ISECON/CONISAR 2009: Washington, DC
CAPITOLize on IS Education
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Welcome from FITE President Kevin Jetton
Welcome from EDSIG President Tom Janicki
Welcome from ISECON General Chair Paul Leidig
Welcome from CONISAR Chair Alan Peslak

TBA Educator of the Year: David Kroenke
TBA Keynote

ISECON 2010 Nashville Call for Papers

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The official schedule is shown here. However, due to a variety of reasons, including illness or other emergency, presentations may not occur as here scheduled.

date time room ISECON Paper CONISAR Paper Talk Tutorial Panel Workshop Seminar Meeting Break available

Thursday, November 5, 2009 (half day, 1 PM to 5 PM)

8:30 to 12:00 EDSIG Board Meeting Tom Janicki, Crystal 1 (Board Room)

12:30 to 5:00 Registration

Thu Nov 5 Session Chair 1:00 to 1:25 1:30 to 1:55 2:00 to 2:25 2:30 to 2:55
BA Ballroom A Nezlek, George PhD Symposium 1:00 to 5:00
C3 Crystal 3 Werner, Laurie ISECON Paper: Measuring Faculty Instructional Performance, Tastle, Ithaca College   (Tr1018 §1532) ISECON Paper: The Role of Technical Support in Updating Web Design Courses - A Case Example, Ali and Murthy, Indiana University PA   (Tr1066 §1533) ISECON Paper: IS 2002 and ABET Accreditation: Meeting the ABET Program Outcome Cr ..., Landry, Daigle, Longenecker, and Pardue, Univ South Alabama   (Tr1002 §1534) ISECON Paper: Programming Proficiency in One Semester: Lessons Learned, Colton and Curtis, Brigham Young U Hawaii   (Tr1072 §1535)
C4 Crystal 4 Ceccucci, Wendy CONISAR Paper: A Conceptual Model of Knowledge Elicitation, Sagheb-Tehrani, Bemidji State Univ   (Tr1224 §1542) CONISAR Paper: Difficulties in Quantifying IT Projects with Intangible Benefits: A Survey of ..., Oliver, Barrick, and Janicki, Deloitte Touché   (Tr1214 §1543) CONISAR Paper: Contingency Planning: Disaster Recovery Strategies for Successful Educational Continuity, Omar and Udeh, Southern Univ N O   (Tr1203 §1544) CONISAR Paper: Component-based Software Development: Life Cycles and Design Science-based Recommendations, Sharp and Ryan, Tarleton State Univ   (Tr1240 §1545)
C5 Crystal 5 Shannon, Li-Jen Panel: Teaching Cases in Information Systems, Smith and Shannon, High Point University   (Tr1149 §1552) ISECON Paper: Learning Outcomes in Use – Project-Oriented Education from a Teacher’s Perspective, Wedlund, Axelsson, and Melin, Linköping University   (Tr1091 §1554) ISECON Paper: A Case Study in Building Communities of Common Interest: How One Website Changed Jazz History, Varden, Pace University   (Tr1080 §1555)
C6 Crystal 6 Jetton, Kevin Workshop: Easily Add Multi-Cultural Content and Perspectives to your Business IT Courses, Jetton, Texas St San Marcos   (Tr1165 §1562) ISECON Paper: A CLA Assessment in the Principles of Information Systems Course, Yew, Fayetteville State Univ   (Tr1099 §1565)

3:00 to 3:30 Afternoon Break Menu: assorted cookies, brownies and blondies with coffee, soft drinks, juices and water.

