CONISAR Proceedings 2021

Washington DC, November 2021

Papers Presented

CONISAR Papers Chair

Biswadip Ghosh, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Assistant Papers Chair

Jeffrey Cummings, University of North Carolina Wilmington


Selecting Subsets of Amazon Reviews (5595)
A Cloud-Based System for Scraping Data from Amazon Product Reviews at Scale (5583)
An Initial Exploration of Multi-Node Open Cloud Infrastructure Testbed (5630)
Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence Model: Optimizing Workforce Diversity (5509)


Barriers and Drivers to Adoption of Electronic Health Record Systems (5560)


Combating Private Blockchain Fraud: A Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence Model (5522)
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Initial Impact on the Defense Industrial Base (5534)


Data Sharing and Exposure: Findings from Descriptive and Network Analysis of Instant Games on Facebook (5613)
Decreasing the Barrier to Entry for an Open-Source Full-Stack Web Development (5540)


Effect of Normalization on TOPSIS and Fuzzy TOPSIS (5551)
Examining Cloud Data Security Vulnerabilities During Usage (5541)


GIS for Democracy: Toward A Solution Against Gerrymandering (5594)


Harvesting Intrinsically Verifiable Trust to Build a Honey Traceability System for Sustainable Development (5591)


Impact of Review Valence and Perceived Uncertainty on Purchase of Time-Constrained and Discounted Search Goods (5517)
Innovation Attributes as Determinants of the Application of Artificial Intelligence: A Proposed Study (5624)
Internationalization and Localization for Web and Mobile Applications (5539)


Low Maintenance, Low Cost, Highly Secure, and Highly Manageable Serverless Solutions for Software Reverse Engineering (5614)


Mental Health Call Triage: Coding Systems and Opportunities for Research (5629)


Resolving Pressure and Stress on Governance Models from Robotic Process Automation Technologies (5570)


Security Control Techniques: Cybersecurity & Medical Wearable Devices (5502)
Some Analysis of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Data from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) (5623)


Targeted Data Visualization and Reporting Approaches for Vulnerability Management at Enterprise Organizations (5621)
The COVID Effect: Information Technology Jobs in the Pandemic (5526)


Using Analytics to understand Performance and Wellness for a Womens College Soccer Team (5538)
Using Physiological Effects and K-Nearest Neighbor to Identify Membership in Hunting-Stressed Wolf Populations (5529)