ISCAP Proceedings - 2023

Albuquerque NM, November 2023

2023 ISCAP Proceedings: Abstract Presentation

AI-Builder Model LCNC Activities in Power Automate

Victor Berardi
Kent State University at Stark

Microsoft's Power Platform, specifically Power Automate, provides an extensive array of AI-Builder models, both prebuilt and customizable. In our presentation, we delve into the capabilities of the Power Automate AI-Builder Models and discuss our experiences teaching these technologies to non-technical, undergraduate business students. These models can be used to facilitate sentiment analysis and intent recognition in customer communications, translate communications between more than 90 different languages, perform handwriting recognition, process documents (both structured and unstructured), recognize objects and products within larger scenes; while also empowering individuals and organizations to automate tasks and refine processes associated with deploying these advanced AI capabilities at scale. The advantages are multifold: enhanced productivity, reduced costs, improved efficiency, novel capabilities, and potential strategic advantage.