixed-Approach Social Comparison for Improving Online Discussion Efficacy: Insights from Field Experiments Javadi, Gebauer, Novotny
Illinois State University2017ViewManaging an NSF-Funded Information Technology Scholarship Program Mahatanankoon, Hunter, El-Zanati
Illinois State University2017ViewOne CISter at a Time: Building Strong Relationships through a Female Mentoring Program in Computer Information Systems Bakir, Babb, Abdullat
Illinois State University2016ViewComparing Student Interaction in Asynchronous Online Discussions and in Face-to-Face Settings: A Network Perspective Javadi, Gebauer, Novotny
Incer, LLC 2020ViewEngaging Government-Industry-University Partnerships to Further Gender Equity in STEM Workforce Education through Technology and Information System Learning Tools Knestis, Cheng, Feng
Indiana University2021ViewIntegrating AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification into a Systems Administration Course Podeschi, DeBo
Indiana University2018ViewIntegrating Big Data Analytics into an Undergraduate Information Systems Program using Hadoop Podeschi, DeBo
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2017ViewCyber Wellness: A Liberal Studies Course in Higher Education ONeil
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2015ViewThe Success (or not) of the Unprepared Student in a Blended Learning Environment in Higher Education ONeil
Indiana University South Bend2018ViewBeyond #MeToo: Uprooting unconscious bias in STEM fields Breese, Scott, Kim, Stork, Breimer
Indiana University Southeast2017ViewData Analytics Projects with Microsoft Excel Harris
Indiana University Southeast2016ViewAmerican Guild of Musical Artists: A Case for System Development, Data Modeling, and Analytics Harris, Wedel
Indiana University Southeast2016ViewCoin Counter: Gamification for Classroom Management Carlson, Harris, Harris
Ithaca College2019ViewData Welding: Assimilating Publicly Available Datasets for Competitive Advantage Tastle, Bondra
Ithaca College2017ViewBuilding Excel Expertise: A Guide in Best Practices Tastle, Mead, Rebman, Marks, Phillips
Ithaca College2016ViewAn Update on the CIS Curriculum Project Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack, Feinstein, Tastle
Ithaca College2015ViewA Forced Paradigm Change Tastle
Ithaca College2015ViewReport of the EDSIG CIS Curriculum Task Group: Status; Immediate Issues - Mapping Body of Knowledge to Exit Objectives; Call for Participation Longenecker, Babb, Waguespack, Tastle, Landry

Search by Institutions- Joint ISECON Proceedings

Please note the manuscripts below reflect the 1999 to 2014 ISECON Proceedings which were published by EDSIG, the Education Special Interest Group of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Chicago, Illinois) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE).

