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Please note the manuscripts 2015 and afer reflect EDSIGcon Proceedings which were published by ISCAP (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals)

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
Tallinn University of Technology2019ViewLizards in the Street! Introducing Cybersecurity Awareness in a Digital Literacy Context Frydenberg, Lorenz
Tarleton State University2021ViewGender Differences in Perception of Satisfaction, Inclusion, and Participation in Information Technology Careers: Insights for Recruitment and Retention of Female Students Schultz, Adams
Tarleton State University2021ViewNo Pain, No Gain? Factors Driving Coding Bootcamp Satisfaction Lang, Sharp
Tarleton State University2020ViewCurriculum? Shmurriculum! The Relationship Between Major Curriculum Characteristics and First-Year Earnings for Information Systems Graduates Lang, Sharp
Tarleton State University2019VieweXtensible Computing Curriculum Reporting Language (XCCRL) Babb, Sharp, Waguespack, Abdullat, Dana
Tarleton State University2018ViewUsing Codecademy Interactive Lessons as an Instructional Supplement in a Python Programming Course Sharp
Tarleton State University2017ViewProcrastination and Performance in Computer Information Systems Courses Schultz, Sharp
Tarleton State University2016ViewNavigating the Minefield of Self-Publishing E-Textbooks Schultz
Tarleton State University2016ViewThe Flipped C# Programming Classroom: What Students Had to Say Sharp
Tarleton State University2015ViewMOOCs as a Supplement to Classroom Instruction: An Instructor’s Perspective Sharp
Tennessee State University2020ViewBlockchain Technology in Peer-to-Peer eLearning: Opportunities and Challenges Miah
Tennessee State University2016ViewComprehensive Relational Database Design and Development for Local Church: A Teaching Case Study Miah, Omar
Tennessee State University2015ViewMaximizing Reverse Selection Queries Miah
Tennessee Tech University2018ViewE-Learning Early Admit College Program: A Case Study of Recruiting and Retaining High School Underrepresented Students in Cybersecurity Nakama, Paullet, Haynes, Yamanuha
Texas A&M - Central Texas2019ViewA Survey on CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Contributions to Higher Education Research Brown
Texas A&M - Central Texas2018ViewThe Contribution of the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) to Higher Education Research Brown
Texas A&M University2019ViewCognitive Apprenticeship: Teaching Students How to Think Like an Expert Gomillion, George, Scialdone, Becker
Texas A&M University2019ViewLearning How to Teach: The Case for Faculty Learning Communities Gomillion, Becker, George, Scialdone
Texas A&M University2018ViewSimulation for Network Education: Transferring Networking Skills Between Simulated to Physical Environments Marquardson, Gomillion
Texas A&M University2017ViewCyber Security Exercise Development: Protecting Your Institution While Giving Students Experience Marquardson, Gomillion
Texas A&M University2016ViewThe Role of IT Industry Certifications in an AACSB-Accredited Institution Gomillion
Texas Christian University2015ViewPreparing Students for a Capstone Design Course Ball, Sanchez, Payne
Texas State University2017ViewFlipping a Class with Best Intentions Sivitanides, Krou
Texas State University2017ViewThe Need to Teach Root Cause Analysis in an Information Security course White, Shah
Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology2019ViewRedefining “Monozukuri” and “Hitozukuri” in the Context of Information Technology Education Thiptarajan, Lertrusdachakul, Mahatanankoon
The Citadel Military College of South Carolina2018ViewMaintaining Highly Relevant MIS Capstones: Experiential Cases and Alternatives Mew, Money
The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital2020ViewThe Impact of Industrial Placement on BIS Graduate Employment and Further Educational Advancement Poon, Lau, Tang
The University of Montana2016ViewTaking the High Road: Privacy in the Age of Drones Hamilton, Harrington, Lawrence, Perot, Studer
The University of Montana2016ViewTeaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Rossmiller, Lawrence, Clouse, Looney
The University of Montana2015ViewMaximizing Classroom Interaction by Presenting Course Content with Video Podcasts Clouse, Clouse, Lawrence
The University of North Texas2021ViewAI Deep Learning With TensorFlow And Keras In Google Cloud Platform Nguyen, Philpot
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga2020ViewTeaching the Big Data Technologies Course Asllani
Tilburg University2019ViewTitle IX mandate to report non-consensual sexual contact: An application of text data analytics to understand the views of university freshmen Modaresnezhad, Canel
Troy High School2019ViewDigital Badges and E-Portfolios in Cybersecurity Education Pike, West, Zentner, Brown, Stubblefield
Troy University2020ViewAligning the Technical and Soft Skills of Management Information Systems and Business Analytics Curricula to Supplement Accounting Education Larson, Sanders, Bohler
Tswhane University of Technology2015ViewA Conceptual Metaphor Based Model for Enhanced Understanding of Programming Concepts Moape, Ojo, Lall

Search by Institutions- Joint ISECON Proceedings

Please note the manuscripts below reflect the 1999 to 2014 ISECON Proceedings which were published by EDSIG, the Education Special Interest Group of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Chicago, Illinois) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE).

