EDSIGCON Proceedings 2017

EDSIGCON Proceeding 2017

Austin, Texas

Papers Presented

EDSIGCON Papers Chairs

Li-Jen Lester, Sam Houston State University

Neelima Bhatnagar, University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

Assistant EDSIGCON Papers Chair

Jeffrey Cummings, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Jason Sharp, Tarleton State University


A Comparison of Key Concepts in Data Analytics and Data Science , (Paper)(4346)
A Conceptual Approach and Test Case: Art Analytics as an Approach for Integrative, Hands-on Learning, (Paper)(4375)
A Predictive Study of Learners’ Perceived Performance in Higher Education Online Learning Environments, (Paper)(4386)
A Tribute to Bart Longenecker: An IS Education Maverick and Visionary, (Paper)(4323)
A Visual Analytics Approach to Gain insights into the Structure of Computing Curricula, (Paper)(4377)
Active Learning and Formative Assessment in a User-Centered Design Course, (Paper)(4350)
Administrative or Faculty Control of Online Course Development and Teaching: A Comparison of Three Institutions, (Paper)(4347)
Apples to Apples? The Challenge of Assessing Oral Presentation Skills for an Online MBA Course, (Paper)(4310)
Assessment of Group Projects, (Paper)(4355)
Attitudes Toward Course Delivery: A Multi-University Study of Online, On-ground, And Hybrid Instruction, (Paper)(4317)


Be Careful What You Wish For: The Continued Limiting of Computing Majors, (Paper)(4334)
Bell the Cat, (Paper)(4311)
Building Excel Expertise: A Guide in Best Practices, (Paper)(4326)


Can Learning Journals Increase Metacognition, Motivation, and Learning? Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial in a Computer Information Systems Course, (Paper)(4336)
Computational thinking and application – a cross-curricular approach to teach computer science in high school chemistry classrooms, (Paper)(4357)
Connecting the Dots and Nodes: A Survey of Skills Requested by Employers for Network Administrators , (Paper)(4333)
Cyber Defense Education and A Linux Toolkit, (Paper)(4380)
Cyber Security Exercise Development: Protecting Your Institution While Giving Students Experience, (Paper)(4319)
Cyber Wellness: A Liberal Studies Course in Higher Education, (Paper)(4303)


Data Analytics Workshop Series for Non-Computing Major First-Generation-College-Bound Students, (Paper)(4330)
Delivering Multiple-Intelligence driven Instruction: Facebook as Indicators of Multiple Intelligence, (Paper)(4385)
Digital Footprint on Mobile Devices: Donate Your Phone, Donate Your Life, (Paper)(4338)
Diversity in Information Systems: Increasing Opportunities in STEM for Capable Students with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities, (Paper)(4306)
Do the Knowledge and Skills Required By Employers of Recent Graduates of Undergraduate Information Systems Programs Match the Current ACM/AIS Information Systems Curriculum Guidelines?, (Paper)(4342)


Effectively Acquiring and Demonstrating Spreadsheet Proficiency , (Paper)(4322)
Enhancing and Transforming Global Learning Communities with Augmented Reality , (Paper)(4335)
Ethical Hacking: Educating Future Cybersecurity Professionals , (Paper)(4341)


Flipping The Classroom: A Case of a Graduate Business Analytics Course, (Paper)(4370)
Formative Assessment of Meaningful Learning in IS Education Using Concept Mapping, (Paper)(4312)


Grit and the Information Systems Student: A Discipline-Specific Examination of Perseverance and Passion for Long Term Goals , (Paper)(4360)
Group Assignments as a Measure to Promote Performance in Virtual Teams , (Paper)(4305)


Harnessing Business Analytics: Analyzing Data Analytics Programs in U.S. Business Schools, (Paper)(4318)
“Hour of Code”: A Case Study, (Paper)(4343)


Improved Highway Data and Map Visualizations for Teaching Data Structures and Algorithms, (Paper)(4325)
Increasing Advocacy for Information Systems Students with Disabilities through Disability Film Festivals at a Major Metropolitan University, (Paper)(4301)
Information and Communication Technology in the Classroom: BYOD and the University’s Role, (Paper)(4316)
Infrastructure Tools for Efficient Cybersecurity Exercises, (Paper)(4331)
International Service Learning in IS Programs: The Next Phase – An Implementation Experience, (Paper)(4309)
Introducing the Cloud in an Introductory IT Course, (Paper)(4327)
IT Security Education – A Case Study in Developing an End-To-End Pathway to Success, (Paper)(4364)


Long-term Follow-up of STEM Scholarship Students to Degree Attainment, (Paper)(4340)
Low-cost Cluster Computing Using Raspberry Pi with Mathematica, (Paper)(4363)


Managing an NSF-Funded Information Technology Scholarship Program, (Paper)(4349)
Mastering Data Warehouse Maturity Concepts Using a Serious Game: Design and Implementation of Emerge2Maturity, (Paper)(4388)
Media versus Message: Choosing The ER Diagram To Teach ER Modeling , (Paper)(4365)
Mind the LMS Content Producer – Blackboard usability for productivity and user satisfaction considerations, (Paper)(4387)
Motivating Students through Educational Software Development , (Paper)(4356)


One CISter at a Time: Building Strong Relationships through a Female Mentoring Program in Computer Information Systems , (Paper)(4382)


Procrastination and Performance in Computer Information Systems Courses, (Paper)(4384)


Reaching and Retaining the Next Generation: Adapting to the Expectations of Gen Z in the Classroom, (Paper)(4328)
Revisiting an Introductory Computer Information Systems Course: An Update to Course Topics and Incorporation of Project-Based Learning, (Paper)(4320)


Server on a USB Port: A custom environment for teaching systems administration using the Raspberry Pi Zero, (Paper)(4302)
Sprint, then Fly: Teaching Agile Methodologies with Paper Airplanes , (Paper)(4324)
Sustainability in Greening IT for Educational Systems, (Paper)(4353)


The Challenges of Teaching Business Analytics: Finding Real Big Data for Business Students, (Paper)(4313)
The Enhanced Virtual Laboratory: Extending Cyber Security Awareness through a Web-based Laboratory , (Paper)(4304)
The Impact of Teaching Approaches and Ordering on IT Project Management: Active Learning vs. Lecturing, (Paper)(4321)
The Need to Teach Root Cause Analysis in an Information Security course, (Paper)(4307)
The Urgency for Innovation: A Case Study on Cybersecurity Education Convergence of High School and Higher Education in Rural Communities, (Paper)(4371)
Triangulating Coding Bootcamps in IS Education: Bootleg Education or Disruptive Innovation?, (Paper)(4367)


University Micro-Credentials and the Need for Agile IS Skill Development Programs, (Paper)(4379)


ViNEL: A Virtual Networking Lab for Cyber Defense Education, (Paper)(4354)