ISCAP Proceedings 2023

Albuquerque NM, November 2023

Conference Highlights

Papers Presented by Focus Area and Teaching Cases

IS & CIS Education/Pedagogy

Papers Chair: David Woods, Miami University Regionals

Assistant Chair: Kevin Mentzer, Bryant University

A Comparative Analysis of Large Language Models for Writing Teaching Cases (5948)
A Human Collaboration with ChaptGPT : Developing Case Studies with Generative AI (6039)
A Path - Analysis of Impact of Performance and Effort Expectancies on Learning Outcomes in Introductory Information System Course (6066)
Academic Integrity and Rigor in Post-COVID Flexible IS Education (5924)
An Experiential Learning Approach to the Introduction to Business Course (5981)
An Eye Toward the Softer Side of CC2020 Computing Curricula: Professional, Legal, and Ethical Artificial Intelligence Issues (5946)
Analytics for an Audience of Healthcare Professionals: Curriculum Design and Student Perceptions (5942)
Are Tech Savvy Students Tech Literate? Digital and Data Literacy Skills of First-Year College Students (5954)
Bridging the Practice-Research Gap through Student Research: Learning to Become an IS Community of Practice Member (5914)
Challenges and Practices of Knowledge Sharing in E-learning: A Systematic Literature Review (5978)
Cheating Better with ChatGPT: A Framework for Teaching Students When to Use ChatGPT and other Generative AI Bots (5958)
Comparing Student Perceptions of Accelerated versus Regular Course Types - A Multi-Institutional Study (5936)
Comparing Student Satisfaction in a Master's Data Analytics Program, Based on Related Employment (5925)
Data Analytics Position Description Analysis: Skills Review and Implications for Data Analytics Curricula (6014)
Data-Driven Curriculum Design: Aligning Job Market Needs and Educational Content through Job Ad Analytics (5965)
Decision Management: A Missing Competency Area in Information Systems Curriculums (6023)
Digital Transformation in Information Systems Curricula: A Keyword Analysis (5943)
Effect of Personal Interest, Career Relevance, and Course Structure on Student Learning in Business Analytics (5969)
Empathy-Driven Student Transformations: Bridging the Gap in Software Development for Inclusive User Experiences (5977)
Experience on Teaching a Multi-Campus Systems Analysis and Design Unit Involving On-Campus and Off-Campus Students (6020)
Gamifying a Database Management and Design Final Exam by adding a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Twist (5939)
If You Want Something Specific, Ask for it Specifically: A Comparison of Generative AI Solutions and Textbook Solutions in an Introductory Programming Course (5951)
Internet of Things and Machine Learning Competencies in IS Curricula: The Case for Incremental Evolution of Core Courses (6041)
Investigating How Technical Acumen and Student Grit Affect the Performance of Students in Online Learning Environments (5984)
Leveraging ChatGPT for Higher Education Course Offerings (5964)
Living in the Metaverse: A Multidisciplinary Course Design and Pedagogy (5993)
Mismatch in Academia and Industry: An Exploration of Perceived Graduate Competencies and Industry Expectations in Information Technology (5962)
On becoming: why disposition distinguishes education from training (6011)
Predicting Perceived Programming Self-Efficacy for Information System Students (5997)
Proposed Adoption of Virtual Reality Framework in Digital Forensics Curriculum (5935)
Redesigning CS 100 in the Context of a Changing University Curriculum (6006)
Student-Driven Programming Instruction: A Follow-Up Study (6029)
Teaching Database Normalization: Do Prerequisites Matter? (5966)
The Status Quo of Australia's FinTech Education and Training (5908)
The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Academic Dishonesty: Ethical Considerations (5957)
Truth or Media: Fallacies of Perceived Cyber Attribution (5912)
University Student Place Attachment during the Pandemic (5983)
WWC: Leveraging Extreme Events in Teaching (5940)

