ISCAP Conference 2023

Conference Highlights

Albuquerque, New Mexico - November 1 - November 4, 2023

Reviewers for ISCAP 2023 Conference

Thank you to the following individuals who assisted in improving the quality of our conference. Your timely reviews enable fellow academics to achieve higher levels of research productivity.

Aimiuwu, Ehi - Campbellsville University
Aasi, Parisa - Texas A&M University
Abdunabi, Ramadan - Colorado State University
Abegaz, Tamirat - University of North Georgia
Adkins, Joni - Northwest Missouri State University
Aimiuwu, Ehi - Campbellsville University
Amiri, Shahram - Stetson University
Ariyachandra, Thilini - Xavier University
Babb, Jeffry - West Texas A&M University
Beauchamp, Cheryl - Regent University
Bekkering, Teko Jan - Northeastern State University
Bhatnagar, Neelima - University of Pittsburgh Greensburg
Booker, Queen - Metropolitan State University Minnesota
Bostrom, Robert - University of Georgia
Boyne, Matthew - Point Loma Nazarene University
Breese, Jennifer - Penn State University
Bromall, Natalya - Robert Morris University
Brown, Wiley - Appalachian State University
Causer, Victoria - University of Pittsburgh Greensburg
Ceccucci, Wendy - Quinnipiac University
Cheng, Kedai - University of North Carolina at Asheville
Chung, Sam - City University of Seattle
Clouse, Shawn - The University of Montana
Cotler, Jami - Siena College
Crandall, Kalee - Utah Valley University
Crandall, Kodey - Utah Valley University
Dalat Ward, Yaprak - Fort Hays State University
Dang, Mandy - Northern Arizona University
Davis, Gary Alan - Robert Morris University
Dawar, Deepak - Miami University
Draus, Peter - Robert Morris University
Du, Jie - Grand Valley State University
Dyer, John - Georgia Southern University
Eck, Catherine - Robert Morris University
Etezady, Nooredin (Noory) - University of New Mexico
Felby, Laura - Aarhus University
Firth, David - University of Montana
Frydenberg, Mark - Bentley University
Gardner, Brian - Penn State Schuylkill
Garfield, Monica - Bentley College
George, Jordana - Texas A&M University
Goldstein, Ira - Siena College
Haines, Russell - Appalachian State University
Hameed, Tahir - Merrimack College
Hartzel, Kathleen - Duquesne University
Hewit, Barbara - Texas State University
Hodges, Darin - Appalachian State University
Hulshult, Andrea - Miami University
Hwang, Drew - California State Polytechnic University
Intindola, Melissa - Bucknell University
Javadi, Elahe - Illinois State University
Jones, Kiku - Quinnipiac University
Kelly, Stephanie - North Carolina A&T State University
Kiss, Eszter - James Cook University, Brisbane Australia
Kovalchick, Lisa - Pennsylvania Western University - California
Ladwig, Christine - Southeast Missouri State University
Landry, Jeffrey - University of South Alabama
Lang, Guido - Quinnipiac University
Lee, Frank - Georgia State University
Leonard, Lori - University of Tulsa
Lester, Li-Jen - Sam Houston State University
Levkoff, Steven - University of San Diego
Li, Yi - Kennesaw State University
Li, Zhouzhou - Southeast Missouri State University
Lind, Mary - Louisana State University Shreveport
Louch, Michelle - University of Pittsburgh Greensburg
Lucci, Michael - University of Pittsburgh Greensburg
Mahadevan, Lakshman - Florida Gulf Coast University
Marquardson, Jim - Northern Michigan University
Marshall, Justin - Brigham Young University- Hawaii
Menon, Pratibha - Pennsylvania Western University - California
Mentzer, Kevin - Nichols College
Mishra, Sushma - Robert Morris University
Mitra, Reshmi - Southeast Missouri State University
Mohammed, Abdul Sajid - University of the Cumberlands
Money, William - The Citadel Military College of South Carolina
Müller, Sune - University of Oslo
Nickl, Tracy - California Lutheran University
Njunge, Christopher - California Lutheran University
North, Matthew - Utah Valley University
Ozturk, Pinar - Duquesne University
Parks, Rachida - Quinnipiac University
Paros, Amy - Quinnipiac University
Patterson, Adam - Nichols College
Paullet, Karen - Robert Morris University
Pendergrass, William - University of Maryland Global Campus
Peslak, Alan - Penn State University
Pinchot, Jamie - Robert Morris University
Poon, Pak-Lok - Central Queensland University
Powell, Loreen - Marywood University
Pry, Michael - University of Pittsburgh Greensburg
Ream III, Arthur - Bentley University
Rebman, Carl - University of San Diego
Reinicke, Bryan - Rochester Institute of Technology
Roshanaei, Maryam - Pennsylvania State University
Rush, Daniel - Boise State University
Sambasivam, Samuel - Woodbury University
Samborowski, Leonard - Nichols College
Schwieger, Dana - Southeast Missouri State University
Scialdone, Michael - Texas A&M University
Segall, Mark - Metropolitan State University of Denver
Sena, Mark - Xavier University
Serapiglia, Anthony - St. Vincent College
Shahriar, Hossain - University of West Florida
Sharp, Jason - Utah Valley University
Shashidhar, Narasimha - Sam Houston State University
Shi, Hui - California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Singh, Jas Gaurav - Nichols College
Slonka, Kevin - Saint Francis University
Smith, Michael - Georgia Institute of Technology
Snyder, Johnny - Colorado Mesa University
Sousa, Kenneth - Bryant University
Stewart, John - Robert Morris University
Stoker, Geoff - University of North Carolina Wilmington
Strain, Jeff - Brigham Young University- Hawaii
Tang, Ping - Bentley University
Triantoro, Tamilla - Quinnipiac University
Triche, Jason - University of Montana
Tu, Cindy - Northwest Missouri State University
VanderClock, William (Bill) - Bentley University
Wagner, Bret - Western Michigan University
Wagner, Paul - University of Arizona
Waguespack, Leslie - Bentley University
WANG, HUI - Radford University
Wang, Ping - James Madison University
Ward, James - Fort Hays State University
White, Garry - Texas State University
Wibowo, Santoso - Central Queensland University
Williams, Susan - Northern Arizona University
Wimmer, Hayden - Georgia Southern University
Witman, Paul - School of Management
Woods, David - Miami University
Woodside, Joseph - Stetson University
Wu, Peter - Robert Morris University
Xie, Wei - Walker College of Business
Xu, Jennifer - Bentley University
Yakubu, Mariama - University of New Haven
Yates, David - Bentley University
yuan, juefei - Southeast Missouri State University
Zhang, Xihui "Paul" - University of North Alabama
Zhang, Yulei - Northern Arizona University
Zhao, Yu - Northwest Missouri State University
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