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Please note the manuscripts 2015 and afer reflect EDSIGcon Proceedings which were published by ISCAP (Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals)

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KeywordConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
Java2018ViewSoftware Concepts Emphasized In Introductory Programming Textbooks McMaster, Rague, Sambasivam, Wolthuis
Java2016ViewJava vs. Python Coverage of Introductory Programming Concepts: A Textbook Analysis McMaster, Sambasivam, Rague, Wolthuis
Java2015ViewA Longitudinal Analysis of the Reid List of First Programming Languages Siegfried, Siegfried, Alexandro
Java2015ViewFull Flip, Half Flip and No Flip: Breimer, Fryling, Yoder
JavaScript2015ViewWooden Peg Game: Implementations as Both a Web App and as an Android App Martincic
job description2017ViewConnecting the Dots and Nodes: A Survey of Skills Requested by Employers for Network Administrators Morris, Fustos, Haga
job openings2020ViewBusiness Analytics: Addressing the Real Skill Requirements of Employers Ozturk, Hartzel
job opportunities2016ViewIdentifying Microsoft Excel Skills Important for Business School Graduates Formby, Medlin, Ellington
Job placement2016ViewIncreasing Student / Corporate Engagement Janicki, Cummings
Job satisfaction2021ViewGender Differences in Perception of Satisfaction, Inclusion, and Participation in Information Technology Careers: Insights for Recruitment and Retention of Female Students Schultz, Adams
Job skills2018ViewKnowledge and Skill Gaps in Programming Wang, Bromall
Job skills2018ViewLinking Programmer Analyst Skills to Industry Needs: A Current Review Peslak, Kovalchick, Kovacs, Conforti, Wang, Bhatnagar

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Please note the manuscripts below reflect the 1999 to 2014 ISECON Proceedings which were published by EDSIG, the Education Special Interest Group of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Chicago, Illinois) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE).

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KeywordConf YearArticleTitleAuthors
J.S. vs. Blue Mountain School District2011ViewRevisiting Tinker vs. Des Moines School District: How Technological Advances Change the Notion of “Disruption” within the Classroom Louch, Frketich
Java2013ViewTeaching Programming Style with Ugly Code McMaster, Sambasivam, Wolthuis
Java2012ViewAn Interdisciplinary Learning Experience: The Creation of a Robot Dance Smarkusky, Toman
Java2011ViewWhatever Happened to Richard Reid’s List of First Programming Languages? Siegfried, Greco, Miceli, Siegfried
Java2009ViewA Study of the Programming Languages Used in Both Information Systems (CIS) and in Computer Science (CS) Curriculums Russell, Russell, Tastle, Pollacia
Java programming2008ViewThe Living Web: Successful Pedagogy and Challenges Kraft, Kakish
jazz2009ViewA Case Study in Building Communities of Common Interest: How One Webpage Changed Jazz History Varden
job2011ViewPreparing for a Career as a Network Engineer Morris, Fustos, Haga
Job analysis2009ViewDevelopment and Preliminary Evaluation of a Wagner, Langan, Corman, Landry, Longenecker
Job Characteristics2013ViewInvestigating a 21st Century Paradox: As the Demand for Technology Jobs Increases Why Are Fewer Students Majoring in Information Systems? Burns, Gao, Sherman, Vengerov, Klein
Jobs2010ViewThe Role of Skills in the Development of the Un-dergraduate Curriculum: The Case for Double-Loop Learning in Decision-Making Babb, Longenecker, Woratschek, Abdullat
Journal2010ViewMeet the new editor of JISE Kruck
justifying information systems2009ViewInformation Systems Education: What’s missing? Rosenthal