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Please note the manuscripts 2015 and afer reflect EDSIGcon Proceedings which were published by ISCAP (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals)

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
Manhattan College2017ViewA Visual Analytics Approach to Gain insights into the Structure of Computing Curricula Jafar, Waguespack, Babb
Manhattan College2016ViewEmergence of Data Analytics in the Information Systems Curriculum Jafar, Babb, Abdullat
Manhattan College2016ViewUsing IONIC for Mobile Application Development Babb, Dana, Jafar
Manhattan College2015ViewGetting MEAN: A Hands-On Workshop for Full-stack JavaScript Web Application Development Babb, Dana, Jafar
Marquette University2020ViewPlugin-based Tool for Secure Mobile Application Development Shahriar, Zhang, Valero, Sneha, Riad, Islam, Ahamed
Marymount University2021ViewDigital Badges as an Agile Pathway: Implementing Graduate-Level, Micro-Credential Programs to Reskill the IT Workforce Ermicioi, Liu, Murphy
Marymount University2020View“BILT for Success”: An Alternative Education Strategy to Reskill the Business and Technology Professionals for a Sustainable Future Liu, Murphy
Marymount University2019ViewDeveloping an Electronic Resume Analyzer Portal (e-RAP): A Natural Language Processing Approach to Enhance College Graduates Job Readiness Green, Liu, Murphy
Marymount University2015ViewWriting in the First Person for Academic and Research Publication Shelton
McGraw Hill Higher Education2021ViewManaging Change in MIS Courses: Building Evergreen Learning Tools Together Sylvester, Morris, Karampelas
McGraw Hill Higher Education2018ViewUsing Active Learning and Agile Platform Development to Transform Introductory MIS Courses Sylvester, Ploskonka , Tedmon, Wilhelm
McGraw Hill Higher Education2015ViewKeep I.T. SIMple! How to Make Teaching Easy and Student Learning Limitless (yes, it’s possible!) Broadway, Russell
Mendix, Inc.2020ViewREST API for Beginners? Yes, Beginners! Trotta, Diprizio
Mendix, Inc.2020ViewTransform an Excel file to a real web and mobile app in your classroom. No coding needed. Free with Mendix! Saarinen, Diprizio
Mendix, Inc.2019ViewTransform an Excel file to a real web and mobile app in your classroom. No coding needed. Free with Mendix! Trotta
Mendix, Inc.2018ViewA Case Study on Using the Mendix Low Code Platform to support a Project Management Course Mew, Field
Mendix, Inc.2018ViewBuild real web and mobile apps in your classroom. No coding needed. Free with Mendix! Field
Mendix, Inc.2018ViewThe Course Registration App: A Low Code Development Scenario to Support Core IS Courses Mew, Field
Mendix, Inc.2017ViewMendix, the leading low-code app platform Kukesh, Tewari
Mendix, Inc.2017ViewProject Based Learning with Low-code Development: 10 Sample Projects for your Syllabus in 100 Minutes Kukesh, Tewari
Mendix, Inc.2017ViewSprint, then Fly: Teaching Agile Methodologies with Paper Airplanes Frydenberg, Yates, Kukesh
Mendix, Inc.2017ViewSprint, then Fly: A Workshop Teaching Agile Methodologies with Paper Airplanes Frydenberg, Yates, Kukesh
Merrimack College2019ViewExperiential Learning in the Technology Disciplines Sendall, Stuetzle, Kissel, Hameed
Merrimack College2016ViewReview of Masters in Business Analytics Curriculum Ceccucci, Kruck, Peslak, Sendall, Hunsinger, Hill
Merrimack College2015ViewA Longitudinal Study of CIS Students, Course Performance and MBTI Personality Types Sendall, Peslak, Ceccucci, Kruck
Metropolitan State University Minnesota2021ViewBoosting Equity in Information Systems Courses by Eradicating the Textbook Cost Barrier Lebens
