ISCAP Proceedings 2023

Albuquerque NM, November 2023

Conference Highlights

Panels and Featured Presentations

Featured Speaker

Pragmatic Due Diligence - in the World of AI

Sharena Rice
Sanmai Technologies PBC

Description We live in a world of noise and nuance, of fine print and signals, and of information asymmetry, especially now that AI is becoming more widespread. How would we reduce the odds of barking up the wrong tree? What if seeing around the corner better was a skill that we could learn with minds, machines, and information?

Thursday at 8:40 a.m.

Panels / Discussions

First Time Attendees: Making the most of your first ISCAP conference

Amy Connolly
James Madison University
Melina Korzann
Middle Tennessee State University
RJ Podeschi
Milliken University

Objectives: If this is your first ISCAP conference (or your been away for awhile) join this discussion on how to meet fellow researchers and gain the most from attending the conference.

Thursday at 11:30 a.m.
Meet at the Registration Area

Birds of a Feather: Finding Research Partners

Amy Connolly
James Madison University
Vic Berardi
Kent State University

Objectives: This networking session will provide an open forum to brainstorm ideas for research papers related to the ISCAP conferences, whether new ideas for next year or current ideas for a journal article. Goals:
  1. Connect with new colleagues around an idea and build a writing group before leaving the conference
  2. Find a mentor or mentee to collaborate with on a project
  3. Philosophize on a topic of deep importance to inspire a writing session
  4. Learn some tips and provide support for developing ideas
Targeted Attendees : Attendees looking for co-authors!

Friday at 9:10 a.m.

Teaching Systems Analysis - Best Practices and a Look Into the Future

Judith Gebauer
Chris Sibona
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Heikki Topi - Bentley University
Gary Spurrier - Visiting Scholar - Bentley University
Elahe Javadi - Illinois State University
Season Tanner - State Farm

Objectives: The panel is intended as a conversation about key topics and learning goals for the Systems Analysis course, primarily at the undergraduate level. We plan to cover issues, best practices and solutions to the issues, as well as future directions. In our experience, there are several aspects of the course that are really tricky to teach, such as data modeling and the integration between data and activities that are modeled in use cases and user stories. We also want to talk about the challenges related to teaching agile versus traditional methods effectively and take a look at the role of hands-on exercises as part of the course. Another more general aspect is the question of breadth versus depth related to the course learning goals. Last, we plan to touch on the role of artificial intelligence as a topic to be covered in the course, as well as the implications of AI for IS graduates.

Friday at 10:45 a.m.

Using Competencies to Specify Computing Curricula

Jeffry Babb - West Texas A&M University
Les Waguespack - Bentley University
David Yates - Bentley University

Objectives: Since the IEEE/ACM Computing Curricula Report, and the IS 2020 Model Curriculum report for Information Systems programs, the uptake and proliferation of a competency-based curriculum specification approach continues. The Computer Science 2023 model curriculum and impending Data Science model curriculum reports are continuing with the adoption of a competency approach. The panel will discuss the advantages and potential challenges of adopting a competency-based approach related to competency management and specification.

Friday at 1:50 p.m.

Publishing in JISE

Xihui "Paul" Zhang
University of North Alabama

Objectives: Come to this panel session to learn about the types of papers published in JISE, the submission and review processes, and how you can get involved with the journal. Most of the session will be allocated for questions from attendees.

Friday at 3:20 p.m.