CONISAR Proceedings 2022

Clearwater FL, November 2022

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Papers Presented

CONISAR Papers Chair

Jeffrey Cummings, University of North Carolina Wilmington

CONISAR Proceedings Publication Editor

Leah Mutchler, James Madison University


A Serverless Real-Time Data Streaming Architecture for Synchronous Online Math Competition (5748)
An Exploration of the Benefits of Certifications and their Relationship to Salaries in IS/IT (5802)
Are Companies Responsible for Internet of Things (IoT) Data Privacy? A Survey of IoT User Perceptions (5783)


Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management: A Review and Recommendations (5735)
Children's Privacy: An Evaluation of EdTech Privacy Policies (5796)


Classification of Wolf Subjects Based on Hunting-Stressed Physiological Effects Using Support Vector Machines (SVM) (5738)
Convolutional Neural Network Binary Image Classifier via Mobile Devices: EZ Autism Screener (5846)


Data Analytics for Societal Challenges: Understanding Student Participation in the National School Lunch Program (5790)
Decision-Making Tool for Procurement for Brazilian Airlines (5726)
Developing a Data-Driven Emerging Skill Network Analytics Framework for Automated Employment Advert Evaluation (5739)


Exploring Methods Cybersecurity Managers Need to Implement to Minimize Cyber-Frauds in Mobile Money Services in Ghana (5703)
Exploring Short Stay Health Care Quality: Skilled Nursing Facilities during the COVID-19 Era (5741)
Exploring the Strategic Cybersecurity Defense Information Technology Managers Can Implement to Reduce Healthcare Data Breaches (5704)


Impact of New Technology Use on Workforce: Exploratory Analysis (5787)
Influence of Executive Perception of Role of Information Technology: A financial institution perspective (5754)


Measurement, reporting, and monitoring organizational security governance: A qualitative analysis of security professionals' experiences (5734)
Measuring Analytics Maturity and Culture: The LDIS+ Analytics Impact Framework (5724)


QR Code Hacking - Detecting Multiple Vulnerabilities in Android Scanning Software (5756)


Smart Homes Privacy Metrics (5822)


Text Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence: An Analysis of Two Text Prediction Systems (5763)
The Effect of Mental Illness on Compensation for IT Developers (5736)
The Effects of Individual Characteristics and Mastery Goal Orientation on IT Project Continuation Intentions (5759)
The Importance and Value of Personal Identifying Information: Towards Information Worth (5774)


Understanding Gen Z's Switching Intention to E-Commerce Drone Delivery: An Updated Diffusion of Innovation (5765)


Visual Layering and Visual Clustering - A Model of Graph Complexity for Business Data (5830)
Vulnerability Assessment for Web Applications (5818)