CONISAR Proceedings 2020

Virtual Conference, November 2020


Cyber and Security (Research)

Analysis of Security Features and Vulnerabilities in Public/Open Wi-Fi, (5333)
Documenting the Process of Hijacking a Raspberry Pi User Login Credentials via Remote Code Execution, (5302)
Interpreting Organizational Security Governance Objectives for Strategic Security Planning, (5323)
Leader-Driven Supply Chain Cybersecurity Framework, (5347)

Data Analytics / Science

Enhancing Learning Analytics: The Rise of Institutional Research, (5371)
Predicting Soil Conditions Using Machine Learning Algorithms, (5382)
Spatial Data Analytics For The Pandemic, (5389)

IT Strategy

A Comparative Study on Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure and Disaster Recovery Methodology, (5307)
Does the Executive Perception of the Value of Information Technology (IT) Influence the IT strategy? A Case Study, (5366)
A Prototype for Distributed Computing Platform using Smartphones, (5348)
Agile Project Management: Project managers' perspective , (5390)
An International Review and Study on Perceptions of Security, Adoption, and Implementation of Electronic Health Records, (5363)
Decision-Making Model Transparency for SaMD Machine Learning Algorithms, (5351)
Internet of Things (IoT): An Analysis of the Research, (5369)
Job and Career Satisfaction of Software Engineers, (5332)
Open Source Software: A Detailed Analysis of Contributions and Quality, (5365)

Software Engineering / Design

Integration of Information Systems: Robotic Process Automation, (5385)
The Sting of Adoption: The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) with Actual Usage in a Hazardous Environment, (5372)

Technology Changes / Trends

Case Study of Blockchain Applications in Supply Chain Management- Opportunities and Challenges , (5340)
Enterprise Architecture Transformation Process from a Federal Government Perspective, (5303)
Exploring Sentiment Towards Contact Tracing, (5325)
Privacy Concerns and Data Sharing Habits of Personal Fitness Information Collected via Activity Trackers, (5308)
The New Frontier in Home and Commercial Deliveries: Drones , (5353)
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