Thu Nov 5 Session Chair 3:30 to 3:55 4:00 to 4:25 4:30 to 4:55
BA Ballroom A Nezlek, George PhD Symposium 1:00 to 5:00 (continued)
C3 Crystal 3 Tehrani, Mehdi ISECON Paper: A New Look at Security Education: YouTube as YouTool, Werner and Frank, Northern Kentucky Univ   (Tr1054 §1732) ISECON Paper: Determining the Effectiveness of Various Delivery Methods in an Inform ..., Davis, Kovacs, Scarpino, and Turchek, Robert Morris Univ   (Tr1011 §1733) ISECON Paper: Using Blackboard's Learning Suite in ABET - CAC Outcomes Assessment and Accredit ..., Laverty, Wood, and Turchek, Robert Morris Univ   (Tr1069 §1734)
C4 Crystal 4 Ali, Azad Workshop: Developing Competitive Education Proposals for the National Science Foundation, Grissom, National Science Fndtn   (Tr1166 §1742)
C5 Crystal 5 Colton, Don .... absentee ISECON Paper: Critical Thinking Measurement in ICT, Shannon, Schneider, and Bennett, Sam Houston State Univ   (Tr1022 §1753) ISECON Paper: Evaluating Design: A Formative Evaluation of Agent Development Environments used ..., Cohen, Ritter, and Haynes, Lock Haven University   (Tr1088 §1754)
C6 Crystal 6 Burke, William Workshop: Using video and YouTube to enhance and grow our INFO program, Burke, Salisbury University   (Tr1162 §1762) Workshop: Learning from the Journal of Information Systems Education, Burke, Salisbury University   (Tr1163 §1763) Workshop: Enhancing Knowledge Application: Developing a SDLC Workbook, Burke, Salisbury University   (Tr1164 §1764)

5:30 to 7:00 Welcome to DC Mixer 2nd Floor Atrium, Menu: Sesame Chicken Tenders, Crostini with Mozzarella/Red Pepper/Fresh Basil, crudite display, vegetables, spinach and artichoke dip, antipasto display, punch with cash bar.

Friday, November 6, 2009 (8 AM to noon, plus reception)

Throughout the day Registration

7:30 to 9:00 Breakfast and General Session, Educator of the Year Menu (buffet): scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, pastries, breads and bagels with coffee/tea.

Fri Nov 6 Session Chair 7:40 to 7:45 7:45 to 7:50 7:50 to 7:55 7:55 to 8:00 8:00 to 9:00
BA Ballroom A Jetton, Kevin Welcome: Welcome to ISECON 2009 & CONISAR 2009!, Jetton, Texas St San Marcos   (Tr1190 §2112) Welcome: Welcome from EDSIG President, Janicki, U N Carolina Wilmington   (Tr1191 §2113) Welcome: Welcome to ISECON 2009, Leidig, Grand Valley State Univ   (Tr1192 §2114) Welcome: Welcome to CONISAR 2009 Washington D.C., Peslak, Penn State University   (Tr1193 §2115) Educator of the Year introduced by Bruce White (EOY 2008), 2009 Recipient: David Kroenke. Keynote address by David Kroenke, MIS Textbook Author and Educator. (1194)

9:00 to 9:25 Break, Menu: Granola and Nutri-grain bars with coffee/tea.