Metropolitan State University Minnesota2020ViewPandemic Shift: Impact of COVID-19 on IS/Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Exam Classes: Remote Testing and Lessons Learned Rebman, White, Booker, Wimmer, Powell
Metropolitan State University Minnesota2018ViewA Nationwide Exploratory Study on Faculty Opinions on Student Preparation, Performance, and Evaluations Rebman, Wimmer, Booker
Metropolitan State University of Denver2021ViewSecuring a Security Job Fustos
Metropolitan State University of Denver2018ViewClosing the Deal amidst Falling Customer Satisfaction Ghosh
Metropolitan State University of Denver2017ViewConnecting the Dots and Nodes: A Survey of Skills Requested by Employers for Network Administrators Morris, Fustos, Haga
Metropolitan State University of Denver2016ViewHow Much Time Do Students Spend On Programming Assignments? Segall
Miami University2021ViewConversational Agent Supported Incrementally Scaffolded Approach for Teaching Introductory Programming Course(s) Dawar
Miami University2021ViewImplementing Service Learning in an IT Strategy Course Woods
Miami University2020ViewPromoting Positive Student Outcomes: The Use of Reflection and Planning Activities with a Growth-Mindset Focus and SMART Goals Woods, Hulshult, Poe, Brooks, Korzaan
Miami University2020ViewStudent Group Satisfaction Perceptions using Agile in a Project-Based Course Hulshult
Miami University2020ViewTowards Improving Student Expectations in Introductory Programming Course with Incrementally Scaffolded Approach Dawar
Miami University2019ViewAn Assignment a Day Scaffolded Learning Approach for Teaching Introductory Computer Programming Dawar, Murphy
Miami University2019ViewApplying Agile Across the IT Curriculum Hulshult, Woods
Miami University2019ViewUsing Goal Setting Assignments to Promote a Growth Mindset in IT Students Woods
Miami University2018ViewIT Disconnect at Cascade Sustainable Energy Woods
Miami University2017ViewIntroducing the Cloud in an Introductory IT Course Woods
Miami University2016ViewAardvark Design: The Impact of IT Infrastructure on Application Development and Deployment Held, Rein, Stofel, Valentine, Havelka
Miami University2016ViewAccentra: Thrashing through ERP Bradds, Hills, Masters, Weiss, Havelka
Miami University2016ViewAssessing the Impact of a Technology Ethics Course Woods
Miami University2016ViewCloudy Decisions: How the Cloud Affects Infrastructure Decision Making Woods
Miami University2015ViewIntroducing IT Strategy in an Introductory Course Woods
Miami University2015ViewJoule Wafer: What's the Point in Sharing Maiden, Meyers, Mosely, Thompson, Havelka
Miami University2015ViewThe Loose Bolt On: Implementation Issues at CPC Aldrich, Francus, Goteti, Lee, Tonski, Havelka
Miami University2015ViewThe Project Tracking Project Bentley, Fremder, Hoff, Sprague, Havelka
Miami University2015ViewUsing a Multimedia Final Project in an IT Ethics Course Howard, Woods
Miami University2015ViewVanilla with a Swirl: ERP Implementation at BCC Boone, Hurst, Lewis, Scott, Tesak, Havelka
Miami University - Oxford2019ViewAn Assignment a Day Scaffolded Learning Approach for Teaching Introductory Computer Programming Dawar, Murphy
Middle Tennessee State University2021ViewInformation Systems Education: Taking Advantage of Resilience to Create Opportunities Brooks, Korzaan, Louch
Middle Tennessee State University2021ViewNot Just Another List: Increasing Student Engagement Using Innovative Apps Louch, Goldstein, Podeschi, Korzaan
Middle Tennessee State University2020ViewPromoting Positive Student Outcomes: The Use of Reflection and Planning Activities with a Growth-Mindset Focus and SMART Goals Woods, Hulshult, Poe, Brooks, Korzaan
