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Recommended Citation: Colton, D.  Welcome to ISECON 2007 Pittsburgh.  In The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference 2007, v 24 (Pittsburgh): §021. ISSN: 1542-7382.

Welcome to ISECON 2007 Pittsburgh

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Don Colton    [a1] [a2]
EDSIG President, 2007
School of Computing
Brigham Young University Hawaii    [u1] [u2]
Laie, Hawaii, USA    [c1] [c2]

Aloha Friends and Colleagues,

I look forward to ISECON each year as an opportunity to work with old friends and make a few new ones. I look forward to the hallway chats and the breakout presentations. I look forward to the meals in and the meals out. I look forward to seeing some new sights and exploring a new city. But most of all, I look forward to the increased effectiveness I always experience as a benefit of my attendance here. I hope you get the same mileage I do.

ISECON is a huge undertaking. By far the largest effort comes from the individual authors of the papers and presentations. As an EDSIG community, we are glad for your participation and constantly impressed (almost amazed) at the breadth and depth of the knowledge that is shared.

The second huge effort is vetting those papers. This year again we are very grateful to Tom Janicki and his team of reviewers for collecting, tracking, and responding to all the papers you see before you. We are again grateful to Bill Tastle for taking many of the top papers through a second level of review to identify the Best Paper, Distinguished Papers, and Meritorious Papers. The best papers awards are always fun and exciting to watch.

The third huge effort is organizing the schedule and arranging the venue. This year again we thank Alan Peslak for communicating with the various authors to arrange times that are workable for each presentation, and for the special effort to cluster similar presentations together so we can plant ourselves in a session and watch several presentations in a row that are of personal interest, and for arranging Session Chairs. And again we thank Kevin Jetton and his staff for leading a massive effort to work with the hotel, identify meals, ensure appropriate space is reserved, and also to manage and staff the registration desk. Kevin will serve as ISECON 2008 General Chairman. We hope you will join us for ISECON 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona! The EDSIG Board and the FITE Board have each discussed and reviewed the ISECON plans, and many of those board members are working in the background to make sure the conference is a success.

I express a special thanks to Valerie Harvey Powell who pitched Pittsburgh for ISECON 2007 and shouldered the central responsibilities as ISECON General Chair. Valerie has worked hard to provide workers and arrange many important aspects of this conference, and Valerie has some interesting stories to tell.

There are many more people to acknowledge and thank. At this rate, I am going to run out of counting fingers. You will see their names throughout the conference. As you see them, please join me in saying Thanks for making ISECON a great event year after year. And Thank You for being here yourself to make everything worthwhile. Have a great conference!

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