CONISAR Proceedings 2014

Baltimore, Maryland

Papers Presented

CONISAR Papers Chair

Scott Hunsinger

CONISAR Assistant Papers Chair

Peter Wu


A Case Study Analysis of KnightSec and the Steubenville Rape Case (3306)
A Case Study on Achieving Legitimation in Information Systems Action Research Projects (3325)
A Cloud Computing Methodology Study of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in the Financial Industry (3303)
Aligning Information Systems strategy with the Business Strategy in a South African Banking Environment (3321)
Are College Home Pages More Accessible? A Longitudinal Study of the Accessibility of United States College Home Pages (3324)


Building a Better Stockbroker: Managing Big (Financial) Data by Constructing an Ontology-Based Framework (3314)


Cyber Security Best Practices: What to do? (3309)
Cyberbullying or normal game play? Impact of age, gender, and experience on cyberbullying in multi-player online gaming environments: Perceptions from one gaming forum (3307)


ERP Customization vs. Business Process Reengineering: Technical and Functional Perceptions (3316)


Identifying User Behavior from Residual Data in Cloud-based Synchronized Apps (3310)


Measuring Algorithm Performance With Java: Patterns of Variation (3043)


On Adapting a War-Gaming Discrete Event Simulator with Big Data and Geospatial Modeling Toward a Predictive Model Ecosystem for Interpersonal Violence (3305)
Open Source Web Application Vulnerability Scanners: The Cost Effective Choice (3319)


Review of Web Service Specifications for Long-running Conversations (3318)
Roadmaps and Maturity Models: Pathways toward Adopting Big Data (3302)


The Silent Treatment in IT Projects: Gender Differences in Inclinations to Communicate Project Status Information (3312)


Use of Preventative Measures to Protect Data Privacy on Mobile Devices (3317)