ISCAP Conference 2023

Conference Highlights

Albuquerque, New Mexico - November 1 - November 4, 2023

Jeff Cummings

Welcome from

Jeff Cummings

ISCAP President

Welcome to ISCAP 2023.
As 2023 President of ISCAP, I am excited to welcome you to the ISCAP Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This will mark our 39th annual gathering of ISCAP members since the first conference in 1982.

Over the past year, we have continued to grow as an organization. This marks our second year of publishing the organization's latest journal, Cybersecurity Pedagogy and Practice Journal (CPPJ), while we continue to build our other journals through efforts to increase rigor and awareness. Overall, our goal is to create opportunities for our conference participants (who are also ISCAP members) to improve their work while offering an outlet to receive feedback and a place to publish their work. Our goal is to develop journals with high standards that will be positively recognized by colleges and universities as well as any organization that hires IS researchers.

As part of this effort, our board of directors has been working hard this past year to achieve this goal. We are continuing to explore opportunities to increase the recognition of our journals. Currently, JISE is listed within the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) list of quality journals and JISE & ISEDJ are listed within Cabells with the goal of listing CPPJ in the next year. All journals are now indexed through EBSCO which provides higher visibility of our journals while increasing the usage of published articles. Additionally, to maintain our high standards of publishing, the board has been exploring the use of plagiarism tools to help our journal editors ensure the quality of articles published. Finally, starting this past year, we have opened direct submissions to CPPJ provided the opportunity to submit outside of the conference.

ISCAP continues to evolve not only through the journals we maintain but the conference we are all here to participate in. Based on our membership across IS, CS and CIS faculty, researchers and industry professionals, we have created focus areas of the conference to include is education, applied research, cybersecurity and analytics. These are a direct result of members' conference participation and feedback.

In closing, I would like to thank the conference planning team and board members for continuing to improve the organization as a whole. Whether it is your first year at the conference or you are a regular attendee, I want to thank you as well for your continued support to the organization. You are members of ISCAP and make this organization what is today. Feel free to chat with me during the conference to provide any suggestions or comment to improve the organization.

Jeff Cummings