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InstitutionConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
Taif University 2012ViewA Systematic Approach to Faculty Development - Capability Improvement for Blended Learning Badawood, Steenkamp, Al-Werfalli
Tarleton State University2014ViewJourney Toward a Flipped C# Programming Class: An Experience Report Sharp
Tarleton State University2014ViewReadability Analysis of Programming Textbooks: Traditional Textbook or Trade Book? Schultz
Tarleton State University2013ViewIf We Build Them, Will They Watch? Sharp, Sharp
Tarleton State University2012ViewAn Exploratory Study of the use of Video as an Sharp, Schultz
Tarleton State University2010ViewStudent Perceptions of Instructional Tools in Programming Logic: A Comparison of Traditional versus Alice Teaching Environments Schultz
Tarleton State University2009ViewState of Departmental Web Sites Today Schultz
Tarleton State University2008ViewEnhancing American K-12 Technology Education to a Global Standard Miller, Iyer
Tarleton State University2008ViewEthics in the Information Disciplines: Do they belong? Where? How do we get them there? Nezlek, Ferguson, Johnson, Kizior
Tarleton State University2008ViewUsing Low-Fidelity Prototyping to Teach the Basics of Interface Design Schultz
Tarleton State University2007ViewHuman factors in GIS use: A review and suggestions for research Bone, Johnson
Tarleton State University2007ViewThe Effect of Class Duration on Academic Performance and Attendance in an Introductory Computer Class Schultz, Sharp
Tarleton State University2006ViewDevelopment, Extension, and Application: A Review of the Technology Acceptance Model Sharp
Tennessee State University2014ViewAligning Academic Curricula to Industrial Needs Omar, Miah, Nkabyo
Tennessee State University2014ViewUsing Facebook for Course Delivery Miah, Omar, Karadeniz
Tennessee State University2013ViewDeveloping a Campus Social Website for Buying, Selling, and Trading Textbooks Miah, Omar, Sagiroglu
Tennessee State University2013ViewDigital Evolution of the Written Language Omar, Miah
Tennessee State University2012ViewEffects of Social Networking on Adolescent Education Miah, Omar, Allison
Tennessee State University2011ViewDigital Age: Technology Progress in Developing Countries Miah, Omar
Tennessee State University2010ViewSelecting a Good Conference Location based on Participants’ Interests Miah
Texas A&M University - Commerce2006View“WAC”ked: A Case Study Incorporating a Writing Process Into an IS Class Takeda, Crabtree, Johnson
Texas Christian University2014ViewWeaving Computer Science into a Non-Majors Science Course Ball
Texas Christian University2008ViewProblems with Assessing On-line and Non-Traditional Programs for Accreditation Roggio, Comer
Texas State University2013ViewA New Value for Information White
Texas State University2012ViewA debate in stereo on the differences between academia and industry White, Gragg
Texas State University2012ViewCloudBees: A Resource Guide for Teaching Clouding Computing on a Java Platform Yuan, Long
Texas State University2012ViewInformation Security Education Relationships White
Texas State University2012ViewJournal of Information Systems Education (JISE) Insight and Advice on Publishing Your Research Kruck, Harris, Surendran, White
Texas State University2011ViewGlobal Assurance White
Texas State University2011ViewVisual Basic Programming Impact on White
Texas State University2009ViewEasily add Multi-Cultural Content and Perspectives to your business IT courses! Jetton
Texas State University2009ViewKnowledge Management Using Weblogs in Information Technology Education Lee, Shah, Mehta
Texas State University2008ViewPutting Experiences in Open Source Software Development on Students’ Resumes: Does it Count? Long