IS Applied Research

Papers Co-Chair: Daniel Rush, Bosie State University

Papers Co-Chair: Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University

A Literature Review of Type 2 Diabetes Support Using Extended Reality (6045)
A Pragmatic Approach to Investigating the Digital Existence of Food Bank Users (5933)
An Action Research Approach to Building an Enterprise-Specific Chatbot (ESCB) (5992)
Brain-Computer Interface and VR/AR for the Diagnosis and Intervention of ADHD and ASD: A Preliminary Review (6038)
Cross-Platform App Development: A Comparative Study of PWAs and React Native Mobile Apps (5944)
Decisional Guidance to Promote Motivation in Supply Chain Decision Making (5989)
Economic Impact of ICT Exports on Developing Nations During the COVID-19 Pandemic (6003)
Examining Impacts on Digital Discrimination, Digital Inequity and Digital Injustice in Higher Education: A Qualitative Study (5929)
Finding Factors Influencing IT Industry Job Satisfaction Through Topic Modeling (5915)
Gender Differences in Internet Security Incidents (5928)
Information Adoption of User-Generated Content: An Applied Model for COVID Pandemic Case (5934)
Insights for the next viral outbreak: An information systems applied research based on lessons from COVID-19 (5972)
Investigating the Relationship between Developer Job Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction: A Global Analysis (5932)
Mobile Technology Has Changed Our Culture (6007)
Social Media Users Only Have Two Clusters: A United States Analysis (5949)
Spatial Join in Spatial Data Analytics (6026)
The Perceptions of Undergraduate Students Associated with a Career in Technology - An Analysis by Academic Year (5990)
TikTok & The Art of War: A Qualitative Analysis of US Strategic Maneuvering Against Chinese Social Media Company ByteDance (5968)
Using Textual Analytics to Process Information Overload of Cyber Security Subreddits (6010)

Cybersecurity Pedagogy and Practice

Papers Chair: David Yates, Bentley University

Assistant Chair: Arthur Ream III, Bentley University

A Chip Off the Old Phone: Inquiry Learning as a Synthesis Capstone in a Digital Forensics Setting (6008)
A Mixed-Method Study Exploring Student Motivation Participating in Cybersecurity CTF Competitions (5913)
Comprehensive Cybersecurity Programs: Case-Study Analysis of a Four-Year Cybersecurity Program at a Secondary Education Institution (5955)
Doing Postphenomenology in Cybersecurity Education: A Methodological Invitation (5988)
Educating the Next Generation of CSOs: An Exercise in Conversational Role Play with ChatGPT (6046)
Enhancing Self-Directed Learning with Artificial Intelligence: A Cybersecurity Classroom Study (5941)
Network Intrusion Detection system with Machine learning Intrusion Detection System with Machine Learning As a Service (5995)
Phishing: Gender Differences in Email Security Perceptions and Behaviors (5982)
Preparing for Success in CCDC: Observations by a Competitor Turned Coach (6012)
Teaching DevOps Security Education with Hands-on Labware: Automated Detection of Security Weakness in Python (5959)
U.S. Healthcare System's Electronic Health Records Security Threat Avoidance (6000)
What's in a name? Student preferences for cybersecurity-related major titles (5923)

Data and Business Analytics

Papers Chair:Paul Witman, California Lutheran University

Asst Papers Chair: James Pomykalski, Susquehanna University

Analysis of Basketball Game-Related Statistics: Exploring the Statistics that Discriminate Winning Teams and Efficient Players in the Basketball Africa League (5985)
Developing a Data Analytics Practicum Course (5952)
Examining Factors Influencing the Acceptance of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare (5998)
Resilience During Times of Disruption: The Role of Data Analytics in a Healthcare System (5987)
Tools for Success: Their Impact on Salaries in the Data Analytics Job Market (6002)
Using Constructive Alignment, EduScrum and Tableau to Teach Managerial Analytics (6018)
West Nile Virus in Colorado: Analytic and Geospatial Models of the Virus in Colorado (5926)

Teaching Cases

Papers Chair: Ira Goldstein, Siena University

Papers Co-Chair: Michelle Louch, Carlow University

A Data Analytics Module Introducing Principles of Social Enterprise and Humanistic Management (5986)
A Small Accounting Firm Must Meet the Challenge Posed by Artificial Intelligence (6009)
An IoT-Based New Platform for Teaching Tiny Machine Learning (5973)
Cleaning Out the Basement: Designing & Developing a Database to Support an Online Side Hustle Case (5945)
Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR): A Teaching Exercise (5963)
Finding the Popularity of My Name over Time: Big Data Visualization (5910)
Generative AI in practice: A Teaching Case in the Introduction to MIS class (5975)
Project Management Course Design for Workforce Development (6049)
Setting the Scene: Constructing Scenario-Based Dioramas to Minimize IS Developer Biases (5961)
Southwest Airlines Didn't Crash, but It Nearly Fell Apart... (5907)
Teaching Case An Instructor's Tutorial and Student Project for Extending SQL Implementation to Calculate Percentile Aggregates for Ungrouped Data (5911)
Teaching Data Literacy Using Titanic Survival Factors (5979)
The Agile Student Practice Project: Simulating an Agile Project in the Classroom for a Real-World Experience (5950)