Fri Nov 6 Session Chair 9:30 to 9:55 10:00 to 10:25 10:30 to 10:55 11:00 to 11:25 11:30 to 11:55
BB Ballroom B Smith, Michael Panel: Designing a Comprehensive Model Curriculum Process: Compa ..., Reynolds, Longenecker, Landry, Clark, and Leidig, Grand Valley State Univ   (Tr1146 §2312) ISECON Paper: Cloud Computing and its Security in Higher Education, Tout, Sverdlik, and Lawver, Eastern Michigan Univ   (Tr1101 §2314) ISECON Paper: Emphasizing Business Analysis to Increase IS Enrollments, Kizior and Hidding, Loyola Univ Chicago   (Tr1067 §2315) ISECON Paper: A Statistical Metric of University Quality Based Upon the NCES-IPEDS Data, Wachob, Lawrence Tech Univ   (Tr1090 §2316)
BC Ballroom C Segall, Mark ISECON Paper: Factors That Influence Transfer of Learning from the Online Environment, Everett, Morehead State Univ   (Tr1001 §2322) ISECON Paper: Website Accessibility for Users with Visual Impairment, Smith and Lind, University Minnesota   (Tr1003 §2323) ISECON Paper: The Success of the Unprepared Student in the Distance Education Classroom in Higher Education, O’Neil, Indiana University PA   (Tr1007 §2324) ISECON Paper: Developing Oral and Written Communication Skills in Undergraduate Computer Scie ..., Kortsarts, Fischbach, et al, Widener University   (Tr1023 §2325) ISECON Paper: Creating e-commerce Start-ups with Information Systems Students: Lessons Learned from New Venture ..., Abrahams, Virginia Tech   (Tr1060 §2326)
C3 Crystal 3 Hunsinger, Scott Workshop: The Ethic and Moral Implications of Affective Computing, Steen, Robert Morris Univ   (Tr1260 §2332) Panel: Computer Security & Information Assurance Curriculum: Addressing Critical Infrastructure Protection ..., Zeedick, Norwich University   (Tr1148 §2334) Case: A Database Design and Development Case: NanoTEK Networks, Ballenger, Washington & Lee Univ   (Tr1181 §2336)
C4 Crystal 4 Jafar, Musa ISECON Paper: Factors Affecting Women’s Decisions to Pursue an IS Degree: A Case Study, Serapiglia and Lenox, Robert Morris Univ   (Tr1031 §2342) ISECON Paper: Introducing Good Design Principles in an early System Engineering ..., Pereira, Martinez, Felice, and Meliendrez, U Nac Cent Buenos Aires   (Tr1102 §2343) ISECON Paper: Moving Data, Moving Students: Involving Students in Learning About Internet Data T ..., Reinicke and Yaylacicegi, U N Carolina Wilmington   (Tr1070 §2344) ISECON Paper: Discovering Adjunct Communication Methods Outside the Classroom: An Explo ..., Serapiglia, Woratschek, and Louch, Robert Morris Univ   (Tr1058 §2345) ISECON Paper: Co-"Lab"oration: A New Paradigm for Building a Management Information Systems Course, Breimer, Cotler, and Yoder, Siena College   (Tr1021 §2346)
C5 Crystal 5 Rosenthal, Paul ISECON Paper: Recruiting Students to Major in CIS and Other Computing Related Disciplines: One School ..., Kovalchick and Boff, California Univ PA   (Tr1071 §2352) Panel: Using Live Projects in an Information Systems Capstone Course, Kovalchick, Boff, Helwig, and Reinicke, California Univ PA   (Tr1142 §2353) ISECON Paper: Cyber Forensics and Security as an ABET-CAC Accreditable Program, Wood, Kohun, et al, Robert Morris Univ   (Tr1073 §2355) ISECON Paper: Increasing Active Learning and End Client Interaction in the Systems Analysis and Desi ..., Reinicke and Janicki, U N Carolina Wilmington   (Tr1035 §2356)
C6 Crystal 6 Schoenacher, Sheryl CONISAR Paper: The Relationship between Information Technology Critical Success Factors and Project Perfor ..., Lind and Culler, North Carolina A&T St   (Tr1215 §2362) CONISAR Paper: Factors that Persuade and Deter Membership in Professional Computing Associa ..., Umapathy, Jamba, and Ritzhaupt, Univ North Florida   (Tr1221 §2363) CONISAR Paper: The Impact of Transition Costs on Offshore Systems Development, DeHondt and Leidig, Grand Valley State Univ   (Tr1218 §2364) CONISAR Paper: Using A Group Support System in Strategic Academic Planning – A Field Experimental Study o ..., Nepal and Petkov, Durban University Tech   (Tr1231 §2365) CONISAR Paper: A Follow-up Study of Detecting Phishing Emails, Bekkering, Hutchison, and Werner, Northeastern State Univ   (Tr1235 §2366)

12:00 to 5:00, DC Sightseeing Times and US Capitol tours, Menu: Lunch on your Own

5:30 to 7:30, EDSIG Reception for all participants, EDSIG Fellow Induction at The US Capitol Building, Rayburn Foyer. Menu: vegetable display, gourmet cheese display, fresh fruit display, spicy southwestern snack mix, assorted cocktail sandwiches, beef empanadas, jumbo shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, mini crab cakes, grilled chicken sate along with a hosted bar offering imported and domestic beer, red and white wine, assorted soft drinks and sparkling water.

Saturday, November 7, 2009 (full day, 8 AM to 5 PM plus elections)

Throughout the day Registration

7:00 to 7:55 Continental Breakfast Ballroom A, Menu: fruit, breads, pastries, bagels with coffee/tea.

7:15 to 7:55, Ballroom A, Keynote "How AITP and FITE work together with EDSIG to improve our students", by AITP/FITE/EDSIG Leaders, with keynote by Speaker Deborah Lovell, president of AITP.