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
IBM2013ViewBack to the Mainframe: IBM zEnterprise in the IS/CS & IT Curriculum Newton
IBM2013ViewBig Data in the IT/IS/CS Curriculum Dietrich, Newton, Corley
IBM2013ViewWorkLight - A New Paradigm in Mobile Application Development Laverty, Morris
IBM2011ViewIBM Teams Up with You to Develop Students’ Business Analytics Skills Gardner, Harris Jr
ICCP2014ViewThe Information Systems Profession: A Maturity Model Rosenthal, Dhariwal, Hilton
ICCP2013ViewAssessment a crucial aspect to improving your curriculum Bryon, Dhariwal
ICCP2013ViewPanel Presentation - Assessment for AACSB/ABET Schools Track White, Whitehouse, Dhariwal, Hilton, Rosenthal
ICCP2011ViewA Tool for Program Review, Assessment and Accreditation: The Information Systems Assessment Test McKell, Kasper, White, Dhariwal, Hilton
ICCP2010ViewIS2010 Model Curriculum Core Assessment Examination – Supporting Institutional and Professional Development McKell, White, Dhariwal, Hilton
Illinois College of Optometry2012ViewThe Effects of Contemporary Technologies on Medical Education, Practice, and Management Nezlek, Luba, Maino, Friedman
Illinois State University2006ViewIntegrating Service-Oriented Paradigm Into Introductory IS Courses Lim
Illinois State University2006ViewModel-View-Controller Architecture in a Systems Analysis and Design Course Zant
Indian Institute of Management - Ranchi, India2013ViewAttributes Motivating the Embrace of Mobile Banking: A Comparative Experience of Indian and United States Lomo-David, Deb
Indiana University2012ViewGoing Digital: Lessons from Three Years of e-Textbook Use Dennis
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2014ViewReframing Education: Working with the “i” Generations Louch, Frketich, Nezlek, Saulnier
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2011ViewRevisiting Tinker vs. Des Moines School District: How Technological Advances Change the Notion of “Disruption” within the Classroom Louch, Frketich
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2010ViewAn Analysis of the Ethics of Data Warehousing in the Context of Social Networking Applications and Adolescents Louch, Mainier, Frketich
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2009ViewThe Role of Technical Support in Updating Web Design Courses - A Case Example Ali, Murthy
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2009ViewThe success of the unprepared student in the distance education classroom in higher education ONeil
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2008ViewCultural Influence on Social Isolation in Doctoral Programs and Doctoral Attrition – A Case Study Ali, Kohun
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2008ViewIssues and Challenges for Selecting a Programming Language in a Technology Update Course Ali, Mensch
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2007ViewEffectiveness of Online Discussion Groups Filipski, Bigrigg
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2007ViewHow Distance Education Has Changed Teaching and the Role of the Instructor ONeil
Indiana University South Bend2014ViewWhat's the Price of Privacy? A Study of the Perceptions of College Students and Industry Professionals on the Costs of Information Privacy Kim, Metzer, Agnor, Homan, Breese
Indiana University Southeast2010ViewWhat Predicts Student Success in Harris, Harris, Lambert
Indiana University Southeast2008ViewA Systems Analysis and Design Course Experience with both MIS and CS Majors Harris
Indiana University Southeast2007ViewA Database Design and Development Case: Harris, Cline, Cooley
Indiana University Southeast2007ViewA Systems Analysis and Design Semester Project: A Stand-alone Project vs. a Competitive Project Harris
Indiana University Southeast2007ViewTeaching Ethics in MIS Courses: An Introduction to Ethical Intensity and Eight Short Ethical Dilemmas for the Classroom Harris, Harris
Indiana University Southeast2006ViewRepresenting and Generating Mutant Programs in Support of Measuring Test Suite Effectiveness Finkbine
Ithaca College2014ViewDecomposition and Reconstruction of Complex Spreadsheet Functions Tastle, St. Clair, Cullar-Ledford
Ithaca College2013ViewIs Now the time to Bring Business Intelligence into the Curriculum? Tastle, Longenecker, Feinstein, Guarneri, Pierce , Russell
Ithaca College2012ViewTeaching Methods for Some Very Complex Excel Functions Tastle
Ithaca College2010ViewStumbling Blocks in the Race to Embrace IS 2010 Nezlek, Reynolds, Russell, Tastle
Ithaca College2009ViewA Study of the Programming Languages Used in Both Information Systems (CIS) and in Computer Science (CS) Curriculums Russell, Russell, Tastle, Pollacia
Ithaca College2009ViewMeasuring Faculty Instructional Performance Tastle
Ithaca College2008ViewAnalysis of IS/IT Student Assessment of Courses and Instruction Instruments Tastle, White
Ithaca College2008ViewVirtual teams: Preparing Students for Global IT Management: An Empirical Exercies on Three Campuses in Two Countries White, Tastle, Semeniuta
Ithaca College2007ViewAssessing Team Performance in Information Systems Projects Tastle, Boasson, Wierman
Ithaca College2006ViewStudy of Risk and Returns on Investments in Information Technology Boasson, Boasson