CONISAR Proceedings 2011

Wilmington North Carolina

Papers Presented

CONISAR Papers Chair

Scott Hunsinger

An Approach for Developing Business Architecture, an Essential Enabler for Business and IT Alignment (1841)
An Empirical Study of Social Networking Behavior Using Theory of Reasoned Action (1807)
Applying Business Intelligence Concepts to Medicaid Claim Fraud Detection (1836)

Building a Real-Time Bus Tracking Data Display System (1824)

CMobile: A Mobile Photo Capture Application for Construction Imaging (1839)
Co-Creating Value in Systems Development: A Shift towards Service-Dominant Logic (1835)
Computational Linguistic Hedges Applied to a Project Critical Path (1840)

Does Size Matter in IT? An exploratory analysis of critical issues facing organizations based on company size (1806)

Maximizing Visibility in Skylines (1804)
Measuring Propagation in Online Social Networks: The case of YouTube (1834)
Mobile Telephone Usage and Perception During Group Meetings. (1837)
Most Popular Package Design (1816)
Open Source Software in the Vertical Market: an Open Niche? (1808)
Outsourcing Best Practices (1813)

Pay-What-You-Want Pricing for Mobile Applications: The Effect of Privacy Assurances and Social Information (1833)
Plan to Throw one Away: Lessons Learned Developing an Economic Simulator (1803)

Semiotics as a Theoretical Foundation of Information Design (1821)

Social Networking Systems and Campus Life (1828)
Study of User Behavior in Image Retrieval and Implications for Content Versus Concept Based Access (1829)
Survey of Data Mining Methods in Emergency Evacuation Planning (1815)

Talk to Text: Changing Communication Patterns (1830)
The Effects of Interruptions on Remembering Task Information (1802)
The Era of Digital Activism (1842)
The impact of Organizational Culture in managing the change to the use of FOSS at a South African University (1810)
The New Tech Effect: Analyzing Juror Credibility In Cases Involving Digital Evidence (1831)

Using Market Basket Analysis to Estimate Potential Revenue Increases for a Small University Bookstore (1822)
Using the cloud: How to keep your data private (1814)

Visualizing Capacity and Load: A Production Planning Information System for Metal Ingot Casting (1823)

Why are People Using Google's Chrome Browser? (1838)