Sat Nov 7 Session Chair 8:00 to 8:25 8:30 to 8:55 9:00 to 9:25 9:30 to 9:55
BB Ballroom B Breimer, Eric ISECON Paper: Teaching With(out) a Net: A Process for Course Development for Teaching without a Text, Saulnier, Quinnipiac University   (Tr1009 §3112) ISECON Paper: Scaling Large-size Undergraduate Classes at a Top Research University via eL ..., Conn, Boyer, Hu, and Wilkinson, Virginia Tech   (Tr1038 §3113) ISECON Paper: Educating Information Systems Students on Business Process Management (BPM) through Digit ..., Lawler and Joseph, Pace University   (Tr1013 §3114) ISECON Paper: Knowledge Management Using Weblogs in Information Technology Education, Lee, Shah, and Mehta, Texas St San Marcos   (Tr1078 §3115)
BC Ballroom C Kreie, Jennifer Panel: Publishing in the Journal of Information Systems Education, Harris and Surendran, Appalachian State Univ   (Tr1141 §3122) CONISAR Paper: The Impact of Electronic Data Interchange Information Technology on Ex ..., Ricks, Henry, Schwieger, and Almosen, Southeast Missouri St   (Tr1234 §3124) CONISAR Paper: An Ontological Characterization of the ‘Structured Information Flow’ (SIF) Model, Bhatia and Arthur, Virginia Tech   (Tr1237 §3125)
C3 Crystal 3 Abrahams, Alan ISECON Paper: Accounting for Systems Analysts in the 21st Century, Giordano, McAleer, and Szakas, Univ Maine Augusta   (Tr1024 §3132) ISECON Paper: A “Relational Green Card”, Supporting Data Modeling in IS 2002, Waguespack, Bentley University   (Tr1026 §3133) ISECON Paper: Measuring the Value Added to Student Knowledge with the ISA Exam, Segall, Lege, and Morrell, Metropolitan St Denver   (Tr1034 §3134) ISECON Paper: Building Undergraduate IT Programs in Developing Countries, Battig, Saint Michael's College   (Tr1036 §3135)
C4 Crystal 4 DeHondt, Gerald CONISAR Paper: Towards an Abstract Model for Academia and Information Technology Sector Coll ..., Mhlanga, Vardiman, and Reames, Abilene Christian Univ   (Tr1201 §3142) CONISAR Paper: Can Management Predict Information Security Threats by Utilizing a Data Warehouse?, Kim and Steen, Robert Morris Univ   (Tr1207 §3143) CONISAR Paper: Spyware: What Influences College Students to Use Anti-Spyware Tools?, Ward and Hunsinger, Appalachian State Univ   (Tr1213 §3144) CONISAR Paper: Workflow Automation and Management Services in Web 2.0: An Object-based Approach to Distributed Workflow ..., Wu, Robert Morris Univ   (Tr1217 §3145)
C5 Crystal 5 Reynolds, John ISECON Paper: Multimedia Learning Environments: Exploring Student and Faculty Perceptions of Stre ..., Nicholson and Nicholson, Rowan University   (Tr1095 §3152) ISECON Paper: A Tools-based Approach to Teaching Data Mining Methods, Jafar and Anderson, West Texas A&M Univ   (Tr1045 §3153) ISECON Paper: A Study of the Programming Languages Used in Information Systems and ..., Russell, Russell, Pollacia, and Tastle, Northwestern State Univ   (Tr1084 §3154) CONISAR Paper: Business Requirements of Knowledge Management Ontology to Support a Software Deployme ..., Steenkamp and Alomari, Lawrence Tech Univ   (Tr1204 §3155)
C6 Crystal 6 Shannon, Li-Jen ISECON Paper: Two Screens and an Ocean: Collaborating Across Continents and Cultures with Web-based ..., Frydenberg and Andone, Bentley University   (Tr1050 §3162) ISECON Paper: State of Departmental Web Sites Today, Schultz, Tarleton State Univ   (Tr1092 §3163) ISECON Paper: A Framework for Harnessing the Best of Both Worlds in Software Project Ma ..., Noureddine, Damodaran, and Younes, Microlead Busn Solutions   (Tr1097 §3164) ISECON Paper: Critical Analysis of Mobile Phone Communication Safety and Security Measures: Famili ..., Lomo-David and Shannon, North Carolina A&T St   (Tr1040 §3165)

10:00 to 10:30 Morning Break Menu: Granola and Nutri-grain bars with coffee/tea.