Middle Tennessee State University2019ViewAcademic Entitlement Beliefs of Information Systems Students: A Comparison with Other Business Majors and An Exploration of Key Demographic Variables and Outcomes Seipel, Brooks
Middle Tennessee State University2019ViewUsing Mendix for Learning Agile in a Graduate Information Systems Project Management Course Korzaan, Erskine
Middle Tennessee State University2018ViewWhen Technology Meets Tax Lautt, Asumadu, Abdul, Korzaan
Middle Tennessee State University2017ViewACS: Bringing Business Intelligence and Analytics to a Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming Company Christian, Akujobi, Saha, Korzaan
Middle Tennessee State University2017ViewGrit and the Information Systems Student: A Discipline-Specific Examination of Perseverance and Passion for Long Term Goals Brooks, Seipel
Middle Tennessee State University2016ViewSAPCO: From Good to Great Alsaif, Edinger, Kodathala, Korzaan
Middle Tennessee State University2015ViewAdvancing Student Productivity: An Introduction to Evernote Korzaan, Lawrence
Millikin University2021ViewData Analytics Pedagogy: Incorporating New Tools Amidst the Theory Trimble
Millikin University2021ViewIntegrating AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification into a Systems Administration Course Podeschi, DeBo
Millikin University2021ViewNot Just Another List: Increasing Student Engagement Using Innovative Apps Louch, Goldstein, Podeschi, Korzaan
Millikin University2020ViewUsing Oracle Application Express Cloud during COVID-19 Remote Learning Podeschi
Millikin University2019ViewLessons Learned from Launching and Advising a Student-run Technology Consulting Venture Podeschi
Millikin University2018ViewBuilding and Launching a Student-run I.T. Consulting Venture Podeschi
Millikin University2018ViewIntegrating Big Data Analytics into an Undergraduate Information Systems Program using Hadoop Podeschi, DeBo
Millikin University2017ViewLow-cost Cluster Computing Using Raspberry Pi with Mathematica Jacobus, Podeschi
Millikin University2016ViewDesigning Effective Excel Training Courses for Organizations using the Corporate University Model Podeschi
Millikin University2016ViewPerformance Learning of AGILE Methodology Using Paired Courses of Systems Analysis and Design and Web/Mobile Programming Weber
Millikin University2015ViewBuilding I.S. Professionals through a Real-World Client Project in a Database Application Development Course Podeschi
Millikin University2015ViewService Learning through Community Engagement in Information Systems Courses Petkova, Lawler, Podeschi
Minnesota State University2017ViewGamification Agile Software for Classroom Projects Kolli, Deverapalli, Azarbod, Klammer Kruse
Minnesota State University2016ViewOptionality of ERD Relationships: Project for the Introduction to Database Course Klammer Kruse, Wells
Montclair State University2015ViewTeaching Systems Thinking for Effective Problem Solving Bunting, Jain, Elias
Morehead State University2019ViewAre programming language courses necessary for IS students? Kim, Kim
myEducator2019ViewSmart Interactive Resources for Microsoft/Database/SQL/Business Computing Concepts/Data Analytics Pectol, Wilson
myEducator2015ViewAn Innovative Approach to Teaching Information Systems Gessell, Brandenburg

Search by Institutions- Joint ISECON Proceedings

Please note the manuscripts below reflect the 1999 to 2014 ISECON Proceedings which were published by EDSIG, the Education Special Interest Group of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Chicago, Illinois) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE).

