2014 - ISECON Joint Proceedings

The Joint Proceedings of ISECON (Information Systems Education Conference) were published each fall and represent those papers, panels, workshops and teaching cases presented at the ISECON conference.

Papers Presented

ISECON Papers Chairs - Muhammed Miah and Jeffrey Babb


A Basic Set of Criteria for Evaluation of Teaching Case Studies: Students’ Perspective , (Paper)(3070)
A Match in the Making: How Emergent Changes in the Marketing Discipline Present Opportunities for Information Systems Programs, (Paper)(3074)
A Model for Establishing a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence , (Paper)(3012)
A Project Management Approach to Applying Best Practices to Online CS/MIS Experiential Learning Projects, (Paper)(3056)
A Proposed Concentration Curriculum Design for Big Data Analytics for Information Systems Students, (Paper)(3006)
A Security Focused Undergraduate Program, (Paper)(3068)
A Systems Analysis and Design Case for a Business Modeling Learning Experience for a Capstone Advanced CIS/IS Systems Development Class, (Paper)(3062)
Adding Value: Online Student Engagement, (Paper)(3023)
Addressing the 21st Century Paradox: Integrating Entrepreneurship in the Computer Information Systems Curriculum, (Paper)(3064)
Age and Gender Differences of Students’ Assessments of Online, Hybrid, and On-Ground Learning , (Paper)(3039)
Aligning Academic Curricula to Industrial Needs, (Paper)(3026)
An Innovative Teaching Technique: The 3T Pedagogical Model, (Paper)(3051)
An IT Strategy Course: Why and How, (Paper)(3007)
App Development and Store Publication as a Way to Attract and Retain Students Majoring in Technology Disciplines , (Paper)(3038)
Assessing Cyber-bullying in Higher Education, (Paper)(3052)


Business Analytics in Practice and in Education: A Competency-based Perspective, (Paper)(3055)


Course Redesign Based On the Quality Matters Program: Examples of Before and After, (Paper)(3040)
Cryptocurrencies: Technology Empowered Integration of Information Systems Enabling Currency Without Borders, (Paper)(3057)
Cybersecurity Curriculum Development: Introducing Specialties in a Graduate Program, (Paper)(3059)


Decomposition and Reconstruction of Complex Spreadsheet Functions, (Paper)(3005)
Distance Education Challenges: Teacher- and Student-Related Issues, (Paper)(3031)
Does it Matter If I Know You before Joining the Group? Investigating the Moderating Impact of Familiarity, (Paper)(3017)
Does Learning Style Play a Role in Computer Information Systems Course Performance?, (Paper)(3041)


Embracing New Technology Adoption, (Paper)(3046)
Empowering Freshmen with Technology Skills: Wireless Routers, (Paper)(3048)
Engaging College Students in Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities through a Disability Film Media Project, (Paper)(3003)
Enhancing the Classroom Experience: Instructor Use of Tablets , (Paper)(3009)
Establishing the Basis for a CIS (Computer Information Systems) Undergraduate Degree Program: On Seeking the Body of Knowledge, (Paper)(3075)
Ethical Student Conduct in Online Courses: An Evaluation of Student Perspectives, (Paper)(3065)
Ethics: Who should teach it? How? What? Why?, (Paper)(3025)
Evaluating Business Intelligence / Business Analytics Software for Use in the Information Systems Curriculum , (Paper)(3037)
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Self-Created Student Screencasts as a Tool to Increase Student Learning Outcomes in a Hands-On Computer Programming Course, (Paper)(3061)
Examining student learning in spreadsheet assignments: the value of activity trace logs , (Paper)(3086)
Experiential Learning using QlikView Business Intelligence Software, (Paper)(3004)
Exploring the Implications of Technology Acceptance Models for Sensor-based Global Health Technologies, (Paper)(3071)


First Database Course – Keeping it all Organized, (Paper)(3063)


How Students Use Technology to Cheat and What Faculty Can Do About It, (Paper)(3020)


Implementing a Successful Assurance of Learning Process for a Graduate Management Information Systems Program, (Paper)(3076)
Improving an Information Systems Capstone/Consulting Course for Non-Traditional Undergraduate Students, (Paper)(3073)
Including a Programming Course in General Education: Are We Doing Enough?, (Paper)(3018)
Incorporating a Human-Computer Interaction Course into Software Development Curriculums, (Paper)(3013)
Internet Addiction Risk in the Academic Environment, (Paper)(3044)
Introducing Big Data Concepts in an Introductory Technology Course , (Paper)(3010)
IT0: Discrete Math and Programming Logic Topics as a Hybrid Alternative to CS0, (Paper)(3002)


Journey Toward a Flipped C# Programming Class: An Experience Report , (Paper)(3080)


Let's Play: Using Gameplay Mechanics in Case Study Discussions, (Paper)(3034)
Live, Model, Learn: Experiencing Information Systems Requirements through Simulation, (Paper)(3032)


Piloting the E-Text in an Undergraduate Systems Analysis & Design Course , (Paper)(3021)
Predicting Exam Performance from Learning Styles and Online Content Usage, (Paper)(3030)
Preliminary Results: Critical Thinking and Communication Skills of Chinese Students, (Paper)(3081)


Readability Analysis of Programming Textbooks: Traditional Textbook or Trade Book?, (Paper)(3050)


Saudi Students’ Perceptions of Online Education versus On-ground Education in Saudi Arabia , (Paper)(3045)
Software-defined Networking (SDN): Network Virtualization in the IS Curriculum, (Paper)(3069)
Steganography and Cryptography Inspired Enhancement of Introductory Programming Courses , (Paper)(3016)
Student Engagement: the core model and inter-cohort analysis, (Paper)(3022)


Teaching “Big Data” in a Business School: Insights from an Undergraduate Course in Big Data Analytics, (Paper)(3027)
Teaching Business Intelligence through Case Studies, (Paper)(3066)
Teaching Non-Beginner Programmers with App Inventor: Survey Results and Implications, (Paper)(3053)
Teaching Tip: An Innovative Approach to Learning about the Software Selection Process , (Paper)(3082)
The Effectiveness of Data Science as a means to achieve Proficiency in Scientific Literacy, (Paper)(3033)
The Flipped Classroom in Systems Analysis & Design: Leveraging Technology to Increase Student Engagement , (Paper)(3015)
The Impact of Programming Experience on Successfully Learning Systems Analysis and Design, (Paper)(3054)
The Information Systems Core: A Study from the Perspective of IS Core Curricula in the U.S. , (Paper)(3049)
The Information Systems Profession: A Maturity Model , (Paper)(3014)
The Landscape of Healthcare Informatics Programs in the United States: an Updated Survey, (Paper)(3024)


Understanding IT Change Management Challenges at a Financial Firm , (Paper)(3060)
University Responses to the IS 2010 Model Curriculum: A Pre and Post Comparison, (Paper)(3084)
Using a Balance Scorecard Approach to Evaluate the Value of Service Learning Projects in Online Courses , (Paper)(3028)
Using Facebook for Course Delivery, (Paper)(3029)
Using Work Systems Theory to Explain Enterprise Search Dissatisfaction, (Paper)(3085)


Weaving Computer Science into a Non-Majors Science Course, (Paper)(3047)
Where do Student Outcomes Begin? Developing Personal and Life Skills as a Strategy for Student Success in the First Computing Course and Beyond, (Paper)(3072)
Why Phishing Works: Project for an Information Security Capstone Course , (Paper)(3042)