Sat Nov 7 Session Chair 10:30 to 10:55 11:00 to 11:25 11:30 to 11:55
BB Ballroom B Shah, Jaymeen ISECON Paper: A Value Chain Approach for Attracting, Educating, and Transitioning Student ..., Beard, Schwieger, and Surendran, Southeast Missouri St   (Tr1037 §3312) ISECON Paper: Enhancing the Value of the Capstone Experience Course, Schwieger and Surendran, Southeast Missouri St   (Tr1063 §3313) ISECON Paper: Virtual Machine Knowledge Discovery and Representation: An Ontology-based Development, Alomari and Steenkamp, Lawrence Tech Univ   (Tr1061 §3314)
BC Ballroom C Damodran, Mel ISECON Paper: Student Usage of Instructional Technologies: Differences in Online Learning Styles, Ballenger and Garvis, Washington & Lee Univ   (Tr1044 §3322) ISECON Paper: Information Systems Education: What’s missing?, Rosenthal, Cal St Los Angeles   (Tr1027 §3323) ISECON Paper: The Integrated Technology Assessment: A Portfolio-based Capstone Experience, Shih, LeClair, and Varden, Excelsior College   (Tr1083 §3324)
C3 Crystal 3 Podhradsky, Ashley ISECON Paper: Perceptions of Using Creativity in an IT Ethics Course – A Case Study of Stud ..., Howard, Bulach, Carver, et al, Miami Univ Middletown   (Tr1059 §3332) ISECON Paper: In Pursuit of Quality Within the School of Business Curriculum - An Exploratory Study of ..., Ziyadeh and White, Quinnipiac University   (Tr1074 §3333) ISECON Paper: From Computer Literacy to Web 2.0 Literacy: Teaching and Learning Information Technolo ..., Frydenberg and Press, Bentley University   (Tr1049 §3334)
C4 Crystal 4 Petkov, Doncho ISECON Paper: Faculty Perceptions on the Goals and Achievements of Information Systems Executive A ..., Sena, Sena, and Crable, Xavier University   (Tr1047 §3342) Panel: Building and Maintaining an Effective Advisory Board, Janicki and Sena, U N Carolina Wilmington   (Tr1144 §3343)
C5 Crystal 5 Duncan, Doris ISECON Paper: Development and Preliminary Evaluation of a Rubric for Assessing Educational and Work ..., Wagner, Langan, et al, Miami University   (Tr1076 §3352) ISECON Paper: Developing a Smartphone MBA Program, McGrath and White, Quinnipiac University   (Tr1081 §3353) ISECON Paper: Alphabet Soup: How CRM, ERP, Web 2.0, and Sales 2.0 is Creating a Superior Sales Experience ..., Greco and White, Quinnipiac University   (Tr1082 §3354)
C6 Crystal 6 Wu, Peter CONISAR Paper: An Exploratory Study of Relationships between Workforce Characteristics and the Use of Collabora ..., Totterdale, Accenture   (Tr1233 §3362) CONISAR Paper: Synchronizing Development Life-Cycles: Rationale and Integrative Approach to Constr ..., Conn, Macedo, and Meese, Virginia Tech   (Tr1239 §3363) CONISAR Paper: E-Commerce Security, Kraft and Kakar, Univ Michigan Flint   (Tr1225 §3364)

12:00 to 1:30, Lunch, Best Paper Awards, Invitation to 2010 Nashville Ballroom A, Menu: Spinach salad, Chicken Roulades, Yukon potatoes, vegetables, rolls, chocolate Truffle cake with coffee/tea