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
Macon State College2012ViewMobile technologies, social media, and crowdsourcing: how students get their local news Breese-Vitelli, McMillion, Vitelli
Manhattan College2014ViewInteractive Information Visualization with HTML5 and Web-GL Jafar, Dana, Babb
Manhattan College2013ViewData Analytics with R (workshop will go to 10:45) Jafar, Babb, Dana
Manhattan College2013ViewHTML 5: A Hands-On Workshop for Leveraging the Latest in Web Technology Dana, Babb, Jafar
Manhattan College2012ViewData Mining Methods Workshop Using R Jafar, Babb, Dana
Manhattan College2011ViewData Mining Methods Workshop Using SQL Server Analysis Services (ends 3:45) Jafar, Babb
Manhattan College2011ViewReasserting the Fundamentals of Jafar, Babb
Manhattan College2010ViewArtifacts as Interface: Jafar, Babb
Manhattan College2009ViewA Tools-Based Approach Jafar, Anderson
Manhattan College2008ViewData Mining Methods Course Jafar, Anderson, Abdullat
Manhattan College2007ViewSoftware Academic Initiatives: Jafar, Anderson, Abdullat
Manhattan College2006ViewAn Analysis of Computing Major Students Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Distribution Choi
Manhattan College2006ViewAnalyses of Compliance with IS 2002 Curriculum Choi, Ulema, Waldman
Manhattan College2006ViewDesign and Implementation of a Network Management Course for Undergraduate Indormation Systems Students Ulema
Manhattan College2006ViewTeaching Scalability Issues in Large Scale Database Application Development Anderson, Jafar, Abdullat
Marist College2010ViewDiscussion, Participation and Feedback in Online Courses Fisher
Marymount University2014ViewCybersecurity Curriculum Development: Introducing Specialties in a Graduate Program Bicak, Liu, Murphy
Marymount University2013ViewDocument Explosion in the World of Big Data – Curriculum Considerations Liu, Murphy
Marymount University2012ViewUsing Mobile Apps to Entice General Education Students into Technology Fields Liu, Murphy
Marymount University2011ViewFusing Communication and Writing Skills in The 21st Century’s IT/IS Curricula Liu, Murphy
Massachusetts General Hospital2012ViewA Collaborative Capstone to Develop a Mobile Hospital Clinic Application Through a Student Team Competition Wong, Pepe, Stahl, Englander
Maysville Community & Technical College2008ViewIntegrating Enterprise Systems Concepts in the B-School--A Regional University Perspective Hunt, Regan, Becka, Everett, Green, Hunt
McGraw Hill Higher Education2012ViewSimNet/SimGrader Microsoft Office Kochendorfer
Merrimack College2014ViewDoes Learning Style Play a Role in Computer Information Systems Course Performance? Kruck, Hunsinger, Peslak, Ceccucci, Sendall
Merrimack College2011ViewBeyond Twitter and Facebook: Integrating Social Software Tools in the Classroom Frydenberg, Sendall, Serapiglia
Merrimack College2010ViewThe Greening of the Information Systems Curriculum Sendall, Lester, Peslak, Saulnier
Merrimack College2009ViewIntegrating Soft Skill Competencies Through Project-based Learning Across the Information Systems Curriculum Woodward, Sendall, Ceccucci
Merrimack College2008ViewGot Web 2.0? Sendall, Ceccucci, Peslak
Merrimack College2008ViewWeb 2.0 Matters: An Analysis of Implementing Web 2.0 in the Classroom Sendall, Peslak, Ceccucci
Merrimack College2007ViewFaculty Research and Development in the Technology Disciplines Sendall, Poteat, Noonan
Merrimack College2006ViewWhattya Mean it’s Not All About Me? Sendall
Metropolitan State University Minnesota2006ViewMaximizing the Online Student Experience Johnson, Dykman
Metropolitan State University of Denver2012ViewStudent Graduation Paths: A Preliminary Data Warehouse Analysis Segall
Metropolitan State University of Denver2011ViewIs Student Performance On The Information Sys-tems Analyst Certification Exam Affected By Form Of Delivery Of Information Systems Coursework? Haga, Moreno, Segall
Metropolitan State University of Denver2011ViewPreparing for a Career as a Network Engineer Morris, Fustos, Haga
