CONISAR Proceedings 2021

CONISAR Proceedings 2021

Washington DC, November 2021

CONISAR Best Papers

Best Paper of CONISAR Conference

Impact of Review Valence and Perceived Uncertainty on Purchase
of Time-Constrained and Discounted Search Goods (5517)

Prathamesh Muzumdar
University of South Florida

Distinguished Paper Awards (top 5%)

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification
Initial Impact on the Defense Industrial Base (5534)

Hala Strohmier
Geoff Stoker
Manoj Vanajakumari
Ulku Yaylacicegi Clark
Jeff Cummings
Minoo Modaresnezhad

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Meritorius Paper Awards (top 10%)

The COVID Effect:
Information Technology Jobs in the Pandemic (5526)

Patricia Sendall
Merrimack College

Alan Peslak
Penn State University

Wendy Ceccucci
Quinnipiac University

Scott Hunsinger
Appalachian State University