Sat Nov 7 Session Chair 2:00 to 2:25 2:30 to 2:55 3:00 to 3:25
BB Ballroom B Helwig, Janet ISECON Paper: Open Source ERP Applications: A Reality Check for Their Possible Adoption and Use in Teachi ..., Huynh and Pinto, SE Louisiana Univ   (Tr1065 §3512) ISECON Paper: Going From Data to Decisions: Preparing Students to Use Enterprise Systems, Kreie, Mora-Monge, and Shannon, New Mexico State Univ   (Tr1039 §3513) ISECON Paper: An Analysis of Career Tracks in the Design of IS Curricula in the U.S., Hwang and Soe, Cal Poly Pomona   (Tr1042 §3514)
BC Ballroom C Lind, Mary ISECON Paper: A Probability Model for Belady's Anomaly, McMaster, Sambasivam, and Anderson, Saint Mary's C Maryland   (Tr1052 §3522) CONISAR Paper: The Results of Implementing a Knowledge Management Initiative to Enhance Network Access Controls, Kim and Nelson, Robert Morris Univ   (Tr1202 §3523) ISECON Paper: Computers for Humanity: A Service Learning Approach to Computer Education, Pauli, Podhradsky, Pauli, and Moran, Dakota State University   (Tr1094 §3524)
C3 Crystal 3 Schwieger, Dana ISECON Paper: Peer Tutoring in Programming: Lessons Learned, Gerhardt and Olan, Richard Stockton Coll   (Tr1043 §3532) ISECON Paper: Tracking Women and Minorities as They Attain Degrees in Computing and Rela ..., Sorkin, Gore, Mento, and Stanton, CC Baltimore Co Essex   (Tr1055 §3533) ISECON Paper: The Role of the Web Server in a Capstone Web Application Course, Umapathy and Wallace, Univ North Florida   (Tr1057 §3534)
C4 Crystal 4 Lawler, James ISECON Paper: Restructuring an MBA Program: What Becomes of the CIS Option?, Duncan, California St East Bay   (Tr1025 §3542) ISECON Paper: Integrating SAP to Information Systems Curriculum: Design and Delivery, Wang, California State Univ   (Tr1015 §3543) CONISAR Paper: Analyzing Community Websites: A Main Street Perspective, Schoenacher, Farmingdale St College   (Tr1230 §3544)
C5 Crystal 5 Sena, Mark Panel: Getting involved with EDSIG, ISECON, CONISAR and its Journals, Janicki, et al, U N Carolina Wilmington   (Tr1145 §3552) ISECON Paper: Building an Integrated Student Information System in a K-12 School System, Steenkamp and Basal, Lawrence Tech Univ   (Tr1086 §3554)
C6 Crystal 6 Kraft, Theresa CONISAR Paper: On Design Science, MCDM, and its Outsourcing Decisions, Petkov and Petkov, Eastern Connecticut St   (Tr1216 §3562) CONISAR Paper: Some Observations on the Occurrences of Data Breaches, Guerra, Joseph, Ramirez, Koong, and Liu, Univ Texas Pan American   (Tr1227 §3563) CONISAR Paper: Knowledge Mapping in a Not-For-Profit Firm: A Case Study, Nelson and Woratschek, Seton Hill   (Tr1205 §3564)

3:30 to 4:00 Afternoon Break Menu: mixed nuts, pretzels, popcorn with lemonade.

Sat Nov 7 Session Chair 4:00 to 4:25 4:30 to 4:55
BB Ballroom B Panel Panel: The AITP Curriculum Suite, Longenecker, Landry, Clark, Leidig, White, and Pardue, Univ South Alabama   (Tr1143 §3712)
C3 Crystal 3 Feinstein, David CONISAR Paper: A Study of the Perceptions of Students on Privacy and Security on Social Networking Sit ..., Lawler and Molluzzo, Pace University   (Tr1208 §3732) CONISAR Paper: Elements of Technology and Success in Virtual Teams, Balazs and White, Quinnipiac University   (Tr1223 §3733)
C4 Crystal 4 Steenkamp, Lerine CONISAR Paper: Some Observations on the Occurrences of Phishing, Lara, Rios, Salazar, Koong, and Liu, Univ Texas Pan American   (Tr1228 §3742) CONISAR Paper: Object Reuse and Integration in Object-Relational Databases Development, Wang, California State Univ   (Tr1220 §3743)
C5 Crystal 5 Soe, Louise ISECON Paper: Establishing the Suitability of Dynamic Web Applications Development Platforms for Teaching Remote ..., Dehinbo, Tshwane University Tech   (Tr1030 §3752) ISECON Paper: Computer Literacy and Non-IS majors, Thomas and Blackwood, Pace University   (Tr1075 §3753)
C6 Crystal 6 Ceccucci, Wendy ISECON Paper: Integrating Soft Skill Competencies Through Project-based Learning Across t ..., Woodward, Sendall, and Ceccucci, Southern Illinois Univ   (Tr1033 §3762) CONISAR Paper: An Empirical Study of Text Messaging Behavioral Intention and Usage, Peslak, Ceccucci, and Sendall, Penn State University   (Tr1210 §3763)

5:00 to 6:00 EDSIG Annual Membership Meeting and Elections Ballroom C

Menu: Dinner on your Own (find some friends!)

Sunday, November 8, 2009 (half day, 8 AM to noon)

7:00 to 9:30 Registration

7:00 to 8:00 Continental Breakfast Menu: fruit, breads, pastries, bagels with coffee/tea.