Metropolitan State University of Denver2010ViewAn Improved Database System for Program Assessment Haga, Morris, Morrell
Metropolitan State University of Denver2010ViewTeaching “Information Literacy” with the Intro-duction to Information Systems Course Ghosh, Segall
Metropolitan State University of Denver2009ViewMeasuring the Value Added to Segall, Lege, Morrell
Metropolitan State University of Denver2008ViewA Database System for IS Curriculum Assessment using ISA Examination Performance Segall, Ghosh, Morrell
Metropolitan State University of Denver2007ViewBusiness Intelligence in the IS Curriculum Segall
Metropolitan State University of Denver2007ViewChanges in the Systems Analysist Skill set: 2006 versus 2001 Haga, Morris, Mawhinney, Morrell
Metropolitan State University of Denver2006ViewThe Information Systems Analyst National Assessment Exam: Factors for Success Segall, Gollhardt, Morrell
Miami University2014ViewA Basic Set of Criteria for Evaluation of Havelka, Neal
Miami University2014ViewAn IT Strategy Course: Why and How Woods, Howard
Miami University2014ViewUSMCo Payroll System Cohill, Dudley, Gregg, Millette, Zinnecker, Havelka
Miami University2013ViewAn Active Learning Activity for an IT Ethics Course Woods, Howard
Miami University2012ViewDeveloping a Bachelor’s Program in Health Information Technology Howard, Bishop-Clark, Evans, Rose
Miami University2009ViewA New Look at Security Education: YouTube as YouTool Werner, Frank
Miami University2009ViewDevelopment and Preliminary Evaluation of a Wagner, Langan, Corman, Landry, Longenecker
Miami University2009ViewPerceptions of Using Creativity Howard, Bulach, Carver, Creekbaum, Parker, Shockley
Miami University2008ViewAnalysis of an Anti-Phishing Lab Activity Werner, Courte
Miami University2007ViewAITP Sponsored Enhancements to the Information Systems Model Curriculum Longenecker, Leidig, McKell, Reichgelt, Russell, Waguespack, Landry, Wagner, White
Miami University2007ViewGetting a Hook on Phishing Werner, Frank
Miami University2007ViewThe Design and Implementation of a First Course in Computer Programming for Computing Majors,Non-Majors and Industry Professionals within a Liberal Education Framework Harkins
Miami University2006ViewA Qualitative Look at Alice and Pair-Programming Howard, Evans, Courte, Bishop-Clark
Miami University2006ViewWhat Dick and Jane Don't Know About Integers Werner, Frank
Miami University - Oxford2013ViewAssessing Face to Face and Online Course Delivery using Student Learning Outcomes Sharma, Bryant, Murphy
Miami University - Oxford2012ViewDeveloping an Undergraduate Information Systems Security Track Sharma, Murphy, Rosso, Grant
Miami University - Oxford2011ViewMeasuring Assurance of Learning Goals: Murphy, Sharma, Rosso
Miami University - Oxford2010ViewTeach or No Teach: Is Large System Education Resurging? Sharma, Murphy
Miami University - Oxford2009ViewIT Still Bytes: Mainframes in IS Education Murphy, Sharma, Seay, McClelland
Miami University - Oxford2008ViewComputer Lab to Go: A "Cloud" Computing Implementation Murphy, McClelland
Michigan State University2014ViewAssessing Critical Thinking Skills in Online and Face-to-Face Platforms for an Interdisciplinary General-Education Science Course Lester, Koether, Rowe, Gillespi
Michigan State University2011ViewDesigning an Introductory CIS Course to Attract Soe, Guthrie, Yakura, Hwang
Microsoft Corporation2013ViewTeaching Web Development Skills to Build Desktop/Tablet Apps & Modern Websites; presented by Microsoft Joy
Microsoft Corporation2010ViewIntegrating Cloud Computing, Green Computing, and Ethics into the MIS Model Curriculum Lind, Brown, Humphrey, White, Little
Microsoft Corporation2009ViewA Framework for Harnessing the Best of Both Worlds in Software Project Management: Agile and Traditional Noureddine, Damodaran, Younes
Middle Georgia State University 2014ViewEmbracing New Technology Adoption Borkovich, Breese-Vitelli, Skovira
