CONISAR Proceedings 2019

Cleveland, Ohio

Papers Presented

CONISAR Papers Chair

Biswadip Ghosh, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Assistant Papers Chair

Lionel Mew, University of Richmond


A Comparative Study on Common Errors in Rules Governing Complex Event Processing Systems, (5223)
A Longitudinal Study of Google Privacy Policies, (5205)
Addressing issues with EMR resulting in workarounds: An exploratory study , (5208)
An Empirical Study of Post-Production Software Code Quality When Employing the Agile Rapid Delivery Methodology, (5202)
An Exploratory Study of the Perceptions of Library Faculty and Patrons on Library Resources, (5225)


Conceptualization of Blockchain-based Applications: Technical Background and Social Perspective, (5222)


Detection and Analysis of Hard Landing and Near Miss based on Cessna 172G Flight Data and Utilization of Flight Data Monitoring, (5216)
Developing a GIS Dashboard Tool to Inform Non-Profit Hospitals of Community Health Needs at the Neighborhood Level, (5206)
Digital Transformation and Geospatial Analytics, (5221)


Evaluating Evasion Attack Methods on Binary Network Traffic Classifiers (5229)
Examining Organizational Security Governance (OSG) Objectives: How is strategic planning for Security is undertaken at ABC Corporation?, (5203)
Exploring Strategies Computer Science Educators need to use to Prepare Machine-Learning Datasets for Predicting Dropout Rates in MOOCs , (5233)


Game Theory Through Smartphone App Use In Support of For-Hire Transportation Network Companies, (5230)
Geographic Information System For and Against Gerrymandering , (5218)


Knowledge Management System Development Approaches: Evolution or Stagnation?, (5210)


Literary Analysis Tool: Text Analytics for Creative Writers, (5213)


Privacy Considerations Throughout the Data Life Cycle, (5227)
Project Management Skills Needed for Mobile App Development, (5228)


Strategies Needed by Social Network Builders to Develop Information Privacy, (5224)


The Impact of Analytics Adoption on Team Performance in Professional Sports: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Lag in Observable Results, (5201)
The Use of Tainted Flows in Network Compression for Distributed Network Intrusion Detection, (5207)
Trash to Treasure: Predicting Landfill Gas Flow to Optimize Electricity Generation, (5220)


Understanding Campus Crime with a Multi-University Analytics System, (5219)


Web Designer or Web Developer? A Detailed Comparison of Job Requirements, (5204)