Texas State University2007ViewAn IT Compliance Course Emphasizing Information System Design and Software Testing Mehta, Lee, Shah
Texas State University2006ViewDifferences between academia and working world with porblems and reporting results White
Texas State University2006ViewService Oriented Architecture:Concepts and Implementation Mehta, Lee, Shah
Texas State University2006ViewThinking Globally: Incorporating an International Component in Information Security Curriculums White, Long
Texas State University2006ViewWhy Not Have Fun While Learning: Using Programming Games in Software Programming Education Long
The University of Montana2014ViewInformation Security in a World of Global Connectivity: A Case Study Lawrence, Olson, Douma
The University of Montana2013View“So what can I do with an MIS degree?” - Inspiring students to explore MIS by drawing on the voices of local innovators Lawrence, Clouse, Firth, Evans, Stephens
The University of Montana2013ViewA Digital Native is Hacked: A Case Study Lawrence, Fulton, Evans, Firth
The University of Montana2011ViewCorporate Boards and Technology: What they need to know Lawrence, Harrington, Warden
The University of Montana2011ViewPeter Drucker and David Allen: Toward a model of increased knowledge worker effectiveness Lawrence, Evans
Towson University2014ViewA panel to examine if an information systems profession can continue to exist with a 32% project success rate and continuing IS disasters such as Rosenthal, Hilton, Litttle
Towson University2014ViewExamining the challenges of using IT in Health Care Organizations. Reddy
Towson University2012ViewFacing the Future in Technology: Little, Granger, Hidding, Kasper, Russell, Varden
Towson University2011ViewThe Tenth Strand: Proposing a Separate Course in Societal and Ethical Issues for Information Systems Majors Little, Lind, Hall
Towson University2010ViewExploring the Connection between Age and Strategies for Learning new Technology Related Tasks Meiselwitz, Chakraborty
Towson University2010ViewIntegrating Cloud Computing, Green Computing, and Ethics into the MIS Model Curriculum Lind, Brown, Humphrey, White, Little
Tswhane University of Technology2012ViewA Measurement Framework to assess SME Performance Phihlela, Odunaike, Olugbara
Tswhane University of Technology2012ViewImproving E-learning Practice Using Living Theory Methodology Odunaike, Olugbara, Ojo
Tswhane University of Technology2011ViewA Conceptual Framework for Implementing E-Learning Technologies in Rural Settings. Odunaike, Olugbara, Ojo
Tswhane University of Technology2010ViewDetermining the most suitable E-Learning delivering mode for TUT students Odunaike, Chuene
Tswhane University of Technology2010ViewEstablishing and applying criteria for evaluating the ease of use of dynamic platforms for teaching web application development Dehinbo
Tswhane University of Technology2010ViewThe Impact of Mobile Number Portability on TUT students On-line Connectivity Odunaike
Tswhane University of Technology2009ViewEstablishing the suitability of dynamic web applications development platforms for teaching remote database processing Dehinbo
Tswhane University of Technology2009ViewInstitutional e-learning readiness: a case study of a South African University Odunaike, Dehinbo
Tswhane University of Technology2008ViewContributions of traditional Web 1.0 tools e.g. email and Web 2.0 tools e.g. Weblog towards Knowledge Management Dehinbo
Tswhane University of Technology2008ViewThe Need, Use and Best Practices for the Implementation of Learning Management Systems Organizations and Higher Education Institutions Dehinbo, Odunaike
Tswhane University of Technology2006ViewDetermining suitable programming language for the Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology) curriculum Dehinbo
Tswhane University of Technology2006ViewEvaluating the suitability of dynamic Web platforms for teaching exception handlings Dehinbo