Middle Georgia State University 2013ViewCan Web 2.0 Tools Still Provide a Means for Effective Communication and Collaboration? Kim, Breese-Vitelli, Homan, Maloney
Middle Georgia State University 2012ViewAn Analysis of the Holistic Model for Blended Learning versus Face-to-Face Breese-Vitelli, Thomas , Vitelli
Middle Georgia State University 2012ViewMobile technologies, social media, and crowdsourcing: how students get their local news Breese-Vitelli, McMillion, Vitelli
Middle Tennessee State University2013ViewA Preliminary Comparison of Student and Professional Motivations for Choosing Information Systems Brooks, Korzaan, Ceccucci
Middle Tennessee State University2012ViewHands-on Experience: What Are We Doing to Improve Student Learning in Computer Networking and Data Communications Courses Brooks
Middle Tennessee State University2011ViewEmerging Trends and Opportunities for Hybrid Learning in Higher Education Brooks, Korzaan
Middle Tennessee State University2011ViewUsing Google Docs and Shared Media Prims to facilitate interaction and collaboration in Second Life Korzaan, Brooks
Middle Tennessee State University2010ViewClass Service Quality: Moving Beyond SERVQUAL Miller, Brooks
Middle Tennessee State University2010ViewTaking Information Systems Distance Learning to the Virtual Level Korzaan
Middle Tennessee State University2007ViewStudent Identification with IT-Related Professions Brooks, Ceccucci
Middle Tennessee State University2006ViewLearning Communities in Information Systems Education: Saulnier, White, Ceccucci, Brooks
Millikin University2014ViewExperiential Learning using QlikView Business Intelligence Software Podeschi
Minnesota State University2011ViewA Curriculum Design System For Information Systems Programs Slack
Minnesota State University2010ViewSystem Testing on the Cheap Slack
Minnesota State University2006ViewUsing Microsoft’s Academic Alliance to Ease the Financial Burden on IS Educators and Students Wells
Missouri Western State University2014ViewA Security Focused Undergraduate Program Becker, Kianmehr, Almaghrabi
Missouri Western State University2014ViewAssessing Cyber-bullying in Higher Education Kamali
Missouri Western State University2013ViewCorrelates of Learning Behaviors and Performance Outcomes in e-Learning Kamali , Kianmehr
Missouri Western State University2013ViewUnraveling e-Learning: An Investigation of Critical Constructs Kamali
Missouri Western State University2012ViewAntecedents of Adopting e-Learning: Toward a Model of Academic e-Learning Acceptance Culture Kamali
Missouri Western State University2012ViewDeception, Ethics, and Information Technology: Policy Implications Kamali , Becker, Kianmehr
Missouri Western State University2011ViewThe Importance of Written Security Policy for any Network Connection Kianmehr, Becker, Kamali
Montclair State University2014ViewBusiness Analytics in Practice and in Education: A Competency-based Perspective Mamonov, Misra, Jain
Montclair State University2008ViewAsk the Audience…Using Clickers to Enhance Introductory Business Statistics Courses Koppel, Berenson
Montclair State University2006ViewXML: What,What, Who and Where Boyno
Morehead State University2014ViewAdding Value: Online Student Engagement Everett
Morehead State University2011ViewWikis as a Student Collaborative Tool Everett
Morehead State University2010ViewAn Information Systems Project Management Course Using a Service-Learning Model McCoy, Wymer
Morehead State University2010ViewService Learning in Distance Education Everett
Morehead State University2009ViewFactors that Enhance Transfer of Learning from the Online Classroom Everett
Morehead State University2008ViewIntegrating Enterprise Systems Concepts in the B-School--A Regional University Perspective Hunt, Regan, Becka, Everett, Green, Hunt
Morgan State University2010ViewStudents Computer Proficiency, Perceptions And Experiences: An Exploratory Study Badamas
Mount Royal College2008ViewComplecto Mutatio: Teaching Software Design Best Practices Using Multi-Platform Development Connolly