Sun Nov 8 Session Chair 8:00 to 8:25 8:30 to 8:55 9:00 to 9:25 9:30 to 9:55
BB Ballroom B Workshop Workshop: Learning SAP to Teach SAP, Russell and Wayne, W New England Coll   (Tr1161 §4112)
C3 Crystal 3 Conn, Samuel CONISAR Paper: Women's Technology Acceptance of Mentoring on the Internet, Gibson and Gibson, Seton Hill University   (Tr1212 §4132) CONISAR Paper: Virtual Organizations: A Definitional Framework, Reinicke, U N Carolina Wilmington   (Tr1229 §4133) CONISAR Paper: The Two Leading Freeware Image Editing Applications – An Overview, Comparative Evaluation and Guide f ..., Scher, New Jersey Inst Tech   (Tr1232 §4134) CONISAR Paper: Sustainability and Greening through Information Technology ..., D’Onofrio, Jarmoszko, Lee-Partridge, and Petkova, Central Connecticut St   (Tr1243 §4135)
C4 Crystal 4 Citurs, Alex ISECON Paper: Clausula: A Didactic Tool to Teach First Order Logic, Mauco and Ferrante, U Nac Cent Buenos Aires   (Tr1103 §4142) ISECON Paper: Accreditation Computing Criteria: An Evolution, Feinstein, Univ South Alabama   (Tr1104 §4143) ISECON Paper: An Educational Software Supported Constructivist Methodology for Data Modeling and Database Design Sk ..., Jaime, U Investigación y Desarrollo UDI   (Tr1098 §4144) T4145 (currently vacant)
C5 Crystal 5 Frydenberg, Mark CONISAR Paper: Spatial Interpolation for a Wireless Sensor Network of Chemical Point Detectors: Prelim ..., Schafer and Hammell, SAIC   (Tr1241 §4152) CONISAR Paper: Superfund Site Analysis Using Web 2.0 Technologies, Anderson, Jafar, and Rogers, West Texas A&M Univ   (Tr1211 §4153) Case: Network Growing Pains, Yaylacicegi, Mahar, and Moussawi, U N Carolina Wilmington   (Tr1286 §4154)

10:00 to 10:30 Morning Break Menu: coffee and tea.

Sun Nov 8 Session Chair 10:30 to 10:55 11:00 to 11:25 11:30 to 11:55
C3 Crystal 3 Russell, David ISECON Paper: IT Still Bytes: Mainframes in IS Education, Murphy, Sharma, Seay, and McClelland, N Carolina Central Univ   (Tr1056 §4332) ISECON Paper: The Likert Scale: A Proposal for Improvement Using Quasi-Continuous Variables, Chimi and Russell, Bloomsburg Univ PA   (Tr1032 §4333) T4334 (currently vacant)
C4 Crystal 4 Chawdhry, Adnan ISECON Paper: Institutional e-learning Readiness: A Case Study of TUT, Odunaike and Dehinbo, Tshwane Univ Tech (TUT)   (Tr1041 §4342) ISECON Paper: A Generalized Thurstonian Paired Comparison Multicriteria Heuristic Model for Peer Evaluation of Indi ..., Scher, New Jersey Inst Tech   (Tr1046 §4343) ISECON Paper: Challenges in Delivering Distance Education, Chawdhry, California Univ PA   (Tr1077 §4344)
C5 Crystal 5 Peslak, Alan ISECON Paper: An Exploration of the Legal and Regulatory Environment of Privacy and Security through Active Resear ..., Peslak, Penn State University   (Tr1010 §4352) CONISAR Paper: The Effect of Gender on the Application of Ethics within Information Technology: A Meta ..., Krisanda and Peslak, Penn State University   (Tr1222 §4353) ISECON Paper: An Integrative Pre-Capstone Course Approach to Service Learning – Creating a Win, Win, Win Informati ..., Citurs, Eastern Connecticut St   (Tr1079 §4354)

Thank you for joining us at ISECON/CONISAR 2009 in Washington DC.

Plan now to attend ISECON/CONISAR 2010 in Nashville, Oct 28-31.

Absentee papers not presented due to emergency, but which appear in the conference proceedings.

Sun Nov 8 absentee 0:00 to 0:00 0:00 to 0:00 0:00 to 0:00 0:00 to 0:00
AB Absentee absentee ISECON Paper: Enterprise Integration: An Experiential Learning Model, Cameron and Purao, Pennsylvania State Univ   (Tr1008 §5112) T5113 (currently vacant) T5114 (currently vacant) T5115 (currently vacant)