ISCAP Proceedings - 2023

Albuquerque NM, November 2023

2023 ISCAP Proceedings: Abstract Presentation

Enhancing Business Education Through Exploratory Teaching of Generative AI

Mark Pisano
Southern Connecticut State University

With the advent of ChatGPT, a surge of interest has emerged both in the academic and commercial realms for harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Universities are racing to strike a balance between preserving academic integrity and integrating AI into their curriculum. The unmistakable reality is that AI is becoming an indispensable facet of the evolving workforce. Teaching AI, however, takes diverse forms across disciplines. Computer science courses centered around AI tend to delve into technical intricacies, while business courses emphasize technology application. Consequently, the tools, courses, and student expectations diverge significantly. Among the prevailing AI applications in the commercial landscape, generative AI stands out prominently. Its capabilities span text summarization, question answering, and creative writing generation, and have extended to image and voice synthesis. This particular strain of AI possesses immense potency and is poised to disrupt multiple facets of the business world. This paper undertakes a comprehensive review and expansion of methodologies, tools, and insights gleaned from an exploratory course focused on the practical implementation of AI for business students. The cornerstone of this course revolved around generative AI concepts, with substantial emphasis on ChatGPT. Students were tasked with assignments that entailed utilizing ChatGPT to achieve specific output, thereby nurturing an understanding of the input-output dynamics. Additionally, to provide students with hands-on experience and expose them to various AI applications, the course incorporated Stable Diffusion, among other tools. By presenting these experiences and outcomes, this paper contributes to the growing discourse on infusing AI into business education. It offers valuable insights into effective teaching methodologies and underscores the significance of practical engagement with generative AI technologies.