2012 ISECON Joint Proceedings

The Joint Proceedings of ISECON (Information Systems Education Conference) were published each fall and represent those papers, panels, workshops and teaching cases presented at the ISECON conference.

Papers Presented

ISECON Papers Chairs - Terri Lenox and Chuck Woratschek
ISECON Assistant Papers Chairs - Muhammed Miah and Olga Petkova


A Collaborative Capstone to Develop a Mobile Hospital Clinic Application Through a Student Team Competition, (Paper)(1972)
A Comprehensive Survey on Cyberbullying Perceptions at a Major Metropolitan University – Faculty Perspectives, (Paper)(1918)
A Database Management Assessment Instrument, (Paper)(1913)
A Design Quality Learning Unit in Relational Data Modeling Based on Thriving Systems Properties , (Paper)(1908)
A Measurement Framework to assess SME Performance, (Paper)(1982)
A Pedagogical Approach Toward Teaching An Information Systems Student How To Conduct A Web Usability Study For An Honors Project: A Case Study., (Paper)(1953)
A Survey of ABET Accredited Information Systems Undergraduate Programs in the USA, (Paper)(1961)
A Systematic Approach to Faculty Development Towards Improved Capability in Tertiary Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment, (Paper)(1932)
Active Learning Modules to Improve Retention in Introductory Computing Courses, (Paper)(1935)
An Analysis of the Holistic Model for Blended Learning versus Face-to-Face Instructions used to teach At-Risk students in an Alternative School , (Paper)(1954)
An Exploratory Study of the use of Video as an Instructional Tool in an Introductory C# Programming Course, (Paper)(1974)
An Interdisciplinary Learning Experience: The Creation of a Robot Dance, (Paper)(1919)
Antecedents of Adopting e-Learning: Toward a Model of Academic e-Learning Acceptance Culture, (Paper)(1907)
Assessing the Microsoft Office Skills Course: Computer-Mediated Delivery and Pre-and Post-Surveys, (Paper)(1943)


Bridging Game-Programming into the K-12 Curriculum, (Paper)(1937)
Building a Cybersecurity Workforce with Remote Labs, (Paper)(1921)
Building an Effective Interdisciplinary Professional Master’s Degree , (Paper)(1975)


Cloud Computing in Support of Applied Learning: A Baseline Study of Infrastructure Design at Southern Polytechnic State University , (Paper)(1911)
CloudBees: A Resource Guide for Teaching Clouding Computing on a Java Platform, (Paper)(1956)
Collaborative learning in online courses: Exploring students' perceptions, (Paper)(1964)
Common Access Control Terminology Used in Multilevel Security Systems , (Paper)(1931)
Comparing Top-down with Bottom-up Approaches: Teaching Data Modeling, (Paper)(1910)
Computer Information Systems: A Research Plan to Identify Origins and Destination, (Paper)(1947)
"Consumerization of IT" - Challenges for IS Education, (Paper)(1928)
Contemporary competencies of Information Systems alumni , (Paper)(1955)
Costs and Benefits of Vendor Sponsored Learning Materials in Information Technology Education, (Paper)(1966)
Cyberbullying Presence, Extent, and Forms in a Midwestern Post-secondary Institution , (Paper)(1945)


Deception, Ethics, and Information Technology: Policy Implications, (Paper)(1986)
Developing 21st Century Communicators, (Paper)(1950)
Developing a Bachelor’s Program in Health Information Technology , (Paper)(1923)
Developing an Undergraduate Degree Program in Cyber Forensics and Information Security, (Paper)(1957)
Developing an Undergraduate Information Systems Security Track , (Paper)(1960)
Developing Concepts and Practices of Research in Computing, (Paper)(1963)
Developing Enterprise Information Systems: Experiences of a Graduate Class Using Teams , (Paper)(1965)


Effects of Social Networking on Adolescent Education, (Paper)(1927)
Engaging Community Service Students through Digital Portfolios, (Paper)(1905)
Ethics Among Scholars in Academic Publishing, (Paper)(1948)


Flipping Excel, (Paper)(1914)
Fostering Entrepreneurship in the CIS Sandbox , (Paper)(1926)


GIS in Business School Curricula: Trends and a Case Study, (Paper)(1969)


Implementing an Integrated Curriculum with an Iterative Process to Support a Capstone Course in Information Systems, (Paper)(1924)
Improving E-learning Practice Using Living Theory Methodology, (Paper)(1939)
Improving the Internship and Career Search Process for IS, CS, and IT Students, (Paper)(1949)
Influence of Students’ Characteristics on E-textbook Experiences: The Moderating Effects of Technology Savvy and Gender, (Paper)(1920)
Information Security Education Relationships on Incidents and Preventions: Cyber Assurance Literacy Needs , (Paper)(1904)
Information Systems Curricula: A Fifty Year Journey , (Paper)(1967)
Information Technology for Good (IT4G): Merging Information Technology with Social Responsibility , (Paper)(1917)
Information Technology Management: Course Re-design Using an Assessment Driven Approach , (Paper)(1922)


Lessons Learned From A Decade Of Using Community-Based Non-Profit Organizations In Information Systems Capstone Projects, (Paper)(1968)
Lessons Learned: The Evolution of an Undergraduate Research Program , (Paper)(1962)


Managing a Project Using An Agile Approach and the PMBOK® Guide, (Paper)(1985)


Prepping for Cloud - A New Look at an Old Alliance, (Paper)(1959)


Raising Awareness: Education is the Key to Understanding Cyberbullying, (Paper)(1976)
Reassessing the Skills Required of Graduates of an Information Systems Program: An Updated Analysis , (Paper)(1933)
Reflections on Service Learning Projects in an Information Systems Project Management and Implementation Course , (Paper)(1990)
Relational Algebra and SQL: Better Together, (Paper)(1906)
Requisition of Competition: Spurring Wireless Telecommunications in the U.S., (Paper)(1971)


Security Engineering Lessons Learned for Migrating Independent LANs to an Enterprise Environment, (Paper)(1970)
Software Engineering Frameworks: Life Cycle Changes , (Paper)(1936)
Strategic Plan for Enhancing Online Learning, (Paper)(1916)
Student Graduation Paths: A Preliminary Data Warehouse Analysis , (Paper)(1973)


Teaching Introductory Visual Basic Using Microsoft's Team Foundation Server, (Paper)(1988)
Ten Year Assessment of Learning Outcomes of a Computer Information Systems (CIS) Program, (Paper)(1946)


Using Mobile Apps to Entice General Education Students into Technology Fields, (Paper)(1915)


Virtual Teams and Synchronous Presentations: An Online Class Experience , (Paper)(1952)


Wiki Mass Authoring for Experiential Learning: A Case Study, (Paper)(1938)