2013 ISECON Joint Proceedings

The Joint Proceedings of ISECON (Information Systems Education Conference) were published each fall and represent those papers, panels, workshops and teaching cases presented at the ISECON conference.

Papers Presented

ISECON Papers Chairs - Muhammed Miah and Jeffrey Babb
ISECON Assistant Papers Chair - Olga Petkova


A Case Study of Engaging Community Service Students through Visual Storytelling of High School Students with Disabilities, (Paper)(2502)
A Comparison of Faculty and Student Perceptions of Cyberbullying, (Paper)(2533)
A Learning Theory Approach to Using Capture Technology in Teaching: Ideas from Basic Lecture Capture to Student-Created Content, (Paper)(2561)
A New Value for Information Security Policy Education , (Paper)(2578)
A Paradigm for Student Learning Outcome Assessment in Information Systems Education: Continuous Improvement or Chasing Rainbows?, (Paper)(2507)
A Preliminary Comparison of Student and Professional Motivations for Choosing Information Systems, (Paper)(2573)
A Study of E-Readiness Assessment: The Case of Three Universities in Nigeria, (Paper)(2513)
A Study of Information Systems Programs Accredited by ABET In Relation to IS 2010 , (Paper)(2527)
Access to on-line learning: a SAD case, (Paper)(2556)
Aggregation in Spatial Data Management: Prerequisite Database Concepts for GIS Skills in Retail Marketing , (Paper)(2576)
An Active Learning Activity for an IT Ethics Course, (Paper)(2551)
Application of Lean Management Techniques in Support of Improved Online Learning: A Baseline Study of Deterministic Factors Related to Instructional Design and Course Development Efficacy, (Paper)(2568)
Are You Professional, Grumpy, or Childish? How Typeface Influences Student Perception of Online Instructors , (Paper)(2569)
Assessing Face to Face and Online Course Delivery using Student Learning Outcomes , (Paper)(2574)


Big Data in the Information Age: Exploring the Intellectual Foundation of Communication Theory, (Paper)(2550)


Click It and Ticket: Extending the benefits of clickers in small classrooms to increase non-anonymous class participation, (Paper)(2546)
Clone Yourself: Using Screencasts in the Classroom to Work with Students One-on-One, (Paper)(2518)
Communicating the Value of Program-Level Accreditation for Information Systems in the College of Business, (Paper)(2570)
Computer Security Primer: Systems Architecture, Special Ontology and Cloud Virtual Machines, (Paper)(2511)
Confronting the Issues of Programming In Information Systems Curricula: The Goal is Success, (Paper)(2572)
Correlates of Learning Behaviors and Performance Outcomes in e-Learning, (Paper)(2549)
Creating a Virtualized Environment for Large-Scale Hands-On IA Education , (Paper)(2522)


Developing a Campus Social Website for Buying, Selling, and Trading Textbooks, (Paper)(2508)
Different Keystrokes for Different Folks: Addressing Learning Styles in Online Education, (Paper)(2562)
Digital Evolution of the Written Language, (Paper)(2509)
Distance Synchronous Information Systems Course Delivery, (Paper)(2503)
Document Explosion in the World of Big Data – Curriculum Considerations, (Paper)(2512)


Educational Software for First Order Logic Semantics in Introductory Logic Courses, (Paper)(2567)
Entrepreneurial Health Informatics for Computer Science and Information Systems Students, (Paper)(2501)
Evaluating Effectiveness of Pair Programming as a Teaching Tool in Programming Courses, (Paper)(2558)


Flipping Introduction to MIS for a Connected World, (Paper)(2555)
From Database Concepts to Application: Use Problem-Based Learning and Oracle Development Tools to Facilitate Learning, (Paper)(2541)


Gamification and Creating Game Developers, (Paper)(2516)
Gender Rationales and Success Factors in Assessing and Selecting a Major in Information Technology at the Undergraduate Level of a University Program: A Focus Group Approach , (Paper)(2517)


How well do clicker scores correlate with course performance? A case study in MIS courses, (Paper)(2554)


If We Build Them, Will They Watch? A Preliminary Analysis of Students’ Use of Professor-Created Videos in an Undergraduate Visual Basic Programming Class, (Paper)(2543)
In Search of Design-Focus in IS Curricula, (Paper)(2560)
Increasing Graduation and Transfer Rates for STEM Students in the Community College , (Paper)(2538)
Influence of Due Date Frequency on Student Performance, Learning and Anxiety in an Introduction to MIS Course, (Paper)(2520)
Information Technology Job Skill Needs and Implications for Information Technology Course Content , (Paper)(2504)
Interdisciplinary IT: An Expanded Approach, (Paper)(2557)
Interdisciplinary Project Experiences: Collaboration between Majors and Non-Majors, (Paper)(2540)
Investigating a 21st Century Paradox: As the Demand for Technology Jobs Increases Why Are Fewer Students Majoring in Information Systems?, (Paper)(2547)
Is There a Need For a Computer Information Systems Model Curriculum? , (Paper)(2528)
IS’15 - A Model Curriculum reflecting the emerging IS Profession , (Paper)(2535)
Issues of Digital Ecosystems Approach to Biological Ecosystem Simulation Model Fit Optimization, (Paper)(2536)
IT educational experience and workforce development for Information Systems and Technology students, (Paper)(2571)


Majoring in Information Systems: Reasons Why Students Select (or not) Information Systems as a Major, (Paper)(2524)


Privacy and Security Challenges of RFID, (Paper)(2575)


RAPID, A Short-Life-Cycle Methodology for Development of Information Systems , (Paper)(2545)
Reflections on Teaching App Inventor for Non-Beginner Programmers: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities , (Paper)(2552)
Reinforcing Systems Analysis and Design Process Learning, (Paper)(2559)
Relevance of Student Resources in a Flipped MIS Classroom , (Paper)(2523)


Students Perception of Social Media as a Course Tool, (Paper)(2510)
Swipe In, Tap Out: Advancing Student Entrepreneurship in the CIS Sandbox , (Paper)(2514)


Teaching Programming Style with Ugly Code, (Paper)(2537)
The "Ethics" of Teaching Ethical Hacking, (Paper)(2544)
The Google Online Marketing Challenge: Real Clients, Real Money, Real Ads and Authentic Learning , (Paper)(2565)
The Market for Career Tracks in Undergraduate IS Curricula in the U.S., (Paper)(2553)
The Tablet Evolution and Diaspora, (Paper)(2534)
Tool Choice for E-Learning: Task-Technology Fit through Media Synchronicity, (Paper)(2529)


Understanding the factors influencing the development of eGovernment in Saudi Arabia: the Use of Grounded Theory techniques, (Paper)(2521)
Unraveling e-Learning: An Investigation of Critical Constructs , (Paper)(2506)


Who Needs Certifications? A Survey of Certifications in the IT Industry, (Paper)(2539)
Working with Real Companies, Making a Real Impact: Student Perspectives on the Google Online Marketing Challenge, (Paper)(2519)