CONISAR Proceedings 2022

Clearwater FL, November 2022

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CONISAR Best Papers

Best Papers Chair

Lionel Mew, University of Richmond

Best Paper of CONISAR Conference

Measurement, reporting, and monitoring organizational security governance:
A qualitative analysis of security professionals' experiences (5734)

Kevin Slonka Saint Francis University

Sushma Mishra
Peter Draus
Natalya Bromall
Robert Morris University

Distinguished Paper Awards (top 5%)

A Serverless Real-Time Data Streaming Architecture
for Synchronous Online Math Competition (5748)

Yu-Che Liu
Sam Chung
Yu-Che Liu
Sam Chung

City University of Seattle

Meritorius Paper Awards (top 10%)

A Predictive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Maintenance Method:
Using Low-Code and Cloud-Based Data Visualization (5747)

Taejin Kim
Ahreum Ju
Brian Maeng
Sam Chung

City University of Seattle

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