ISCAP Proceedings - 2023

Albuquerque NM, November 2023

2023 ISCAP Proceedings: Abstract Presentation

An Exploration of Student ChatGPT Use in Higher-Education

Shawn Lough
James Madison University

Leigh Mutchler
James Madison University

Abstract After its release in November of 2022, initial reactions to ChatGPT included curiosity, amazement, fear, and suspicion (Cole, 2023; Denning, 2023; Roose, 2022; Stokel-Walker & Van Noorden, 2023). As educators, we would be naïve to think that students aren’t using this new tool to complete assignments to some degree (Usher, 2023), so it is up to us to help guide them in the appropriate use of generative AI resources in higher ed courses and to properly prepare students for the evolving workforce. To be able to implement the appropriate intervention that will encourage student learning and intellectual curiosity required for life-long learning, we must first know how they are using ChatGPT and other AI resources, when they are most likely to use it, and most importantly, whether they are using it to enhance their learning or to circumvent it. This study will utilize mixed methods design. Students enrolled in a College of Business course at a large southeastern USA public university will be the target population. We will apply the lens of self-determination theory to explore the motivations driving student use of generative AI such as ChatGPT. We expect our findings to benefit students and educators by contemporizing the learning process and adapting to the impacts of generative AI within higher education. Keywords: ChatGPT, Generative AI, Student Motivations, Self-determination Theory REFERENCES Cole, S. (2023, January 4). NYC Bans Students and Teachers from Using ChatGPT. Vice. Denning, P. J. (2023). Can Generative AI Bots Be Trusted? Communications of the ACM, 66(6), 24–27. Roose, K. (2022, December 5). The Brilliance and Weirdness of ChatGPT. The New York Times. Stokel-Walker, C., & Van Noorden, R. (2023). What ChatGPT and generative AI mean for science. Nature, 614(7947), 214–216. Usher, N. (2023, May 4). Professors Are Grappling With an Excruciating Assignment. Slate.