EDSIGCON Proceedings 2019

EDSIGCON Proceedings 2019

Cleveland, Ohio

Papers Presented

EDSIGCON Papers Chair

Jason Sharp, Tarleton State University

Assistant EDSIGCON Papers Chairs

Yaprak Dalat-Ward Fort Hays State University

Jason Xiong Appalachian State University


A First Database Course Incorporating Multiple Database Platforms, (4949)
A Neural Networks Primer For USMA Cadets, (4934)
A Pedagogic Experience in Designing a Healthcare Analytics Course: A Contextual Active Learning Approach , (4961)
A Survey on CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Contributions to Higher Education Research, (4954)
Academic Entitlement Beliefs of Information Systems Students: A Comparison with Other Business Majors and An Exploration of Key Demographic Variables and Outcomes, (4939)
Adopting Competency Mindful of Professionalism in Baccalaureate Computing Curricula, (4955)
An Assignment a Day Scaffolded Learning Approach for Teaching Introductory Computer Programming, (4942)
Applying Agile Across the IT Curriculum, (4905)
Are Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Programs Beneficial for Graduates? An Evaluation of PSM Programs , (4919)


CIS Cyber Scholars: An NSF Funded Initiative to Broaden Participation of Community College Transfer Students in Computer and IT Careers., (4974)
Class Participation and Student Performance: A Tale of Two Courses, (4921)
Cognitive Apprenticeship: Teaching Students How to Think Like an Expert, (4912)
Collaborative Course Design of Entrepreneurship Projects in a College of Computer Science and Information Systems, (4907)
Creating Business Analytics Dashboard Designs using Visualization Methodologies: Case Methods for Innovative Analytics Pedagogy , (4928)


Data Welding: Assimilating Publicly Available Datasets for Competitive Advantage, (4901)
Design and Development of Hands-on EHR Usability Analysis through Open Source Tools and Resources, (4967)
Developing an Electronic Resume Analyzer Portal (e-RAP): A Natural Language Processing Approach to Enhance College Graduates Job Readiness, (4925)
Developing an Undergraduate Data Analytics Program for Non-Traditional Students, (4929)
Digital Badges and E-Portfolios in Cybersecurity Education, (4917)


Encouraging Lifelong Learning through Tech Explorations, (4910)
Engaging students in cybersecurity through co-curricular student organization participation, (4972)
Evolution of an IS Capstone Class, (4940)
Experiential Learning in the Technology Disciplines, (4968)
Exploring Fintech for Teaching Predictive and Visual Financial Analytics , (4958)


eXtensible Computing Curriculum Reporting Language (XCCRL), (4962)


Field Dependence As A Factor In Faculty And Student’s Views Of Different Online Instructional Tools, (4918)
First Tasks: an Activity to Help Students Understand Themselves and How to Improve Team Management in Information Systems Projects, (4904)
Fostering Cooperative Learning with Scrum in a Semi-Capstone Systems Analysis and Design Course , (4906)


Implementation of Cloud Based Evidence Acquisitions in Digital Forensic Education, (4926)
Implementing Agile as an Instructional Methodology for Low-Code Software Development Courses, (4951)
Integrative Learning and Interdisciplinary Information Systems Curriculum Development in Accounting Analytics, (4915)


Learning How to Teach: The Case for Faculty Learning Communities, (4913)
Lessons Learned from Launching and Advising a Student-run Technology Consulting Venture, (4933)
Liberating Legacy System Data with Rails , (4927)
Lizards in the Street! Introducing Cybersecurity Awareness in a Digital Literacy Context , (4936)
Looking Ahead to CAE-CD Program Changes, (4920)


Real-Time Visual Analytics: An Experiential Learning Activity for Undergraduates, (4934)
Redefining “Monozukuri” and “Hitozukuri” in the Context of Information Technology Education, (4973)


Scrum-Based Learning Environment: Fostering Self-Regulated Learning *Best Paper - JISE, (4931)
Skills, Certifications, or Degrees: What Employers Demand for Entry-level Cybersecurity Jobs, (4953)
Social Media's Impact on Online Graduate Active Learning , (4909)
Student attitudes, awareness, and perceptions of personal privacy and cybersecurity in the use of social media: An initial study, (4960)
Student Perceptions of Challenges and Role of Mentorship in Cybersecurity Careers: Addressing the Gender Gap, (4903)
Students’ Perceptions of Challenges and Solutions to Face-to-Face and Online Group Work, (4952)


Teaching Accessible Design: Integrating Accessibility Principles and Practices into an Introductory Web Design Course, (4932)
Teaching Applications and Implications of Blockchain via Project-Based Learning: A Case Study (4963)
Teaching Introduction to Database in an Analytics Program, (4957)
The impact of an interactive textbook in a beginning programming course, (4922)
The use of short speculative fiction in teaching about privacy, (4908)


Undergraduate Business Analytics and the overlap with Information Systems Programs, (4916)
Using a Concept Map to Represent the Composition of Knowledge in an Introductory Programming Course , (4964)
Using an Ocean Shipping Game to Teach Transportation Fundamentals to Supply Chain Management Students , (4911)
Using Canvas Quiz Item Analysis to Assess Question Quality in an Introductory Information Systems Course, (4971)
Using Fable-Based Storytelling as a Pedagogical Tool in Assessment Exams, (4959)
Using Goal Setting Assignments to Promote a Growth Mindset in IT Students, (4950)